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  • First Term Officers Course

    As a newly commissioned officer arriving at a first duty station, there can be a swarm of things running through your head. Not only are you faced with the real world aspects of your job that you need to focus on, but you also have to think about being a strong leader and the nuances of communication. It can be overwhelming and can make you feel like your head is spinning trying to keep on top of everything at once.
  • Airmen of Team Minot- Staff Sergeant Theodore Debauge, air transportation specialist

    Staff Sergeant Theodore Debauge is an air transportation specialist with the 5th Logistics Readiness Squadron Air Transportation Function. In his position he oversees the transfer of cargo and passengers from start to finish. Debauge is an essential part of the planning phase right down to the execution phase. Through the use of an application on his computer, he can determine optimal loading procedures ranging from cargo to people. By plugging in weights and calculations, he can figure out exactly how to place cargo onto any aircraft in the United States Air Force.
  • Airmen of Team Minot- Airman 1st Class John Schmidt, Air Traffic Control apprentice

    Airman 1st Class John Schmidt is an air traffic control apprentice with the 5th Operational Support Squadron. He works with his supervisors to learn how to effectively direct B-52s in their daily operations. Schmidt gathers information from instruments in the air traffic control tower and provides it to appropriate agencies such as base operations, the maintenance operations command center and even the 5th Medical Group.
  • CLICK2GO service comes to Minot Air Force Base Commissary

    On Tuesday Oct.27, 2020, the Defense Commissary Agency’s CLICK2GO program was officially launched at the Minot Air Force Base commissary. The CLICK2GO program is an online and curbside pickup grocery service that can be accessed from a computer or mobile device. It was originally scheduled to come to Minot in 2021, with Minot being one of the later bases to receive the service.
  • Prairie Vigilance- SSgt. William Patrick, 5AMXS weapons specialist team chief

    SSgt. William Patrick is a weapons specialist team chief for the 5th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron. Before he joined the U.S. Air Force, he was a police officer in Prairie Grove, Arkansas where he is originally from. He moved here to become a part of Team Minot with his wife and three children.
  • Prairie Vigilance- Airman 1st Class Lauryn Reabold, 5th Security Forces Squadron Defender

    Airman 1st Class Lauryn Reabold is a 5th Security Forces Squadron defender. She is part of a convoy that provides security to the base and ensures security of assets at Minot Air Force Base. As a lead convoy gunner, she is part of a security team tasked with the security of Department of Defense assets such as the B-52H Stratofortress and the nuclear weapons that the BUFF can carry.
  • Prairie Vigilance- Capt. David Cassanova, B-52 Weapons Systems Officer

    Capt. David Casanova is a B-52 weapons systems officer for the 69th Bomb Squadron. During Prairie Vigilance he works on the Alert Parking Area near the Alert Shack. He is on stand-by and ready to respond at a moment's notice. Casanova and his team are always ready to strike.
  • Prairie Vigilance- Capt. Noah Spitler, 69th Bomb Squadron B-52 instructor pilot

    Capt. Noah Spitler is a B-52 instructor pilot for the 69th Bomb Squadron. He is working on the Alert Parking Area near the Alert Shack and is called a “Pad Dad.” His job as “Pad Dad” is to brief his aircrew on mission status, weather, and any issues they may have on their mission.
  • Prairie Vigilance - A1C Vanessa Alvarez, Food Assistant Specialist

    A1C Vanessa Alvarez is an assistant food specialist in the 5th Force Support Squadron.
  • Prairie Vigilance - MSgt. Cordell, Wing Inspection Team

    Msgt. Ryan Cordell is the chief inspector for the Wing Inspection Team, which operates under the 5th Bomb Wing’s Inspector General office.

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