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  • Five Minutes to Thrive: DON’T PANIC- PIVOT!

    First, a brief comparison. Pivoting (verb) is to turn, rotate, swivel, spin or twirl. Panic (noun) is to feel sudden uncontrollable alarm, anxiety, fright, dread or fear. We have all likely panicked about something during COVID-19. Panicking is normal, sometimes, but it shouldn’t be a constant.
  • Five Minutes to Thrive: Reducing Telework Burnout

    Team Minot, for many of us we’re beginning a steady flow of telework, which is perhaps longer than many of us expected. Some of us may be experiencing symptoms of burnout - emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged task saturation.
  • Five Minutes to Thrive: Kids Coping with COVID-19

    Parents and caregivers, this is for you. If you’re not a parent or caregiver, I’d invite you to think about those who are because they are responsible for the well-being of the tiny humans who will be our future leaders. COVID-19 has created many challenges for parents and caregivers who are home with children full-time while trying to manage telework, homeschooling, parenting, and perhaps their own academic or extracurricular pursuits. Social media is lit up presently, with the impact of more time with kids at home (some good, some bad, and some funny).
  • A "brew-ti-ful" experience

    Whether you drink espresso, americano, cappuccino, or frappuccino, getting a cup of coffee is one of the most common morning routines. On March 26, the Minot Air Force Base community, as part of the Minot Strong campaign, came together to give back to Airmen and their families by providing fresh coffee beans to those in need.
  • Five Minutes to Thrive: BEST SLEEP I EVER GOT

    You may have a friend or have personally suffered from insomnia. At night, many folks lay down in bed and close their eyes, and one million tangentially-related thoughts pop up, one after the other, each screaming for attention. These thoughts steadily prevent attempts to slip into a state of restful sleep. Some nights, people don’t fall asleep until 3 or 4 a.m. ; other nights some describe feeling like they never slept at all!
  • Five Minutes to Thrive: The Truth About Suicide

    Many of us have known someone who has attempted or completed suicide. This may be in part due to the fact that suicide rates have risen dramatically over the past 30 years, such that it has now become the 2nd-leading cause of death for Americans age 15-34, outranking both homicide and physical illness. And despite increased awareness of this issue, the trend continues.
  • Five Minutes to Thrive: What makes a good leader: Compassion

    This week is the final installment of our series on the key pillars of character required of successful leaders (nobility, humility, courage, compassion), as told by Lt. Gen Steven Kwast, AETC/CC. In that we are all leaders in some form, at some time, and with some people—and because the development of these characteristics is a journey, rather than something with which we’re born—this series of 5M2Ts has focused on each of these traits. Last up: Compassion.
  • Five Minutes to Thrive: What makes a good leader: nobility

    Lt Gen Steven Kwast, AETC/CC, was the Commander of Air University at Maxwell AFB in 2015. At that time he delivered one of the most inspiring and profound admonition to future AF leaders on what it truly means to lead. He espoused four key pillars of character required of all successful leaders: nobility, humility, courage, and compassion. In that we are all leaders in some form, at some time, and with some people—and because the development of these traits is a journey, rather than something with which we’re born—the next several 5M2T's will focus on each of these important characteristics, in turn. First up this week: Nobility
  • Five Minutes to Thrive: Self-reflection with intention

    As this year comes to an end, we can reflect back on all this year has brought us; the times filled with joyful memories, laughter and friendship, or the painful moments we would rather forget. Taking time to reflect offers insight on how we want to move forward. Looking back on your year is not about beating yourself up and seeing what you did wrong.
  • You Matter Color Run

    “No matter where you come from, you are valuable,” said Master Sgt. Cristian Martinez, 5th Medical Group Health Promotion flight chief. Team Minot Airmen with the 5th MDG Health Promotion Flight organized the “You Matter” 5 km and 10 km Color Run in association with the Task Force True North at Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota, Aug. 20, 2019.

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