Our Mission

The Minot AFB Honor Guard serves a distinct mission under unique conditions from performing military honors in North Dakota to presenting colors on base. Members of the Honor Guard perform their ceremonial duties in addition to their primary Air Force specialty. The Minot AFB Honor Guard is comprised of Airmen, NCO's and officers from the 5th BW and 91st Missile Wing.

Ceremonies and Functions

The team's goal is to emulate the USAF Honor Guard while providing military funeral honors, performing at official military functions and off-base civic functions. The paragraphs below describe these functions in more detail.

Military Funeral Honors

Military Funeral Honors are our paramount responsibility. Public Law establishes the presentation of our Nation's flag and playing of Taps during the funeral service of our veterans. The U.S. Air Force provides military funeral honors to veterans, retirees, and active duty service members. These teams consist of three to 20 members, depending on the type of ceremony. Funeral Honors teams play taps, perform a flag fold, and present the flag to the next-of-kin. Retiree and active duty funerals include a Pallbearer team responsible for carrying our fallen to the grave site, and a Firing Party which performs the firing of three volleys during a funeral service. The typical sequence of events is as follows. The service member is carried to the grave site and the flag is folded in view of the family. The team stands present during the committal service, after which they perform Military Honors (playing taps and firing three volleys) and present the flag to the next-of-kin. Military Funeral Honors take precedence over all other ceremonies and functions.

Rifle Cordons

Air Force Rifle Cordons, or Honor Cordons, are used to greet military and government officials. Some examples of ceremonies that may include cordons are, Air Force Outdoor Retirements for General Officers, Change of Command Ceremonies and Flightline Arrivals. M-1, M-14, or Springfield 1903 rifles are used. The size of the cordon ranges from 11 for Brigadier Generals to 21 for Presidents and former Presidents.

This is an official function only for distinguished visitors.

Saber/Sword Cordons

Saber/sword cordons may be used at official Air Force awards ceremonies to recognize nominees/winners. Saber/sword cordons will only be used for official Air Force ceremonies. The location will vary, but typically they are performed indoors. Typical events include military weddings and awards banquets.

Colors Team

The Colors Team displays and guards the U.S. flag and U.S. Air Force flag. State and other national flags may also be carried. Our Colors Teams presents the colors during the playing of the National Anthem for both Air Force and civilian community events.

These teams generally consist of four individuals. The two rifle guards at the ends of the formation serve as protectors of the colors, which are carried by the two individuals in the middle. The individual on the right carries the Nation's flag and the other carries the Air Force flag. This tradition dates back to the origins of warfare.

Typical military functions include change of commands, retirements, awards ceremonies, and graduations. Civil functions include parades, sporting events, and other public events. Colors may be presented or posted in place.

POW/MIA Table Ceremony

The POW/MIA Table Ceremony is a solemn ceremony created by the National League Of Families Of American Prisoners And Missing In Southeast Asia. It is held to remind us of our fellow Americans who are prisoners of war (POW) or missing in action (MIA). These teams consist of four members, one representing each branch of service (five to include Coast Guard during times of war). This ceremony is usually conducted at formal military and civilian events including or accompanied by formal dining.

Retreat Ceremony

The retreat ceremony serves a twofold purpose. It signals the end of the official duty day and serves as a ceremony for paying respect to the flag. Typical military function is the base retreat ceremony.

Flag Fold and Related Functions

Our team performs two person and six person flag folding details. Specials events may include the folding of our Nation's flag. This includes Air Force retirements and civic functions for schools and public ceremonies. The Honor Guard also performs flag raising and lowering details for base and civilian events.

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