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  • Telemedicine: Virtual care

    With a new concept called telemedicine, a virtual care system, the 5th Medical Group can now help Team Minot members from far away.
  • InBody: A step towards a healthier lifestyle

    Since October 2018, the 5th Medical Group Health and Wellness Center has been using a more precise way to analyze the overall fitness levels of Airmen and families at Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota.By using an InBody machine, Team Minot members are able to receive a quick analysis of their body composition and see what specific areas they may
  • 5th Medical Group hosts provider tour

    The 5th Medical Group hosted an open house for medical providers from the local community at Minot Air Force Base N.D., August 3, 2018.
  • 5 MDOS Dental flight: A bite out of the fight

    The main mission of the 5th Medical Operations Squadron dental flight is to support a healthy population of war-fighters primed for contingency operations across the globe. Dental flight also consists of 40 personnel who provide Airmen with dental care.
  • National Public Health Week

    Spring is an exciting time at Minot Air Force Base. There’s light at the end of the wintery tunnel and we’ve even experienced some warmer days amongst the bitter, snow-covered ones.
  • 5th MDOS: Minutes away

    The 5th Medical Operations Squadron Ambulance services conducted a training exercise at Minot Air Force Base, N.D., Oct. 9, 2017. The ambulance services flight is responsible for providing emergency medical response for all base personnel. (U.S. Air Force photos by Airman 1st Class Dillon J. Audit)
  • 5th MDOS: Fighting the flu

    The 5th Medical Operations Squadron immunization clinic administered the influenza flu vaccine for Security Forces first responders and high risk Team Minot members at Minot Air Force Base, N.D., Sept. 27, 2017. More than 1,000 Security Forces received their annual flu vaccinations. (U.S. Air Force photos by Airman 1st Class Dillon J. Audit)
  • Bod Pod track Airman fitness

    With spring is right around the corner, Airmen will begin to exercise outdoors for a variety of reasons including getting in shape for summer. To get the most out of work-outs, whether losing fat or gaining muscle, the Health and Wellness Center says it’s important to know a little bit about how your body works.The HAWC has a tool called the Bod
  • In the Deep End

    Airmen from the 5th Medical Operations Squadron train to enhance water extraction skills at the base pool at Minot Air Force Base, N.D., Aug. 10, 2016. The water extraction training involved performing emergency medicine on a simulated patient in a water environment. The purpose was to practice for the EMT Rodeo, an Air Force-level competition held

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