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  • CCAF graduating class sets new Minot record

    The largest graduating class in the history of Minot Air Force Base graduated Friday in a ceremony at the Jimmy Doolittle Center. One-hundred and twenty-four graduates received their Community College of the Air Force diplomas from Col. Thomas Klincar, CCAF commandant. "As members of CCAF's 2006 fall graduating class, you join the ranks of 245,000
  • Major changes to make base recycling more efficient

    Recyclable items such as aluminum, plastic, glass, steel and tin are no longer accepted at the base recycling center or for residential pickup due to contractual changes. Under the terms of the new contract, which went into effect Sunday, only some paper products will be accepted for recycling. Products such as paper towels, napkins, tissue paper,
  • National Fire Prevention Week begins

    The National Fire Protection Association and fire departments across North America observe Fire Prevention Week Sunday through Oct. 14 to raise public awareness of fire safety. During the week, Minot Air Force Base's Fire and Emergency Services flight in conjunction with the Minot City Fire Department will hand out literature to adults and fire
  • POW/MIA honored at Minot AFB

    Minot Air Force Base honored POW and MIA servicemembers here during a luncheon and retreat ceremony Sept. 22. Airmen here also had the opportunity to hear the luncheon's speaker, a former POW, talk about his imprisonment during Operation Desert Storm. At the luncheon, speaker Col. Mike Roberts, 178th Fighter Wing vice commander, from Springfield
  • Major ops change for missiles

    Missile combat crews from the 742nd Missile Squadron prepare for alert Monday exactly as they have for the last thirty-plus years -- with one notable distinction. Three crew members will head to the missile alert facility for 72 hours of alert duty as part of a demonstration concept.Overall, this represents a major change from the current
  • Captain pulls missile duty on Air Force birthday

    Capt. Jason Hopkin is so busy monitoring ballistic missile launch codes that he will not have time for cake, ice cream and punch on the Air Force's 59th birthday. He will join the other Airmen around the world who will report to work to fight or support the ongoing war on terrorism. This war -- like all the ones before -- is taking Airmen to

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