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    The AGM-86B cruise missile is an air-to-ground nuclear weapon launched from B-52 bombers. The ALCM is self-guided -- it finds its preselected target by comparing prerecorded contour maps with terrain "seen" by its sensors. The cruise missiles wings, tail surfaces and engine inlet are folded while


    General Information: You can expect the attention, respect, and best professional efforts of your Mental Health Clinic (MHC) provider and staff. Your provider will treat you as a responsible individual and will expect you to take part in treatment decisions. You should understand the goals of


    Mission The Joint Direct Attack Munition is a guidance tail kit that converts existing unguided free-fall bombs into accurate, adverse weather "smart" munitions. With the addition of a new tail section that contains an inertial navigational system and a global positioning system guidance control

  • LGM-30G Minuteman III

    MissionThe LGM-30G Minuteman intercontinental ballistic missile, or ICBM, is an element of the nation's strategic deterrent forces under the control of the Air Force Global Strike Command. The "L" in LGM is the Department of Defense designation for silo-launched; "G" means surface attack; and "M"

  • Minot Air Force Base

    SENIOR PERSONNELCol. Daniel S. Hoadley, Commander, 5th BWCol. Kenneth C. McGhee, Commander, 91st MWCol. Michael D. Maginness, Vice Commander, 5th BWCol. Johnny L. Galbert, Vice Commander, 91st MWCMSgt. Tori M. Jones, Command Chief, 5th BWCMSgt. Ernest D. Crider, Command Chief, 91st MW HISTORYMinot

  • Newcomer Information

    Welcome to Minot Air Force BaseCongratulations on your assignment to Minot Air Force Base. Contrary to some of the rumors you may have heard, Minot is one of the best kept secrets in the Air Force. Yes, it can get cold here during the winter, but it also gets very warm during the summer.The base,

  • Team Minot Ambassadors

    The mission of Team Minot Ambassadors is to match Air Force leaders and Airmen from all ranks - civilian, officer, and enlisted - with interested audiences in an effort to foster understanding of the Minot AFB mission, capabilities, and relevance to national security.

  • UH-1N HUEY

     MissionThe UH-1N is a light-lift utility helicopter used to support Air Force Global Strike Command missile wings and groups, Air Force District of Columbia, Air Force Survival School training, Air Advisory Operations, test and evaluation at Eglin AFB, Fla., and U.S. Pacific Command, as well as

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