A healthy body means a healthy mind

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Caleb S. Kimmell
  • 5th Bomb Wing Public Affairs

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic limitations, many people still want to maintain an exercise routine without gym access. What are some things you can do from home?

"There are many challenges with working out from home”, said Airman 1st Class Tornall Thomas, 5th Force Support Squadron assistant sport director at the McAdoo Fitness Center. “But there are many things you can still do."

Thomas says before you do your normal workout routine, you should start with a warm up. Go on a jog, do calisthenics, or dynamic stretches to raise your heart rate and give your body a chance to properly warm up.

During your workout, correct posture and form is key to ensure you don’t injure yourself. Try to do push ups, situps, crunches, and anything else that you’re comfortable with. Thomas also says to make sure you are staying hydrated, and don’t overwork yourself.

A few minutes of physical activity are better than none at all. Start with 5- or 10-minute sessions and slowly increase the time. The key is to commit to some moderate physical activity—however little—on most days. As exercise becomes a habit, the benefits will begin to pay off.

After you work out you should always stretch, to allow muscles to cool down and relax. Stretch them out and give them a chance to breathe, says Thomas.

“It makes me feel accomplished”, says Staff Sgt. Scarlet Jimenez, 5th FSS NCO in charge of the Fitness Assessment Center. “I tell myself ‘Hey, you did a great workout, now go attack your day’, and I think it's just a really good way to stay positive in your life.”

Thomas and Jimenez recommend looking online for workout routines to follow to keep in shape.

“By keeping active, you instill this self worth in yourself”, says Thomas. “It builds a routine that sets you up for success for the rest of your life. Back in 2015, I was injured while working out. Doctors said I would never do heavy training again, and that made me very depressed. However, by doing daily routines I improved my body and my mind, and I am in a great position in life now.”

Thomas says you can’t have physical fitness without mental fitness, and vice versa. “If you don’t have the mentality, you can’t achieve your goal.”

Physical fitness is a cornerstone in becoming physically and mentally resilient.   Maintaining your physical fitness will in turn lead you to a healthy body and a healthy mind.