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Base Tours

The below dates are available for tours:
Due to the current fiscal climate and sequestration, base tour availability is being limited for the foreseeable future. Tour requests will have to be handled on a case by case basis. We apologize for any requests that cannot be met due to the current situation.

For all U.S. citizens, please notify the Community Relations chief one month in advance of requested visit date. Due to changing security requirements within Minot AFB, the information necessary for visiting the base has changed. The information needed for U.S. citizens is:

1) Full Name (ie John E. Doe)
2) Date of Birth
3) Social Security Number
4) Driver's License State of Issue
5) Driver's License Number

For all non-U.S. citizens, please make contact with our office two months in advance, per AFGSC coordination. The information needed for non-U.S. citizens is:

1) Full Name (ie John E. Doe)
2) Date of Birth
3) Passport Number
4) Country of Origin

Please ensure that your tour group has at least 10-15 members. Maximum number allowed is 40 at one time. Special considerations are needed for children under 8.

Per Air Force Instruction 35-105
Air Force and DOD assets belong to the American people and participation by Air Force people and display of Air Force equipment in public events furthers public understanding of the Air Force mission.

Since limitations of time and money make it impossible to grant all requests, public affairs will take all appropriate requests into equal consideration and recommend approval based on common factors that are in the best interests of the Air Force and taxpayer.

Tours will be conducted on a noninterference basis only. Public Affairs is required to ensure there is minimal interference with normal training or operational activities, determine if it is economically feasible, and make sure appropriate resources are available.

To make a tour request, please contact the Community Relations Chief at 723-4673 or email them by clicking HERE.