Military and Family Readiness Center

The Military and Family Readiness Center serves as one-stop-shop for personal and family assistance, information and referral, and leadership consultations regarding any topics that affect personal and family mission readiness. Individual assessments are available for single, married, active-duty, Guard, Reserves and retired members as well as their families. One of its major functions is ensuring military members and their families are connected with the appropriate services on and off base. For more information, or assistance, call DSN 453-3950 or check out our website. Click HERE to visit the M&FRC website.

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Information and Referral
Information and Referral is a critical and basic function of the M&FRC. The goal is to provide individuals and families with the resources necessary to assist in family and community adaptation. The Information and Referral Program serves as a link for single and married Air Force members and their families, as well as civilian Department of Defense employees and their families by providing them with information about human services providers on base or in the local community. Once the needs have been identified, we can assist with locating the resources to meet those needs and making appropriate referrals. The M&FRC works closely with many agencies on and off base, staffed by specialists who can assist with specific needs.

The M&FRC team is available for individual interviews to help determine
needs, and refer to the right resources. Referrals may be to a specific
M&FRC program developed to meet the needs of Air Force families or to a
program managed by a different on- or off-base organization. Stop in at your convenience 0730-1630 or call (701) 723-3950 for an appointment.

Discovery Resource Center
The Discovery Resource Center offers a wide variety of self-study resources on a variety of topics and can provide general information. Videos and books are also available for use. Computers can be used to write a resume as well as find out about educational and scholarship information. Internet access is available for relocation, employment, and checking e-mail. The DRC provides fax services for job searches, relocation, and education. A computer-aided resume writer is available as well.

Military One Source
Military One Source can provide information and resources that can help people personally and professionally. Military One Source is a confidential service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If counseling is needed, Military One Source can arrange for people to receive 12 face-to-face counseling sessions free of charge. For assistance or for more information, visit or call Military One Source (stateside: 1-800-342-9647 overseas: 800-3429-6477).

All newcomers will be scheduled for Right Start Newcomer Orientation; where they will be acquainted with the base and local community. Newcomers will also attend the Information Fair to learn more about what Minot has to offer. Spouses are encouraged to attend. Inbound and outbound people receive 20 hours of free childcare.

Also people PCSing can get information about their new duty station and community at Military Homefront or the M&FRC. Sponsorship training is available for newly assigned sponsors at

Loan Closet
People needing dishes, pot and pans, beds or futons, strollers or other light housekeeping items until personal belongings arrive may borrow items from the Loan Closet. The Loan Closet is located in the 5th Force Support Squadron in the Outdoor Recreation Section and can be reached at Com. 701-723-3648 or DSN: 453-3648. Hours of operation: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Friday: 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.; Saturdays 10:00 a.m. - 2 p.m.; Closed Wednesdays and Sundays. For more information, call DSN 453-3950 or 701-723-3950.

Employment Assistance
Information is available about the local job market, interview techniques, resume preparation, and other employment issues. Check out the local job announcements, scholarships, and much more. The M&FRC hosts 'mini' job fairs with local employers and the newly developing oilfield job market. They also offer one-on-one assistance with federal and civilian resume development, along with monthly workshops, to help effectively market oneself in the job market.

Air Force Aid Society
Military members and their families faced with financial emergencies can receive assistance from the Air Force Aid Society. AFAS provides interest-free loans and other assistance with emergency needs for items such as basic living expenses, car repair, emergency travel, and other personal emergencies. Before borrowing money at a high interest rate from a financial institution, people may see if they qualify for a no-interest AFAS loan. For assistance or for more information, call the M&FRC at Com: 701-723-3950/DSN: 453-3950. Afterhours emergencies call the American Red Cross at 1-877-272-7337.

Personal Financial Readiness Services 
The Military and Family Readiness Center staff provides information, education, and personal financial counseling to help individuals and families maintain financial readiness. Seminars, classes, and individualized guidance are offered in the areas of budgeting, credit/debt management, home-buying, saving, Thrift Savings Plan, investing, consumer protection, and general money management. Financial outreach services are available when requested by unit leaders.

Personal & Work Life
The Personal & Work Life program offers services focused on enriching and improving the quality of individual and family life by providing the knowledge and skills needed to enhance resilience. Customers can be assisted on an individual basis with a one-on-one consultation or through relevant classes and/or workshops. Available programs include but are not limited to:

· Communicating best when it matters most
· Learn to manage stress before it manages you
· Goal setting for people who hate setting goals
· Four lenses temparement assessment
· Time management
· The happiness experiment
· Strenthening your self-esteem
· Family resilience

An interactive "Right Start for Spouses" where attendees learn about pay and benefits, the local community, on- and off-base resources, Air Force customs, traditions, and protocol. The quarterly workshop provides participants with a free lunch, an opportunity to network with other spouses, and a chance to ask questions to base leadership.
Military Family Life Consultant.

The MFLC program provides non-medical, short term, situational, problem-solving counseling services to address issues that occur across the military lifestyle and help service members and their families cope with normal reactions to the stressful and often adverse situations created by relocations, deployments and reintegration.

The MFLC is a professionally licensed counselor assigned to Minot AFB for 45 day rotations on a continuous basis. The M&FRC is the community oversight agency for coordination of MFLC services. The MFLC provide outreach services in our communities that expand capabilities to address needs of Airmen and their families and can be a bridge to other services available on base or off.

Consultations and trainings are free and anonymous. No records are kept. Call (701) 240-2425 to schedule an appointment.

Childbirth Education
Learn to relax and prepare for your baby's birth. This class is offered by Trinity Hospital and is available on and off base.

Adult Learning Center Classes
The Minot Adult Learning Center comes to base to offer free classes that help students develop skills in speaking, reading, and writing English, basic math, algebra, spelling, vocabulary, grammar usage and writing.

Special Needs
The M&FRC can connect families with information and resources to assist with the unique challenges they face. M&FRC staff provides information to help families learn more about the disability, explore their options, and become a strong advocate. Tools are available to assist with keeping/ tracking the family member's medical care, daily routine, personal care, behavior, likes/dislikes, and more. The M&FRC also hosts the Minot AFB Special Needs Facebook page. Log in to learn about current news, events, and resources in the Special Needs community; as well as share ideas and network with other families.

Volunteer Opportunities
A Website listing of on/off-base volunteer opportunities is located at You may visit the M&FRC and pick up a listing. The M&FRC can help agencies meet their needs and help individuals find volunteer positions that best suit personal interests or career goals. Child care for some volunteer positions is available through the AFAS Childcare for Volunteer program. Visit the M&FRC for instructions and paperwork. Volunteers are always welcome at the Airman's Attic. Volunteers may transport donated furniture items within the community and bring items from the loading dock into the Attic. Sorting clothing items and adding them to the Attic's inventory is also an on-going process.

The Military and Family Readiness Center promotes personal and family preparedness through education and participation in readiness support functions. Families are provided assistance before, during and after extended absences of the military member while deployed or at remote locations during times of emergencies and during natural disasters. Pamphlets, resources and videos discuss how to prepare, cope and come back together as a family. MFRC staff work with units, key spouses, support groups and with individuals to provide assistance. Materials are available for single people who have different issues to prepare for deployment. Morale Calls, Car Care and Give Parents a Break programs are available for families that have a deployed or remote member. The MFRC also hosts regular activities for deployed and remote families.

Transition to Civilian Life
The Transition Assistance Program is a three-day workshop can alleviate many issues concerning benefits, employment opportunities, job interviews and more. The Military and Family Readiness Center staff can answer many questions and gives tips on employment procedures. The TAP workshop is sponsored by the M&FRC, the Department of Labor-Employment Security Division and the Department of Veterans Affairs. The Transition Assistance for Military Personnel is a mandatory pre-separation counseling and is offered weekly and on a one-on-one basis. For maximum effect attend TAMP briefings up to 2 years prior to your retirement or 12 months before separation. Transition assistance is designed to assist military members and their spouse transition from a military to civilian career. Services include: personal appraisal; resume/interviewing skills; researching; VA benefits and current labor market trends.

Military Child Education
M&FRC staff advocate for the educational needs of military children and assist Airmen and families with information and referral regarding local school districts and other educational options including: home schooling, private schools, charter schools, and cyber schools. M&FRC staff ensures school personnel are aware of the unique issues impacting military children, i.e. deployment and frequent moves.