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  • 20th Air Force MSET team assesses 91st Space Wing

    The missile standardization, evaluation and training assessment team from the 20th Air Force headquarters completed its annual assessment of the 91st Space Wing Wednesday. The purpose of an MSET is to provide the 20th Air Force commander with an assessment of a unit's standardization; evaluation; training processes and programs; and technical
  • Operation Warmheart, Angel Tree offer help to Airmen

    Operation Warmheart, a year-round program designed to assist airmen and their families, is gearing up for the holidays. Warmheart is managed by the First Sergeants Council and supported by volunteers. The Officer's Spouses Club, the Enlisted Spouses Club, the Top-3, the Air Force Sergeants Association are just a few of the many private
  • 91st Space Wing set to launch ... almost

    Airmen from the 91st Space Wing put their 99 percent alert rate to the test Wednesday during a simulated electronic missile launch. The simulated electronic launch tested the proper operation of the Minuteman III weapons system here Tuesday and Wednesday. "It [SELM] ensures the proper command and control over our missiles we have here at Minot Air
  • CFC benefits base youth center

    The Combined Federal Campaign, which began Oct. 1 and will run until Nov. 15, helps many charitable organizations worldwide. The CFC is the only authorized solicitation of employees in the federal workplace on behalf of charitable organizations. In 2005, federal employees around the world raised more than $268 million for charitable causes. From
  • 5th CS tackle big project

    Members of the 5th Communications Squadron recently replaced a 600-pound antenna drive motor assembly and rotary coupler that will ensure safe air traffic control operations at Minot Air Force Base, Minot International Airport and 10 surrounding satellite airports throughout the upcoming winter months. Working through the weekend to avoid
  • On-base bus schedule begins November 20

    This year's on-base school bus service schedule changes when it begins Nov. 20 and lasts until March 16, 2007. This year's funding for the on-base school bus service is approximately $77,000 less than last year's budget.  As a result, the service was reduced by approximately 30 school days. Even with fewer days, this year's bus service will cost
  • First fall

  • Warbirds return to nest from Eagle Flag exercise

    LAKEHURST NAVAL AIR ENGINEERING STATION, N.J. - Approximately 150 Team Minot Airmen returned from a successful one-week deployment Oct. 20 after fighting the Global War on Terrorism and providing humanitarian relief in the country of Chimera in the southwest Karde region. Many have never heard of the country, nor the continent and there is a reason
  • Minot event supports breast cancer research

    About 200 Airmen and family members gathered here to raise awareness of breast cancer during an event in support of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month Oct. 24. The event, titled "Voices of Breast Cancer: Inspiring Hope, Supporting a Cure," included a health fair, lunch, the touching testimony of several cancer survivors, and a spirited auction

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