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  • Method To The Madness

    “To the ‘X’ and back. Go!” These were words heard often by the 15 Airmen who were trying out for Minot Air Force Base’s Tactical Response Force, North Dakota’s nuclear “SWAT” team. The trainees weren’t able to hold their 50 pound ruck bags above their head for a minute, so they were instructed by their primary instructor, Technical Sergeant Israel Garza of the 91st Security Forces Operations, to run 400 meters to a large X painted on the flight line and back.
  • 91st SFG TRF: comfortable with being uncomfortable

    “GO!” At the sound of a sergeant’s shout, two Airmen break into a sprint while another two rush to the start line, anticipating their turn.
  • 791st MSFS members: train, protect

    Airmen from the 791st Missile Security Forces Squadron conduct training at Minot Air Force Base, N.D., Sept. 28, 2016. Response force members are trained to recapture and protect resources after being seized by opposing forces. The recapture and recovery training was designed to prepare missile response force and TRF members on how to conduct

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