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I need the phone number for ...

Civilian Personnel Office -- 723-4236
Dakota Elementary School -- 727-3310
Family Support Center -- 723-3950
Fire Department (Routine) -- 723-2461
Hospital Appointment Line -- 723-5633
Law Enforcement Desk -- 723-3096
Legal Office -- 723-3026
Lodging -- 723-6161
Main Gate -- 723-6862
Memorial Junior High School -- 727-3300
Minot AFB Information Line -- 723-1190
Northern Lights Chapel -- 723-2456
North Plains Chapel -- 723-3633
North Plains Elementary -- 727-3320
Pharmacy -- 723-5293
Post Office -- 727-4887
Recruiting -- 723-4010
TRICARE Service Center -- 723-5633
Visitor Center -- 723-3093
Welcome Center -- 723-3789

What is the main phone number for the base?

The main base directory phone number is (701) 723-7979.

Who do I call for an official photo?

For all base multimedia requests, call the Minot AFB Public Affairs Customer Service Center at 723-6212.

How can I request the Honor Guard?

To request the Honor Guard for your event, please send an e-mail to the Honor Guard Office with the information below. Please submit your request no later than two weeks in advance. 

- Your name, organization and contact information 
- The date, time, location and background information of the event 
- Any other pertinent information 

For more information, please contact (701) 723-4503 or visit their Web page HERE.

How to locate an Air Force member

The Air Force World Wide Locator handles official and unofficial requests to locate Air Force Personnel. Official requests are defined as requests received from any government agency and the Department of Defense (DoD). All other requests are considered unofficial in nature. 

The AF World Wide Locator only has location information on individuals who are currently receiving compensation from the USAF (Active Duty, Guard, Reserve, Retired, and Civil Service Personnel). If the individual has separated from the AF, no information is available. 

Access the locator information page here.

I'm trying to find someone assigned to Minot Air Force Base

If you are looking for a military member, the base locator can put you in touch with the person by calling (701) 723-1841. For after duty-hours requests, please call the Base Operator at (701) 723-1110.

To locate a Department of Defense civilian member, call (701) 723-4236.

I'm a member of the media. How can I get information about the base?

All media queries and requests for interviews must be coordinated through the Public Affairs office. During normal duty hours (7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays), you can contact us via e-mail or at (701) 723-6212.

Where can I obtain 5th Bomb Wing or 91st Missile Wing patches, posters, etc? 

Neither the 5th Bomb Wing or the 91st Missile Wing are able to provide official uniform items or other memorabilia. However, several private companies exist to meet your needs. The following list does not constitute endorsement: 

Eighth Air Force Museum Gift Shop,
P.O. Box 8159, 
Bossier City LA 71113, 
Phone: (318) 752-0055; 

Action Embroidery Corporation 
1325 W Brooks Street Ontario CA 91762 
Phone: (909) 983-1359 

Air Force Museum Foundation, Inc. 
P.O. Box 33624 
Wright-Patterson AFB OH 45433 
Phone: (937) 258-1218 

Battle Zone Ltd 
PO Box 266 
Towaca NJ 07082 
Fax: (201) 402-7226 

Headquarters for Military Supplies 
131 East 6th Street Los Angeles
CA 90014 

Ken Nolan, Inc. 
16901 Milliken P.O. Box C-19555
Irvine CA 92713 
Phone: (714) 863-1531 

Marketing Dynamics Inc. 
19717 Mayhill Terrace
Gaithersburg, MD 20879 
Phone: (301) 670-0884 Fax: (301) 990-3646
How do I place an ad in the Northern Sentry?
  • For information on display advertising rates, call (701) 839-0946
  • To place a classified ad go to northernsentry.com
  • Click on “Classifieds” at the top of the page.
If you have questions concerning your classified ad, please feel free to call the Northern Sentry at (701) 839-0946 or email nsads@srt.com
How do I submit articles or story ideas to the Northern Sentry?
The Northern Sentry is a privately owned and edited publication, and is not affiliated with Minot Air Force Base, the Department of the Air Force of the Department of Defense. Military members and DoD civilian employees must contact the Public Affairs office prior to contacting any member of the media.

How can I request a speaker for my event?

To request a speaker for your event, please send an e-mail to the Public Affairs Office with the information below. Please submit your request no later than one week in advance.

- Your name, organization and contact information
- The date, time, location and background information of the event
- The requested subject for the speech (and how long you want the speech to be)
- Any other pertinent information

For more information, please click here:

How can I tour the Base?

The Public Affairs Office offers tours of Minot Air Force Base throughout the year when the mission permits. For more information on base tours, please click here.

Thank you for your interest in Minot AFB.