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  • Seeing Double

    Joining the military can be a really intimidating experience. Arriving at the first duty station can be an eye-opening experience for Airmen. This experience is unique for the reason that for some members it is their first time away from home, but these sisters brought their home with them.
  • "This is a great base, with a great mission."

    The old saying goes “there are 2 things for sure, death and taxes.” When Col Christopher Menuey took command of the 91st Missile Wing last summer, there were 2 other “for sures”. 1) That transfer of the command would take place and 2) COVID 19 would make the mission difficult, but as Col Menuey relates “There is no denying that it was hard to continue to operate through COVID 19, but we did. Their (Airmen of the 91 MW) personal lives took the hardest hit. But they maintained a determination to work through it.”
  • Airman of Minot

    SrA Madison Kennon is a Team Chief of an Electro-Mechanical Team (EMT). She directs and mentors teams of Airmen that perform operational troubleshooting, maintenance, coding operations, maintaining command and control systems and ensures the security of 150 Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) and 15 Launch Control Centers (LCCs) throughout the Minot AFB missile complex.
  • Building a Strong Base While Overcoming Adversity

    “For us, Minot is unique. A unique place and a unique challenge” says Col Michael Walters during a recent interview “Minot was our first choice; this is where we wanted to come.”
  • End to End Fun

    “I used to think that curling was all about getting exercise and having fun, but it’s also such a mental game. There’s a lot of thinking that goes on…you know it’s kind of like chess on ice.” MSgt Kyle Hotstetler had arrived early at the Minot Curling Club, located on the North Dakota State Fairgrounds, to get ready for the championship matches of the Minot Air Force Base Intramural Curling League. Originally from Florida, MSgt Hotstetler has been in Minot for 6 years, but has been an active curler for just the last 3.
  • English Language Teachers: Helping the Multicultural Families of Minot AFB

    The United States military operates hundreds of overseas bases, with the Air Force settling in several countries in Europe, Asia, and more. Because of this international reach, Air Force bases often find themselves to be meccas of diversity, especially when it comes to language.
  • International Women's Day: Honor the Past and Secure the Future

    March 8, 2021 marks International Women’s Day, a celebration of women and their contributions to society. For the women of the Air Force, and especially Team Minot, the day is an important reminder of the strength and determination of military females and their predecessors.
  • Shockwave Spirit

    For Col Aaron Cowley of the 5th Maintenance Group there was challenge on how to present the Maintenance Professionals of the Year awards to various squadrons and maintain COVID 19 protocol. The answer to the challenge was to hold 5 different award ceremonies, one for each of the 4 squadrons and 1 flight in the maintenance group.
  • Wise Guy Returns to Service

    Approximately 13 years ago B-52 60-034 left Minot Air Force Base, headed for Arizona as part of a reduction in forces. The number of planes that had the same destiny as Wise Guy numbers between 10 and 15 according to sources at Minot Air Force Base. Expectations were that these planes may not see active duty again, but those expectations were proven wrong. Never say never as they say.
  • "I'm not fragile like a flower, I'm fragile like a bomb,"

    When I first came to the 23rd, I was the only female in my squadron. I was worried I wouldn’t fit in or be accepted.

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