Minot Air Force Base


Col. Daniel S. Hoadley, Commander, 5th BW

Col. Kenneth C. McGhee, Commander, 91st MW

Col. Michael D. Maginness, Vice Commander, 5th BW

Col. Johnny L. Galbert, Vice Commander, 91st MW

CMSgt. Tori M. Jones, Command Chief, 5th BW

CMSgt. Ernest D. Crider, Command Chief, 91st MW



Minot AFB opened in February 1957, filling the need for a fighter interceptor base responsible for protecting the United States’ northern border from Soviet bombers. The 5th Fighter Interceptor Squadron under Air Defense Command operated F-106 and F-15 aircraft until 1988, when the air defense mission was eliminated. In 1961, B-52Hs were stationed at Minot, and have operated continuously under the 5th Bomb Wing when it relocated from Travis AFB, CA in July 1968. The 5th Bomb Wing dates back to 1919, and saw combat in WWII, the Vietnam War, Operations Desert Fox, Allied Force, Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. It has supported Continuous Bomber Presence (CBP) in the Pacific AOR since 2003.


The 91st Missile Wing began as the 91st Strategic Reconnaissance Wing in November, 1948, flying RB 29s. In 1963 they flew B-52Cs and Ds, deploying twice to the Vietnam War.  In 1968, the 91st Missile Wing transitioned from B-52s at Glasgow AFB, Montana, to Minot AFB and the Minuteman I ICBM. In 1971 they became the first wing to operate the Minuteman III. They have been on continuous alert operation everyday since June, 1968.



Minot AFB is the only dual-wing nuclear capable base in the Air Force, hosting two legs of the Strategic Triad. The 5th Bomb Wing operates 26 B-52 aircraft, and the 91st Missile Wing operates 150 ICBM sites.


Major Minot AFB Supported Organizations:

  • 5th Bomb Wing

  • 91st Missile Wing

  • 582d Helicopter Group

  • 54th Helicopter Squadron

  • 582d Operation Support Squadron, Detachment 5

  • 219th North Dakota Air National Guard
    (Security Forces)

  • 372d Training Squadron/Det 22, Sheppard AFB
    (AETC aircraft maintenance training)

Minot AFB Combat Squadrons

  • 23d Bomb Squadron

  • 69th Bomb Squadron

  • 740th Missile Squadron

  • 741st Missile Squadron

  • 742d Missile Squadron



    Total Acreage:  5,342 Acres

    Missile Field:  8,500 Square Miles



    Total Military:  5,494

    Total Civilians:  677

    Total Contractors:  500

    Total Dependents:  5,453

    Total Retirees:  2,500

    Total Supported Population:  14,624



    Minot AFB is located in Ward County and the city of Minot, population of 46,321, is the principle support community. Numerous small towns lie within the base’s 8,500 square mile missile complex. Population is expanding due to the Bakken Oil Field, as is encroachment on the 150 ICBM sites.