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  • Airman of Minot

    Staff Sergeant Rachael Brown is an Aviation Resource Manager for the 23rd Bomb Squadron. Originally from Greenwood, Wisconsin, Brown became a member of Team Minot in May 2018
  • Airman of Minot

    Senior Airman Chloe Medrano is an Emergency Actions Controller for the 5 BW/CP (Command Post). She is originally from St. Louis, Missouri and became a member of Team Minot in April 2018.
  • Airman of Minot

    Capt. Tarina Crook is an Air Force Academy graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Legal Studies. Upon graduating she spent a year traveling the country to assist the Air Force Academy with diversity recruiting before joining the missileer family.
  • Airman of Minot

    SrA Alexis Wheeler is a training instructor for the 5th Security Forces Squadron. She trains 600 SF Airmen every week, reinforcing their tech school education, and ensuring that they retain the knowledge needed for their career field.
  • Airman of Minot

    This is Captain Alyssa Ford! She is one of two squadron weapons officers and her specific job is overseeing training for the entire 742nd Missile Squadron. She helps manage a shop of 6 instructors who give missile simulation rides to crew members, track trends, and develop supplemental training products for crew members.
  • Airman of Minot

    SSgt. Amanda West, a California native, is the NCO in charge of Aircraft Maintenance Unit scheduling. She makes maintenance schedules for maintainers on the flight line and distributes it throughout the squadrons.
  • Airman of Minot

    Amn Emily Hanna works in the Facility Maintenance Section. She is currently the FMS scheduler, an FMS tool room trainer, a tool room shift lead, and is the program lead for their shops' extensive bench stock program.
  • Airman of Minot

    A1C Alexandria Steiger is an Aerospace Medical Technician for the 5th Operational Medical Readiness Squadron.
  • Airman of Minot

    2nd Lt. Axel Huss is the Executive Officer for the 91st Security Forces Group. He was a military brat growing up, moving around from one location to the next, but spent most of his life in Hawaii on the island of Oahu. He became a member of Team Minot in July 2019.
  • Fragile like a bomb- not fragile like a flower: Women behind USAF ICBMs

    The intercontinental ballistic missileers sit alert each hour of every day to provide the nation’s unstoppable nuclear deterrent. In honor of International Women’s Day, teams of female missileers across all ICBM wings participated in a coordinated, simultaneous training launch. This key-turn simulation was the first time a training launch of this nature has occurred and offers, as all historic moments do, a chance to look back on how far we’ve come.

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