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Welcome to Minot Air Force Base's Public Tours and Flyovers page. The objective of Minot AFB's public tour and flyover programs is to increase public awareness and understanding of the Air Force and Minot’s mission.  We support surrounding communities in all aspects, ranging from tour requests, speaker's bureau or participation in local events. Our goal is to foster positive relations with the surrounding communities.

Honorary Commanders

If you are a squadron commander, equivalent or above and are new to Minot Air Force Base, please contact our office with a request for an honorary commander. If you are an outgoing commander, please inform Public Affairs so your honorary may be reassigned. 

Team Minot is proud to link our downtown partners with our base commanders.

To find out more about Minot AFB's honorary commanders, please contact the Community Relations Chief at (701) 723-6212 or email them by clicking HERE.

speakers requests

Our Airmen enjoy meeting and educating local community members on the Minot and Air Force story! 

Please check out this page for more information about the Team Minot Ambassadors Program.

Military Affairs Committee luncheons

The first Thursday of every month is a Military Affairs Committee luncheon at noon for Team Minot. The location alternates monthly between a dining facility on base and an establishment downtown. These meetings (1-1.5hrs) are an opportunity to interact with city and base leaders, and focus on the important topics for each. Meals are paid for at the door in cash.

To find out more information about the MAC, please contact the Community Relations Chief.


Tours are geared toward families and members of the general public who are interested in learning more about the history, missions and assets of Minot Air Force Base. Tours are available during our tour season, March-October. Due to manning shortfalls, inspections and mission requirements, these tours may be cancelled or rescheduled with little or no notice. Tour requests will have to be handled on a case by case basis. We apologize for any requests that cannot be met due to the current situation.
 **2022 tour dates **

  • 22 June
  • 20 July
  • 10 August
  • 28 September


A maximum of 44 guests (minimum 15) are allowed on a tour. In the past, the 5th BW Public Affairs Office hosted individual group tours; however interested parties for the 2018 year will need to enroll in a tour on a space-available, first-come-first-served basis. Any group or individual requesting a tour must submit a Tour Request Form to the 5th BW Public Affairs Office.

The information needed for U.S. citizens is:

1) Full Name (as it appears on driver's license)
2) Date of Birth
3) Social Security Number
4) Driver's License State of Issue
5) Driver's License Number

**If you are a DOD ID card holder (Active, Guard, Reserve, Retiree, Dependent) please send us your name exactly as printed on your ID and the DOD ID # only** 

**Age limit 12 years and older**

All information listed above must be provided to the 5th BW Public Affairs Office no later than 30 days before the requested tour date by filling out the 5th Bomb Wing Public Affairs Tour Request form and emailing it to our Public Affairs workflow mailbox.


Tours typically includes a ride around base with a short mission brief, a B-52 Static Display, and MPT Tour. 


Requests for a military flyover at your special event can be made through the U.S. Air Force Aerial Events Support home page. 

Event organizers should be aware that military aircraft flyover requests are subject to a number of restrictions and are supported only where they do not impact operational mission accomplishment. 

Anyone requesting a military aircraft flyover must submit a completed 
DD Form 2535 to the public affairs office a minimum of 90 days prior to the event to be considered for support. 

Less than 90 days notice greatly reduces the chance that support will be available. Requests received 30 days or closer to the event will NOT be considered. 

If your event is not aviation-related or directly connected to a patriotic holiday, you must fill out an 
Exception-to-Policy (ETP) form. This form provides greater detail on the military connection to the event. Please be as comprehensive as possible. 

You may download and print out a DD Form 2535 and the Exception-to-Policy form, along with instructions for correctly filling out both forms on the 
U.S. Air Force Aerial Events Support request procedures page. 

After you have completed the process, and received your official approval number, please email the 5th Bomb Wing Public Affairs workflow mailbox with your completed DD Form 2535 and include your approval number in the email.

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