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Good sleep promotes a successful mission

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Kristoffer Kaubisch
  • Minot Air Force Base Public Affairs
A buzzing alarm can feel overwhelming, especially when you didn’t get enough rest the previous night. Without adequate sleep, fatigue occurs, which in return decreases an individual’s work capability.

According to the Air Force, many mishaps have cited fatigue as a contributing factor.

The Minot Air Force Base health promotions department conducts sleep assessments to help with fatigue and getting enough sleep.

A typical person should get between seven to eight hours of sleep a night. However, as people age, the need for more sleep is decreased, according to the Center for Deployment Psychology. Many factors affect sleep, including sleep stage and circadian rhythm.

“We have different things at our fingertips: Facebook, Amazon, video games and Netflix,” said Maj. Danielle Tuttle, 5th Medical Operations Squadron health promotions flight commander. “All of these things are harboring us from falling asleep.”

Getting a better night’s sleep is not only important to be alert during the work day, but also for avoiding health risks.
“We give people tips on how to balance their sleep schedule with their family time on their days off,” said Tuttle. “We also help individuals with eating and exercising habits, and other factors that are contributing to their lack of sleep.”

Listed below are some things to consider for improving sleep habits.

What is causing you to feel so tired?
• Skipping your workout
• Not drinking enough water
• Stress
• Skipping breakfast
• Eating too much junk food
• Electronics before bed

Use these self-help tips to restore your energy levels.
• Eat often
• Exercise frequently
• Lose weight
• Sleep well
• Reduce stress
• Cut out caffeine
• Drink less alcohol
• Drink more water

For those seeking further assistance to improve sleeping habits, the 5th Medical Group health promotions department offers mass briefings, classes and a fatigue assessment.