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5th Bomb Wing LRGF Wins AFGSC Best Fuel Flight American Petroleum Institute Award

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Alexander Nottingham
  • Minot Air Force Base Public Affairs

All of our advanced technology and aircraft simply could not operate without fuel. If it was not for the hard work of our Fuel specialists our base would not be operable.

The Fuels Management flight from the 5th Logistics Readiness squadron was awarded the Air Force Global Strike Command’s Best Fuel Flight American Petroleum Institute Award in March.

“It means the team is doing exactly what the Air Force mission needs them to do to; ‘Fly, Fight, and Win!’ This award represents the team’s selfless dedication and outstanding fuel support to the 5th Bomb Wing and 91st Missile Wing missions,” said Senior Master Sgt. Shamas Dowty, 5th LRS Fuels Management superintendent.

The Fuels Management Flight provides 24-hour petroleum coverage to Minot Air Force Base’s nuclear-capable bombers. The Fuels Flight plays a vital role from testing, storage, receipt and distribution of all base-wide fuels. The coverage that they provide the base allows for the 24-hour operations of the base to run as smooth as petroleum each and every day. With an average response time of ten minutes to a call for refueling, the team at Minot’s speed and precision is highly praised among leadership and among others in the fuel community.

 “This award solidified the slogan ‘Only the Best Come North.’ This flight is second to none in the Air Force Global Strike Command,” said Dowty. “Our commander, Lt. Col. McNair, the Logistics Readiness Squadron leadership, and I couldn’t be more proud of this team when finding out that the flight had won.”

            This yearly award was given to the 5th LRS for the outstanding work they do and dedication to the mission. It took more than the work of single Airman to get the award, but the combined teamwork of the 43 member flight.

“Teamwork is essential to the success of our flight and overall success in our part of the mission,” said Senior Airman Tristan Turkovitz, 5th LRS fuel equipment maintenance lead.

            The 5th LRS has overcome many obstacles and done so quickly and precisely. For example, a record breaking blizzard that dropped 48 inches of snow on Minot Air Force Base presented itself in March as one such obstacle. Together with the 5th Civil Engineer squadron, the 5th LGRF maintained our bomber capabilities by battling constant snowfall over three days and blizzard conditions throughout the week. The fuels team has worked extremely hard to overcome every obstacle thrown their way and impressed many members of leadership who have seen the team in action.

The Fuels Airmen at Minot have proven with their outstanding work and dedication that this is why ‘Only The Best Come North’.