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Winter weather updates

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Malia Jenkins
  • Minot Air Force Base Public Affairs
With winter right around the corner, all Airmen and family members should be aware of base inclement weather procedures.

The North Dakota Department of Transportation determines the road conditions for Hwy 83 and the surrounding area for travel to and from base, and the 5th Mission Support Group commander determines road conditions on-base. If weather conditions are severe and warrant either a delay or restricted reporting for duty, the 5th MSG commander will consult with downtown authorities and leadership from both wings before a final decision is made. 

If delayed or restricted reporting is implemented, instructions are relayed to the command post and public affairs for dissemination via telephone notification and the MAFB Information Hotline.


TC GREEN: Normal day-to-day travel condition.

TC YELLOW: Degraded environment when cautious conditions exist. Drive according to weather and road conditions. Use of cruise control is prohibited when operating a government vehicle.

TC RED: Degraded environment when hazardous conditions exist. Are the same as NDDOT "No travel advised." Storm/mission essential personnel may drive, but all other travel is restricted without 5th BW or 91st Missile Wing commanders or their designee's permission.

TC BLACK: Same as NDDOT "Road closed."

During severe weather, snow removal efforts will be adjusted on the main base based on the following priorities: coordination with airfield management; flying and missile wing convoy schedule; current mission needs; base populace needs and the time and day of the snow fall.

Balfour Beatty Company assumes responsibility for travel condition priorities in base housing. Housing occupant responsibilities are outlined in the BBC Resident Guide or by contacting the BBC officers.  

Only the 5th Bomb Wing commander and the 5th MSG commander may cancel or delay work for civilian employees beyond the one hour supervisors may grant for unforeseen circumstances.  

All civilian and military personnel are designated a mission category, which is carefully determined by commanders to ensure the continuation of the mission and to increase safety and limit unnecessary exposure. These designations are critical in executing reporting instructions and conducting the orderly release of personnel.


Category one -
Storm essential: functions and personnel that directly support security and safety include but are not limited to; the fire department, security forces, command post, medical facilities, snow control, critical maintenance and military personnel only at the Dakota Inn.

Category two - Mission essential: positions that directly support the ability to launch/recover aircraft and keep missiles on alert.

Category three - Care support: Positions that enable extended mission operations at close to normal operations tempo.

Category four - General support: positions that enable full operations of base services.