891st MSFS achieves new heights

  • Published
  • By Staff Sergeant Michael A. Richmond
  • Minot Air Force Base Public Affairs
The 891st Missile Security Forces Squadron was awarded the 2022 Security Forces Squadron Outstanding Large Unit Award at the Major Command level for the first time in the unit’s history, and will go on to compete for the award at the Air Force level. The award recognizes the importance of the mission the 891st MSFS supports and the lengths the Airmen assigned to the unit went in order to ensure that mission was accomplished.
“This is a unique win,” said Maj. Chase Shields, 891st MSFS commander. “I don’t remember the last time an MSFS has ever won this award in Air Force Global Strike Command. So to be selected for this award is not just a win for the 891st MSFS, but it’s a win for all missile security forces squadrons. On top of that, it’s also a win for the 91st Missile Wing.”
Just from reading the 891st MSFS’s unit name, one can assume the Airmen assigned there are charged with an immense responsibility; safeguarding some of the nation's most sensitive assets and greatest deterrents against potential adversaries. Airmen assigned to the 891st MSFS went beyond those responsibilities on multiple occasions, ensuring Minot AFB’s mission–and the protection of the United States–did not fall into jeopardy.
One of those instances in which 891st MSFS Airmen went above and beyond was during their snow removal efforts around the missile launch facilities following Blizzard Haley. The Airmen dug snow trenches for a combined distance of 18 miles in an effort to prevent the snow from melting into the missile launch facilities.
“We got the notification and at first we all went ‘We’re doing what? What’s happening?,’” said Tech. Sgt. Christopher Moore, 891st MSFS non-commissioned officer in charge of training. “We were told we needed to remove the snow in order to keep the mission and assets operational. So we got out there at the break of dawn, rolled up our sleeves and went to work. It wasn’t very glamorous work but the camaraderie this unit already had helped us come together and get the job done.”
In addition to the 891st MSFS’s snow removal efforts, the unit also had many more notable accomplishments such as sending Tech. Sgt. Jennel Edwards, 91st Security Forces Group security forces evaluator who was requested by name to represent the U.S. Air Force, to the Philippines to lead a tactics exchange with members of the Philippine Air Force.
“What we do is we go over to the Philippines and we train their force on tactics and different tools that we utilize in air base defense and security,” said Edwards. This in turn enhanced the preparedness of U.S. coalition partners against near peer threats and allowed the PAF to enhance their air base defense and security measures.
As the 891st MSFS Shadow Warriors march forward, they can use lessons learned and accomplishments achieved in 2022 as a blueprint to build upon and achieve even greater heights.
“Every single person in this unit played a role in us getting this award,” said Edwards. “It brings pride not just to the unit or security forces as an enterprise, but to each individual person. It’s another reason to walk with your head held high.”