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  • Air traffic control: eyes in the sky

    When you want to get a better view of a situation, they say to take a step back. Not every pilot can hop out of their plane to see their surroundings; that’s one reason the air traffic control tower exists.
  • CATM hits the mark with training

    Combat arms instructors are security forces personnel who train military members on proper weapon use. These instructors teach up to three classes a day, with an average of 20 students in each class. Safety is vital when firing a weapon and when the instructors are out on the line with students, they take every precaution to ensure everyone leaves unharmed.
  • Sextortion: Don’t be a victim

    A recent trend in online crime is targeting Airmen via social media and dating applications. It is being called “Sextortion.”
  • Braving the North Dakota winter

    Winter can be a great time to enjoy the outdoors by going skiing and snowboarding, ice fishing or even building a snowman. If you plan on going outside for even a short period of time, it’s important to remember that if not properly prepared, North Dakota’s cold temperatures and wind chills can be dangerous.According to Rod Krause, 5th Bomb Wing
  • Motorcycle Safety Inspection

    There is one thing that North Dakota doesn’t have a shortage of, and that is long stretches of open roads. During the summer, a great way to enjoy the area is to start up the motorcycle and hit the road.Before you even get out of the garage, it’s important to inspect your ride. Not only are pre-season inspections important, but going through your
  • Heat injury symptoms in pets

    Heat Stroke in Dogs   Imagine not having the option to take off your winter jacket or roll up your sleeves when the summer months come around. Dogs and cats have few choices when it comes to keeping cool in the high temperatures. Being aware of the signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion in pets allows for proper treatment and a timely response.

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