Reporting, Roads & Gate Status

AF Connect App

Notifications regarding the base such as road conditions, gate closures and delayed reporting are relayed through the AF Connect App.

The app can be downloaded for free through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Below is a guide on how to set Team Minot as your primary page.

Missile Complex Road Cond.

For conditions on missile complex roads, call the 91st Security Support Squadron Traffic Control Center at 723-1111.

Gate Information

Normal Gate Schedule:
Magic City (Main) Gate: Open 24 hours/7 days a week
Minot (South) Gate: Open 6 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Mon. to Fri.

Call 723-1190 for current conditions on base and Highway 83, reporting conditions and any delays in the school bus schedules.

Winter Reporting Categories

Category one - Storm essential: functions and personnel that directly support security and safety include but are not limited to; the fire department, security forces, command post, medical facilities, snow control, critical maintenance and military personnel only at the Dakota Inn.

Category two - Mission essential: positions that directly support the ability to launch/recover aircraft and keep missiles on alert.

Category three - Care support: Positions that enable extended mission operations at close to normal operations tempo.

Category four - General support: positions that enable full operations of base services.

Road Conditions Explained

TRAVEL and Road Conditions - The North Dakota Department of Transportation determines the road conditions for Hwy 83 and the surrounding area for travel to and from base, and the 5th Mission Support Group commander determines road conditions on-base. If weather conditions are severe and warrant either a delay or restricted reporting for duty, the 5th MSG commander will consult with downtown authorities and leadership from both wings before a final decision is made.

If delayed or restricted reporting is implemented, instructions are relayed to the command post and public affairs for dissemination via telephone notification and the MAFB Information Hotline.

Green - Normal day-to-day travel conditions.

Yellow - Degraded environment when cautious conditions exist. Drive according to weather and road conditions. Use of cruise control is prohibited when operating a government vehicle.

Red - Degraded environment when hazardous conditions exist. Are the same as NDDOT "No travel advised." Storm/mission essential personnel may drive, but all other travel is restricted without 5th BW or 91st Missile Wing commanders or their designee's permission.

Black - Degraded environment when no travel or working conditions exist, except for storm-essential personnel and bona fide emergencies. Same as NDDOT "Road closed."

Bus Schedule

For school and bus schedule, please refer to your respective school.

Memorial Junior High: 727-3300
North Plains Elementary: 727-3320
Dakota Elementary: 727-3310


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This forecast is for Minot Air Force Base, N.D.
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For NDDOT information and road conditions, click here.