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Thank you for voicing your questions and concerns to "Ask Team Minot." We value your submissions and are committed to researching every submission and publishing the answers on this page. Every submission is taken seriously, and we are constantly looking to improve our processes at Team Minot. The safety and well-being of everyone at Team Minot is our top priotity. Submissions can be made here


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291.  A:   Thank you for your concern.  There is no medically confirmed case of Hand, Foot and Mouth disease traced to the Lil' Riders play area.  We take the well-being of our customers very seriously, and this area is cleaned at 8pm, every night, Monday through Saturday. 


290.  A:   Absolutely -- the WarBull Firefighters would love to welcome your son to the station. Weekends would be ideal due to typically slower operations, but please just let the Fire Chief know when you’d like to stop by. [Personnel info redacted, contact Minot PA for further questions at 723-6212]

289.  A:  Fitness classes can be coordinated through the base Fitness Center.  Please contact Ms. Judy LaRue at (701) 723-4915.

288.  A:   Our deepest sympathies on your loss.  A representative from the Air Force Office of Special Investigations will be contacting you shortly to provide you information.

287.  A:   Thank you for your feedback.  We continuously strive to provide the highest quality customer service to all our customers and deeply regret that you had a negative experience.  Your concerns were addressed with Rockers management as well as their flight leadership, and we hope you have a more pleasant experience during your next visit.  For feedback in any FSS facilities, we encourage all our patrons to use the ICE system.  Please go to: https://ice.disa.mil/index.cfm?fa=service_provider_list&site_id=206&dep=*DoD

286.  A:   Thank you for your feedback.  We continuously strive to provide the highest quality customer service to all our customers and deeply regret that you had a negative experience.  Your concerns were addressed with Rockers management as well as their flight leadership, and we hope you have a more pleasant experience during your next visit.  For feedback in any FSS facilities, we encourage all our patrons to use the ICE system.  Please go to: https://ice.disa.mil/index.cfm?fa=service_provider_list&site_id=206&dep=*DoD

275.  A:  BLUF: Unfortunately, the contracted carrier (AAction) is unable to offer a HHG delivery date earlier than 9 Jan 20.

The HHG arrived in Minot on 3 Dec 19.  AAction contacted the Member to schedule delivery at that time; however, they did not have a house available for delivery.  On 16 Dec 19 the Member called to provide a home address and to indicate that they would like to schedule HHG delivery.  AAction’s earliest availability for the HHG delivery was 9 Jan 20, and as of today that remains unchanged.    

AAction is one of only four contracted carriers that service Minot AFB; therefore, they each remain fairly busy throughout the year.  That busy schedule, combined with reduced work days and personnel over a two week holiday period, did not bode well for a faster than average wait time from scheduling to delivery.  We reached out to AAction to determine the feasibility of an earlier HHG delivery date for the Member.  AAction stated that they are trying to accommodate an earlier date for the Member as well as many other recent arrivals; however, at this time they cannot offer a date earlier than 9 Jan 20.

284.  A:   Unfortunately, we do not don’t have a Fire Department or Security Forces challenge coin or patch for public consumption.  You may want to check public sources for these types of memorabilia.  We wish you the best of luck with your project.

283.  A:   Thank you for your inquiry.  Snow/ice removal in that area is the responsibility of the LRS Facility Manager.  Upon notification, Bldg 527 personnel advise they removed the snow from that area.

282.  A:   Thanks for your inquiry.  Unfortunately, our records don’t go back that far and recommend using public record sources.  For general knowledge, any individual with appropriate documentation, can place an inquiry for personnel records via the NPRC website at https://www.archives.gov/personnel-records-center.

281.  A:   Thank you for bringing this to our attention.  We are unfamiliar with the case but we'll be reaching out to the patient/family.  Also given the nature of the request, we will contacting you directly to address these concerns.

280.  A:   Thank you for your inquiry.

Unfortunately there are no preferences for spouses moving with a GS employee back to stateside bases.  As a current NAF employee, you will be able to go on 150 days of leave without pay in conjunction with your PCS with head of household.

We do have many positions available here at Minot AFB. Please take a look at what we have available on USAJOBS.gov

If you need any assistance at all please feel free to contact us by phone 701-723-2812 DSN 453-2812 or reply to this email.

Welcome to Team Minot!

279.  A:   Thank you for bringing this to our attention. While your facility has multiple occupants and organizations, there is a Facility Manger who we will be in touch with to ensure they are submitting on behalf of all facility occupants and providing updates as needed. We have dispatched our HVAC team (18 Dec) and are working to get the system up and running. Additionally, this facility is undergoing a roof repair contract that has been paused until the spring. Our HVAC team will work with the facility manager to provide local updates.

278.  A:   Thank you for the question, the 5th Medical Group is not a Retiree-At-Cost Hearing Aid Program (RACHAP) program facility.  The TRICARE website https://tricare.mil/CoveredServices/IsItCovered/HearingAids lists the bases (normally hospitals or other settings with on-site Audiology) that offer services for retired members and their family members.  Additionally, the VA medical system is another option to pursue if you are a retired service member.

277.  A:   Thank you for your feedback.  We apologize that you were given incorrect information in regards to operating hours for the DEERS Office.  We will use this as a training opportunity for our MPF personnel.  The DEERS office and function within AFGSC is contracted out and not performed by military personnel.  The contract precludes us from being able to open a second location and/or expand operating hours.  In addition, most DEERS actions require in person confirmation with several forms of ID presented at the time of the visit to protect everyone.  This means over the phone or alternative remote options are not possible.  Thank you!

276.  A:   In October 2019 the Air Force made some major changes to the EFMP Respite Care Program.  The most significant changes were that the AFSVC took over the way in which care is scheduled, documented, and ultimately how the Provider was getting paid for providing the care.  During the last few months the AFSVC EDC website has posted numerous messages informing Providers about the status of their payments and reasons as to why there have been delays.  Below are a sample of the latest messages:

02-Dec-2019 - Our office is still working payment adjustments. However, we still need some credentials from providers.  Please ensure that you answer our emails or phone calls ASAP.  The next adjustment will go out tomorrow and should be in your bank NLT Wednesday.  We have several issues with timesheets, some individuals are submitting timesheets with no time in care. Other timesheets have time in care on it, but it is not the correct date, that is falsifying your timesheet and you will not be reimbursed.

13-Dec-2019 - Our office has released the November payment.  In addition, we released an additional supplemental October payment as well. 

There are always challenges when transitioning to a new system or program, however, all indications are that the Providers either have received or will shortly receive all of their October and November reimbursements.  We did check records today and have verified the provider has been paid.  We appreciate your concern for our Providers. Thank you!

275.  A:   All Minot AFB vacancies are listed on USAJobs.gov, applicants would need to apply through this site.

274.  A:   Welcome to Minot!  We know that public transportation in the Minot area can be challenging.  As a valued member of our Team Minot family, we encourage you to reach out via any one of our MAFB Family social media groups to connect with others who have similar challenges.  Also, we recommend you consider adding this idea to the Team Minot Club app if you want to start a commuting club.

273.  A:   Thanks for your question. Believe it or not, snow and ice control is slightly more involved than just salting roads and sidewalks prior to snowfall. There are limitations to the effectiveness of salt as an ice melt as temperatures approach 0 degrees Fahrenheit (salt won't melt ice). As temperatures stay below freezing the ice will only melt and then refreeze.  The 5 CES snow control team removes snow and ice from the airfield and main roads on base while Balfour Beatty Communities (BBC) is responsible for the housing side. For base side sidewalks, only high occupancy sidewalks are cleared under contract, while the rest of the sidewalks are the individual Facility Manager's responsibility.  On base we use a 3% mix of salt to sand just like they do downtown. We limit our use of melt application on the roads for several reasons, including limiting tracked FOD (sand) on the airfield, clogging storm drains, and the impact of the salt/sand mix on vehicles (i.e. corrosive properties).  Finally, during melting season the salt effects the water quality and has ecological drawbacks to the wetlands located on and around base. 


Unfortunately, that means we'll never be able to completely defeat ice during the winter, so it's important to know how to best cope with it.  Walking on ice is challenging, but doing so like a penguin will help you leverage physics to your advantage

272.  A:   FSS/CC and FSS/DD see all ICE comments in addition to the applicable Flight Chief and Manager.  The site is administered by the FSS Marketing Department and if a comment is submitted that should be seen by someone in a higher position the Marketing Director will forward the comment to FSS Leadership to be forwarded appropriately.  Thank you!

271.  A:   We sincerely appreciate your concern for Minot AFB Defenders.  Weather is always an issue for us here in the northern tier and other locations which experience severe weather.  This year, as in previous years, the number one mission of security forces is to protect and defend our assets and the installation. That mission requires vigilance and intensity 24/7-365 to ensure protection and guarantee security.  In doing so, we equip our Defenders with weather appropriate equipment to ensure the success of our mission.

270.  A:   We regret to inform you that unfortunately training records are not archived.  Training has an expiration and would therefore not be part of any records dating that far back.

269.  A:   Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We’ll get the snow team over today to take care of your parking lot. In the future, please know that your Facility Manager (FM) can always contact CE Customer Service for snow and ice support. We do have priorities to work through, but in ice situations like we’ve had recently, it helps for FMs to communicate particularly troublesome areas with us. 

Please note that sidewalks and handicap access ramps are the FM’s responsibility. We’ll take care of the parking lot, but your FM will need to address the other concerns.  Thank you.

267.  A:   Thank you for your interest and information!  The Thrift Store is run by a Private Organization, we will pass on your message.

266.  A:   Thank you for your inquiry. MSG leadership, Office of Special Investigations and the Staff Judge Advocate previously met with the US Postal Services officials to discuss the reports of tampered and missing mail on Minot AFB. While the review remains in progress, there are no current reports of missing or tampered mail and/or packages at MAFB. 


Any issues with lost or stolen mail at Minot AFB should be reported to our base USPS at (701) 727-6488.  From time to time the MAFB post office receives undeliverable mail, i.e. wrong address, name not on mailbox, no apartment number, etc.  This mail is held for ten days at the MAFB post office and is usually picked up when people are expecting mail that has not yet been delivered.  If mail is not at the MAFB USPS facility, they will provide information on the claims process for open, stolen or tampered mail.   It is always a good idea to first contact the sender of the package.  In order to claim a lost package through USPS, the mailer of the package has to be the person to file the claim.

258.  A:   Thank you for your inquiry.  We have reached out to the Air Force Reserve Center (ARPC) who has placed an inquiry with the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) on your behalf to see if there are records available that can be given to you for use during the funeral.  A representative from ARPC will be reaching out for additional information.  For general knowledge, any individual can place an inquiry for personnel records via the NPRC website at https://www.archives.gov/personnel-records-center.

265.  A:  Thank you for the question. We apologize for the longer than usual wait time you experienced on Monday. On Monday and Tuesday in particular there were multiple factors that effected wait times to include unexpected manning shortfalls and an installation level network outage that significantly slowed processing time. While we have the shortest wait times within the MAJCOM and cannot control the network outages, we are working on a creative ways to augment pharmacy staffing to potentially open additional windows.

262.  A:   Ma'am, Thank you for reaching out.  In conversation with several pilots, there are no hard fast rules for this tradition.  The wings are theirs to give as they deem appropriate.  The only idea behind the tradition is that the pilot keeps one half of the wings, and someone important to them keeps the other half.  Tradition in most cases is that the wings are reassembled or put back together and placed upon the chest of the pilot at the time of their passing or passed to another important person in their lives, such as a child, sibling, etc. Traditions are many and personal as determined by the pilot.  Therefore, we believe it is completely appropriate, but not required, for you to pass the wing to his new wife, as long as your son is okay with the gifting of the wing.

261.  A:   Thanks for the question and welcome to Minot! You just need to bring your ID card to the military side of the Post Office and they'll get you squared away with a mailbox assignment, key and instructions. Regular mail is delivered daily to the dorm mailboxes. If something doesn't fit in your box you will receive a notification with the post office box where the package is being held, along with a key to retrieve it. If you have additional questions, please see your Airman Dorm Leader and they'll be happy to help.

260.  A:   Thank you for bringing this to our attention.  Our FSS and CES teams have made this a priority and door has been repaired and restored.

259.  A:   Welcome to Minot AFB where Only The Best Come North!  Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention.  Please find attached a map provided by our civil engineering squadron which details streets and a legend to identify installation areas.  We have distributed this updated map to our flight chiefs to give out to future newcomers and for posting in our facilities.

257.  A:   Chief Heser, Thank you for recognizing our MAFB Fire Department. Our team appreciated the opportunity to train with your fire fighters and discussions on how we can work better together. We value our community partnerships and rely heavily on your Department and others across North Dakota to support the Missile Complex. Thanks for your continued partnership and support!

256.  A:   We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.  DeCA responds to weather conditions based on the Installation reporting status as determined by the installation Commander.  In the most recent snow event, DeCA was not notified of the Installation status due to a reporting oversite.  Unfortunately, this caused a lot of confusion in getting information to our DeCA employees during inclement weather.  Installation authorities have assured us that DeCA will receive installation reporting notifications so that we can provide timely notification to our employees.  As always, the safety of our valued employees is a concern and if any employee does not feel safe traveling to the base in inclement weather, we encourage them to use the option of taking leave and remaining at home.

255.  A:   Due to the strict federally mandated requirements of child care, there will not be an option at the fitness center, however Minot has a very good Family Child Care program.  To find out if a provider has drop in availability, please contact our FCC Coordinators at 202 Peacekeeper (located next to B50 Brew), or at 723-6662.   Thank you!

253.  A:   Thank you for your feedback.  We are always working to meet the needs of our customers.  Our sports program has never been advertised as specific days of the week, as practices and game schedules are largely dependent on the availability of our volunteer coaches.  We are committed to providing a sports program, but we do not commit to a schedule until we have a roster and volunteers.  We understand families need to make choices for their children based on their unique situation, and we are sorry your family must now choose which extracurricular activity is most important to you.  In this particular instance, a survey was sent to participating families and based on the results, the Monday/Wednesday schedule was not an issue for the majority of participating families.  FSS does not have a role nor responsibility to organize or influence other Youth organizations at Minot AFB.  As the availability of our volunteers effects our schedule, the availability of volunteers likely effects scheduling for all other organizations that have programs for youth.  That being said, we do regularly meet with the schools on base to de-conflict as much as possible, allowing us to maximize participation opportunities.  Ultimately, parents need to prioritize what is most important for their family.  We do appreciate your feedback and will take it into consideration when advertising future Youth Sports to provide clarification up front, that game and practice schedules will be determined after sign-ups are complete and based on volunteer availability.    Thank you!

251.  A:   Thank you for the question. Our Medical Group's Education and Training office will contact you to see if a training affiliation agreement can be developed to support your request. 

248.  A:  Thanks for your input. The weather has been pretty bad lately, so the start date wasn't clear until recently. Nonetheless, we wish we had gotten word out sooner on the gate closure. Thankfully, this is the final closure associated with the Bomber Blvd construction project, so we're pushing hard to get it done before winter.

245.  A:  In response to your question and the ability to get to/from an off base appointment; duty related appointments on or off base include medical and dental for the AD member (dependents typically not included) are considered official and the use of a GMV is authorized.  In this case there are a number of COAs available to you: 

  1. Use a GMV assigned to your unit
  2. Request a vehicle from Ground Transportation
  3. Request GMV taxi support from Ground Transportation


If the appointment is non-duty related, use of GMVs purchased with appropriated funds would not be authorized for the members personal convenience.

In response to the availability of other transportation options; bus services for non-duty support requires AFIMSC/CC approval and is restricted by congressional mandates outlined in DoDM 4500.36 enclosure 5 which are prohibitive to this service from being a feasible option. Other options are equally restrictive under similar guidance to include fraud, waste, abuse and ethics standards.

BL: Options for “official” support are restricted if the transportation need is for a member’s personal convenience.  In such cases recommend you discuss with your unit additional options that do not involve use of appropriate resources.

244.  A:  Thank you so much for the question. The 5th Medical Group is generally closed until 1300 on the 4th Wednesday of every month for training. On those days notifications to our beneficiaries are usually made via our Facebook site along with signage posted prior to entering the medical facility campus. That said, the Medical group did indeed have phone line issues during the timeframe you were calling that was related to a network outage, but was restored at approximately noon that day.  We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this may have caused.

250.  A:    Thank you for contacting Team Minot.  The NDANG forwarded your inquiry to ND JFHQ for possible resolution. 

249.  A:  Your inquiry is not within our span of control. The USAF does not engage in personal, non-mission related transactions of its members. Security and privacy prohibitions do not permit the validation of information for any USAF members.

246.  A:  Thank you for your inquiry.  ASVAB is only required for entry into the military.

243.  A:  Thanks for your inquiry. You're correct that BBC's primary method of reimbursement for lodging expenses due to water intrusion issues is through future rent reduction. However, for reasons you stated, they actually did authorize someone to stay at the TLF and charge it directly to BBC. They've also made an accommodation to issue an electronic funds transfer as reimbursement for someone who wasn't able to wait for the allotment to repay them.


Bottom line, we agree and BBC is already making those accommodations on a case by case basis.


If you or someone you know is having issues with lodging repayment or other issues related to BBC, please don't hesitate to let me know so we can advocate on their behalf.

242.  A:  Thank you for contacting Team Minot.  Privacy statutes prohibit our engagement in the private transactions of our Members without a legal requirement to do so.

239.  A:  Thank you for reaching out to Minot AFB for medical employment opportunity.   For all nursing positions applicants may submit a resume, nursing license, and transcript directly to: Minotstaffing@us.af.mil or apply on-line through https://www.usajobs.gov/GetJob/ViewDetails/519525800 .  We recommend applicants apply online as well as send us a courtesy copy to our office at the email above.  V/R, Civilian Personnel Office.


237.  A:  This is covered in the Unaccompanied Housing Resident Brochure, Section 2 (Resident Responsibilities), para 2.5, Pets will be limited to fish in aquariums no larger than 10 gallons, and caged pets are limited to 1 guinea pig or 2 hamsters only. All other pets are prohibited and will be removed from the dormitory room at the resident’s expense.

235.  We have had these concerns come up before. It is Minot Public School (MPS) leased land so the base doesn’t have a lot of say on these concerns. However, each of your concerns is addressed as follows:


The first concern of the sidewalk ending and not continuing onto the intersection of Roaming Road and Huey is that the sidewalk was designed for traffic in front of the school and to the sides of the building not to that intersection. It has been discussed with the district and cost has been prohibitive and not necessary as the sidewalk going south from the main entrance does in fact, continue to Roaming Road.


The second concern of the potholes, we will forward that concern to the Building manager as it is in fact worse this year than in the past.  Also, depending on the lease lines between BBC and MPS that small section of Huey might be a BBC responsibility.  That will require some follow up.


The third concern is basically the same concern as the first in that there is no sidewalk access completely along the Road C.  There is sidewalk access to the school using the sidewalk that is directly south of the building and there is sidewalk access along Peacekeeper Place. 


The fourth concern of the missing ADA access on the sidewalk south of the school will be forwarded to the MPS building manager. However, the purpose of ADA access is not intended for bicycles and strollers.  I do think that the district is in compliance as they have ADA access into the school and maybe not at every access point.


Your concerns will be forwarded to the building manager for the district so they too can determine if a course of action may be needed.

236.  A:  Our #1 priority is the security of the assets located on Minot Air Force Base.  Operational requirements dictate the security posture of the installation and the operation of the gates.  When possible, we will notify base personnel of changes to gate closures/operations and changes to our security posture.  Concurrent with last week’s notifications of gate information, additional security forces were placed at the Main Gate to help execute security requirements.  Additionally, units were asked to stagger show times or utilize their own internal plans to help elevate gate delays.  The restrictions at the North Gate are based on security requirements/operations for the installation. The North Gate will remain open to ONLY commercial traffic until further notice.

233.  A:  Thank you for the question.  The TRICARE Dental Program is a voluntary dental plan.  Sponsors can enroll through the Beneficiary Web Enrollment website, Phone (844-653-4061), or by mail.  If accessing via the milConnect website, you would click on “Manage Health Benefits”.  Within the Health Benefits site there will be a “Medical Dashboard” tab and a “Dental Dashboard” tab.  At this point you will be able to see which family members are enrolled and which are not.  If you do not see a family member listed please contact your local DEERS office to ensure they are enrolled.  To enroll members simply click on that name or click the “+” sign next to the name and select the plan coverage that fits your specific situation.  Please note enrollment changes can be made at any time, however they must be made before the 20th of the month to be processed for the 1st of the following month.  Also, once enrolled most plans require a 12 month minimum enrollment period. Attached is a complete brochure with information on enrollment, plan details, and all other pertinent information. For any questions please contact the 5 MDG Beneficiary Counseling and Assistance Coordinator at 701-723-5176. 

234.  A:  Greetings Ms. Jetty, Mr. Gohl is in charge of the base privatized utility contract for water and sewer. Mr. Mike Nilson from the 5th Civil Engineering Squadron takes care of these types of base pass requests. You can re-submit your requests to Mr. Nilson, michael.nilson@us.af.mil for processing.

231.  A: Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Our Civil Engineers evaluated the situation and worked with Verendrye Electric to resolve the issue. Please contact CE Customer Service (701-723-7307) if the issue persists.

230.  A:  Thank you for your inquiry.  Someone will be contacting you directly to answer any specific questions.  In general, the DD Form 214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty, issued upon a military service member's retirement, separation, or discharge from active duty in the Armed Forces of the United States is used to verify a service member's previous service.

228.  A:  Thank you for your interest in helping our service members transition with better credentials.  Someone from the base Safety Office will be in contact shortly to see if an arrangement can be made to offer this training to our transitioning service members.

Click here to expand contentClick here to collapse content  227.  Q:  Good Afternoon Sir or Ma’am,  I am reaching out on behalf of the company I work for RumbleOn.com to inform Minot Air Force base that, A1C XXX XXX has been a part of a fraudulent transaction and will not return the funds or furnish the vehicle purchased to our company. We purchased his 20Xx Dodge o vin #XXX on June 28, 2019. After we sent him the funds, he reached out to tell us he would like to back out of the transaction and insured us that we would receive our funds back. It has now been roughly 45 days since the purchase date and we have not received our funds back nor has the vehicle been furnished to us. We are asking for your assistance in this matter of retrieving our money back. We have all proper documentation to support the purchase and show that we funded him. Would someone be able to assist us in this matter at the base? I can provide all communication and documentation needed. Please ass

227.  A:  Thank you for bringing this to our attention.  We have contacted the appropriate personnel and they will be communicating with you shortly.

223.  A:  We appreciate your thoughtfulness and have contacted the First Sergeant’s Council and they will be communicating with you shortly.

226. Thank you for the much appreciated feedback.  The team has been working very hard to manage the Richardson Ground Squirrel (AKA Dak-Rat) challenges here at Minot AFB.  It is a very difficult problem given this prolific nature of this North Dakota native species and the unique eco-system on base where they have no natural predators.  The four prong plan devised by the team (in working with Balfour Beatty Housing) was very comprehensive and well thought out.  We are very happy the plan is working and you are seeing a significant decrease in the number of rodents in and around your yard.  Your message has been passed along to everyone involved in this ongoing effort. Again, Thank you very much for your feedback.


224.  A:  Thank you for the reminder of the rules of etiquette in the flying of our U.S. flag.  We will review the incident and ensure the appropriate organizations are advised regarding the details of flying the U.S. flag in a position of superior prominence on the installation.

222.  A:  In the absence of a court order, the Privacy Act prohibits disclosure of agency records to individuals without the prior written consent of the individual to whom the record pertains.  Unless the request is for specific authorized reasons, such as law enforcement purposes or congressional investigations, etc. we are not authorized to release personal record information.  We recommend using public record sources.  

221.  A:  Thank you for inquiring about seasonal influenza and the MDG’s role in assessing children for CDC attendance. As you know, assessing when a child is infectious can be difficult as some never show symptoms and some do not show symptoms well after they are contagious and have exposed others.  Compounding this is the fact that many diseases/illnesses present similar symptomology (headache, fever, upset stomach). In terms of influenza, while it is true that we are exiting what we consider flu season, it is always circulating somewhere in the world and with global travel/PCS season it is plausible that it could be imported. More likely though, is exposure to another virus or even gastroenteritis that has presented with flu like symptoms.  And finally a point of clarification, the MDG does not medically clear children to return to the CDC following a sickness, this is an internal process to Child and Youth Programs and is outlined in their operating instructions.

AFI 34-144 requires the Child and Youth Program to have a parent handbook that includes procedures for medical and health care needs of our children.  This handbook is reviewed and certified annually by the Air Force Services Center. 

The Minot AFB CDC Parent Handbook states the following in regards to signs of illness for children in our care: For the health and safety of your child and the other children in the center, please keep your child home if he/she shows signs of obvious illness, rashes, and/or fevers, etc. The CDC staff is instructed to observe for signs and symptoms of illness at all times, specifically prior to each child’s daily admission to the center. Children with fever (under 3 months old, 100.5; over 3 months, 101), diarrhea or vomiting, open, oozing or bleeding sores or rash, inability to participate in CDC activities or other signs of communicable disease will not be admitted. Parents are requested to notify the CDC if their child has contracted a communicable disease. If while at the CDC your child shows symptoms of a communicable disease, you will be called to pick up your child and your child may be moved into an isolation area until you arrive. Within one hour of notification, parents must pick up their child and will receive information on readmission.

The Child and Youth Programs have a very high cleaning standard in order to best protect our children’s immature immune systems from as many illnesses as possible, but all illness present in different ways and in different stages.  As an example, an illness may incubate in a seemingly healthy child who becomes recognizably ill the next day having allowed that child to contaminate others the previous day when they were not symptomatic.  Specifically, influenza can occur at any time of the year, but is most prevalent in the winter months. 

With the large number of children in care at the CDC, our providers & cleaning staff do an excellent job to keep illness at a minimum, but not all illnesses can be prevented, only contained and minimized to the greatest extent possible. 

Again thank you for the opportunity to answer your questions.        

221.  A:  There are 3 options for getting rid of ABUs. 


1 - Dispose: you can throw them away, but it is highly recommended that all ranks and insignias are removed before doing so.  It is also advised to rip/cut them into shreds so they cannot be used for nefarious purposes.  Burning them is also an option


2 - Donate: you will need to remove all insignias from the uniform before going so.  Airmen's Attic on base is a good place to donate to.  Army/Navy surplus stores will also take old uniforms.  Local Civil Air Patrol and/or junior ROTC detachments often look for donations. 


3 - Repurpose: there are many ideas for repurposing of uniforms.  A few examples are hunting/paintballing.  They can also be turned into craft projects and Pintrest or other like websites have many ideas.

220.  A:  No response.  Individual was notified and information obtained.

219.  A:  Your inquiry is outside of our span of control as we do not engage in private transactions and are unable to verify information relative to such transactions.

218.  A:  All visitors to the installation you must have a sponsor who is a military ID card holder.  Visitors are required to obtain a base pass for the duration of their visit.   Base guests will need a REAL ID Act Compliant State issued driver's license as proof of identity.  For additional information, you can contact the Visitors Center at 723-2600.

217.  A:  The Dakota Inn Dining Facility is open:

Breakfast: 0600-0900

Lunch: 1030-1330

Dinner: 1630-1830

Weekends & Holidays: 0630-1830


The hours for all FSS facilities can be located at https://5thforcesupport.com/hours

216.  A:  Thank you for the inquiry.  We are extremely proud of the accomplishments of both Nick and Stephanie in our Teen Program.  However, we have to balance the needs of our patrons and our staff and have assigned both leaders and those that have replaced them to new positions to enhance their personal and professional development.  Ms. McAlexander has provided excellent service as our Youth Sports Coordinator and throughout all the programs at the Youth Center.  Ms. McAlexander is not a new staff member and has had interactions with many of the teens enrolled in the program.  We are certain the Teen Program will continue to thrive under her leadership.

215.  A:   Correspondence to Minot AFB can be mailed to the following address;  PSC 1000, Minot AFB, ND 58704.

A: Due to Privacy Act mandates, we are unable to provide information on any members.  If this person is a member of the USAF at this installation we will reach out to their unit to conduct a wellness check and make them aware that their family would like to be contacted.

A:  Unfortunately we are unable to provide the whereabouts of Chaplain Nelson or any other service members.  The Air Force Historical Research Agency is the repository for Air Force historical documents, however, this is not a locator for individuals.   Due to the Privacy Act of 1974 and Personally Identifiable Information regulations, data regarding specific individuals cannot be provided in order to locate members who are currently in service or who previously served.

A:  Sorry, you were not helped and provided the wrong answer.  Yes, the 5 SFS Visitor’s Center will conduct pre-screening of visitors.  In order the conduct a pre-screening, the Visitors Center staff would need the Visitor’s full name, date of birth and social security number.  If the visitor is not a U.S. citizen they would need the Visitor’s passport number and country of issue, in addition to their full name and date of birth.

Visitor pre-screening can take 1 to 3 days depending on the work load of the section.  Once completed the only information that will be provided to the requestor is if the visitor would or would not be allowed on base.  No other information can be given.   Requests for pre-screening can be sent to 5SFSpr@us.af.mil, or you can call the Visitors Center at 723-2600.

A:  No response.  No violations reported.

A:  Please find attached a document that gives a brief history of why Building 475, aka the Pride Building, was built and its early usage.  There is also a resource online at www.radomes.org

A:  Thank you for contacting the Installation Historian's Office.  We would be pleased to provide you with some photos from the requested timeframe.  Please send me a CD-R disc (only type accepted) and a pre-paid, addressed mailer.  Upon receipt of these items I'll copy some pictures from the requested timeframe and mail to you. 

A:  Thanks for your question. 5 CES monitors all water fountains in the Fitness Center and has a preventive maintenance plan to ensure filters are replaced when necessary. It’s important to note the filter light on the water fountains is not an indication of water quality. Even when the light is red, the water is perfectly potable and safe to drink. The filter mainly serves to remove mineral deposits that could cause hard-water damage to the water fountain itself. We are aware of a couple issues with water fountains not working properly and have submitted work orders to 5 CES for repair.

A:  Base maps can be obtained from the Airmen & Family Readiness Center, Bldg. 291.

A:  The Installation Historian search all files within the 5th Bomb Wing History Office and found the following as an answer to your request for information related to Roger J. Tabshey. 

Roger J. Tabshey enlisted in the United States Army on 6 January 1943 in Hartford Connecticut. 

Following training, Corporal Tabshey was assigned as an aerial gunner to the 31st Bomb Squadron, 5th Bomb Group.  Tabshey was lost with his crew while returning from a combat mission on 10 January 1945.  The aircraft, a Consolidated B-24J, serial number 44-40572, nicknamed “Snow Job II”, disappeared following refueling at Leyte, Philippine Islands.

CPL Tabshey is memorialized on the Walls of the Missing, at the Manila American Cemetery, located in Taguig City, Philippines.  Information from this page https://www.abmc.gov/node/523323 shows CPL Tabshey earned the Purple Heart and Air Medal for his service.

A:  Our first priority is the health and safety of our Member and your child.  All necessary supporting agencies are engaged and involved to ensure that happens with the best interests of everyone in mind.  The decision to remove your child this weekend was made with the consent of the Member under the advice of those supporting agencies to include law enforcement and legal.  On 24 June 19, a temporary restraining order was issued by Ward County with a subsequent court date scheduled for 3 July 19 to determine the next steps in this process.


You can be assured your wife and daughter are safe and being taken care of, however, at this time we do not have the authority to allow you to see your child nor do we have control over the process which will determine when a visit will be permissible.

A:  Sortie profiles, crew actions and crew intent are FOUO and not releasable.


A:  Many years ago this area was an official dog park.  However, due to the unknown safety issues at this site, this area is no longer an official area for pets.  The designated dog park is next to the BBC offices, Bldg. 256.  Until the fencing is removed, we are unable to cut the grass growing around that area.

 A:  Thank you for contacting Team Minot.  Unfortunately the units will be unable to provide these patches.  Now that the Air Force has gone to the OCP uniforms, these items are controlled and only issued to unit members.

A:  Thank you for your inquiry.  Your information has been passed along to the Airmen & Family Readiness Center to possibly incorporate into our Transition Assistance Program.

A:  IAW AFGSC Memorandum dated 12 Sept 17, “For 2019:  24 May, 5 Jul, 30 Aug, 29 Nov, 24 Dec and 31 Dec.  These days coincide with Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s day.” 

A:  For employment verification, you can reach our Civilian Personnel Office at 701-723-1986 or 701-723-2024.

A:  The member for whom you are doing work will need to sponsor you onto the base.  For each visit, base guests will need to provide social security number, date of birth and REAL ID Act Compliant State issued driver's license as proof of identity..

A:  The BBC Facility Manager walked around your home and then did a visual inspection of the playground near your home.  BBC plans to fill any holes around the playground as well as those in your back yard.  The BBC landscape vendor will be inspecting the walking trails and playgrounds throughout the community weekly to clean off any ground squirrel feces found.

A:  Thank you for contacting Team Minot with your concerns.  We do not engage in private transactions and are unable to verify information relative to such transactions.

A:  5 FSS/CC made direct contact with the Inquirer.  As mentioned in your Ask Team Minot response, the AF has numerous regulations and guidelines in regards to providing quality, affordable, and available childcare opportunities for all families.  While providing care in a group setting, the needs of every child and family are considered, however, all requests and parental choices can simply not be granted and fulfilled.  Medications are given at specific times throughout the day to ensure we do not miss any child’s medication.  Deviations from this can cause issues for all children in group care.  Concerning the sleeping issue, all children are given a place for quiet time during designated nap period.  Having one child not on a sleeping mat causes a disruption for all other children who are trying to nap. 

Group care is not a “one size fits all” solution and at times is not a viable option for some children and families.  Mr. Balas, the Child and Family Services Flight Chief, will be happy to meet with you to discuss your concerns. 

However, given the very specific needs of your family, a smaller, more tailored child care option, such as Family Child Care, might prove to be a better option and we are happy to discuss this option with you. 

A:  We do have a Lodging Facility on Minot.  You can visit our website at https://5thforcesupport.com/activities/sakakaweainn/ , or call to make your reservation at 701-723-6161.  Priority will be given to active duty personnel and DoD personnel on official orders, and military retirees.  Visitors are required to obtain a base pass for the duration of their visit.   Base guests will need REAL ID Act Compliant State issued driver's license as proof of identity.

A:  Please contact the Small Business Professional, Angela Klein, at 701-723-4188 or send your company's capability statement to angela.klein@us.af.mil. Additionally, vendors can register to receive notices about Minot AFB requirements which are posted to Federal Business Opportunities at https://www.fbo.gov/. This is where vendors can search, monitor, and retrieve opportunities solicited by the entire Federal Contracting community.  Their state Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) and Association of Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (APTAC) provides assistance to vendors such as identifying and explaining contracting opportunities at federal, state and local Government levels. Moreover, they advise businesses how to find, pursue and manage Government contracts. Most of their services provided are free of charge or at a low-cost. The websites are www.ndptac.org and ndptac@und.edu for the North Dakota PTAC and APTAC. 

A:  Thank you for your inquiry as your concern is shared by many in our community.  We ask that any resident experience issue with ground squirrels contact the BBC Maintenance Team 701-727-9312 and a manager will meet with them at their home and assess the issue and provide options for them to combat the problem. 

Weapons Policy from Resident’s Guide reads…Residents and family members residing in the Home may possess and store privately owned weapons, which include firearms, crossbows, BB guns and pellet guns. All privately owned permitted weapons must be registered with the Installation’s Security Forces prior to bringing them into the Home. Use or firing of any weapons in the housing community is strictly prohibited. For information on firearms in family housing, contact the Installation’s Security Forces during duty hours.

We are continuing to work on an aggressive plan to reduce the population and will soon publish to housing residents.

A:  The Privacy Act prohibits disclosure of agency records to individuals without the prior written consent of the individual to whom the record pertains.  Unless the request is for specific authorized reasons, such as law enforcement purposes or congressional investigations, etc. we are not authorized to release personal record information.  We recommend using public record sources.  Thank you!

.  A:  We will address each item that you have brought up a concern on. 

Issue 1:  We support all parents in the decision to breast feed and parents who chose to bring in human milk may do so.  We also have a designated area for breast feeding for parents to breast feed.  AF guidance states, “Cow’s milk must not be offered to children less than 1 year of age unless prescribed in writing by the child’s health care provider and approved by the installation CYP Medical Advisor.”  After the age of 1 year, our program provides cow’s milk unless we have medical documentation from a health care provider.  If a parent wants to continue breastfeeding after 1 year, we will support that choice, but milk must be provided by the family.  

Issue 2:  Our medication policies are AFI driven, and can be found in Chapter 6 of AFI 34-144.  Medication should be administered at home by parents/guardians, if possible.  During a typical 10-hour day of care, CYP personnel and FCC providers will administer medication as follows:  Once if medication is to be administered three times a day; Twice if medication is to be administered four times a day; If medication is to be administered one or two times a day, medication will not be administered in CYP (except for time sensitive medications). Not applicable for FCC children in extended care.  The first dose of medication must be administered by the parent/guardian. If the parent/guardian administers the first dose at the CYP/FCC home, they must wait for 20 minutes before leaving the program/home.  Medications are administered by the same person each day if possible.  If there are no explicit instructions from a medical professions for the medication to be administered at a specific time, we follow the 10 am and 2pm schedule to ensure medications are administered at properly spaced times for the safety of children. 

Issue 3:  AF Guidance states, “Rest time is relaxing and comfortable. Rocking, patting or soft music may be used to help children sleep. Children may rest when they are tired. Non-sleepers can have books and quiet toys to play with during rest time.  Youth should be allowed to move smoothly from one activity to another (usually at their own pace).”  Our programs upholds the Americans with Disabilities Act to ensure people with disabilities have the same rights and opportunities as everyone else. The Inclusion Action Team, ensures reasonable accommodations are made to support the individual needs of children in care. AF Guidance states, “Due diligence and best efforts are required by all involved to consider possible modifications or adjustments that can reasonably be made to programs, staffing and/or facilities in order to accommodate a child or youth with disabilities or special needs. However, such accommodations should not fundamentally alter the nature of the service, program, or activity. If reasonable accommodations cannot be met, installations must consult with AFSVA/SVPY to explore additional alternate accommodations.”  We reached out to AFSVA/SVPY on this specific request and the response they provided is, “Honor the letter and provide the child with quiet activities during naptime. However, please let the parent know that staff will not force the child to stay awake. IF the child chooses to rest and/or falls asleep, they will be allowed to for the comfort of the child.”

Our programs are heavily regulated by the Department of Defense to ensure consistency and more importantly, the safety of all of the children in our care.  This is why so many parents preferred choice of care is with our providers, however we do understand our program is not a one size fits all solution and each family should consider their own situation to determine if alternative care would better suit their needs.

Thank you!

A:  Thank you for your recent inquiry on vacancies at Minot AFB, ND.  We do not have any GS-0080 vacancies at this time.  Federal vacancies for Minot AFB and surrounding federal offices are posted on USAJOBS.org.  If any positions come available we will ensure the selecting official is aware of your interest, however selecting officials can only select applicants from the referral listing provided by the Air Force Personnel Center which is generated from the qualified applicants on USAJOBS.org.  We recommend you check often and use location filter "58705".  

A:  Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention.  The BBC Facility Manager will meet with you today.  Since your home is near a fairly large green space area, BBC will have ECOLABS provide attention to that area to cut into the population.

A:  Thank you for contacting us.  The 740 MS/CC will be contacting you soon.

A:  Thank you for the inquiry.  Please understand that flight schedules are For Official Use Only (FOUO) and are not published.  We are unaware of a website that publishes these schedules accessible to the public due to Operational Security concerns.

A:  Minot AFB currently does not have a recycling program.  The installation has reached out to local recyclers to evaluate potential interest in a recycling program on base.  We’ve found that the lack of a viable recycling capability in our area is limited due to local recyclers lacking the capability or are not interested in starting up a base program.  Balfour Beatty offers recycling for cardboard and other items.  The collection point is the parking lot of the Community Center on 256 Spruce Street.  Use of the service is limited to BBC residents only.


Please know that we are working with the City of Minot who is conducting a market analysis on a potential city-wide recycling program.  We are also working with local groups to solicit support for a recycling program at Minot AFB.

A: Please send your inquiry to markus.nehlsen.1@us.af.mil or call 701-723-1444.

179.  A:  For employment verification, you can reach our Civilian Personnel Office at 701-723-1986 or 701-723-2024.

177.  A:  Note:  Per AAFES, this is not a request from someone that wants to be a vendor. The original message came from the Military Clothing Store manager.  The Exchange has a vendor that sales desk models of the B-52G and H. The Exchange wants to bring these models into the store to sell.  We feel the models would make good gifts and sell better if the models were associated with the units actually here on Minot, instead of a generic plane with no or other markings.  They are just attempting to "personalize" the models.  

175.  A:  Public Tours are listed on our website and they are the 3rd Wednesday of every month. Base guests will need to provide social security number, date of birth and REAL ID Act Compliant State issued driver's license as proof of identity.  For additional information and scheduling please visit our Public Affairs website at https://www.minot.af.mil/Contact-Us/Comm-Rel/ or call (701) 723-4702.

170.  A.  Public Tours are listed on our website and they are the 3rd Wednesday of every month. Base guests will need to provide social security number, date of birth and REAL ID Act Compliant State issued driver's license as proof of identity.  For additional information and scheduling please visit our Public Affairs website at https://www.minot.af.mil/Contact-Us/Comm-Rel/ or call (701) 723-4702.

168.  A.  Thank you for your interest.  Due to Operational Security we are unable to provide the requested information.

166.  A.  Thank you for providing us an opportunity to review this issue.  The dual speed limits was in place to accommodate a past requirement. The new plan is to ensure the speed limit will be the same, 25 MPH, on both sides of the street.  The speed limit will be updated soon.

155.  A.   Thank You for your feedback.  Your concerns are consistent with the comments we received from others and therefore important to us.


We know that some of our folks live beyond the normal Minot City commute, and therefore we aim to make notifications between 0430 and 0500. However, due to the nature of the most recent storm and challenges with some of our notification systems...we made the decision and notifications as soon as possible.  Please accept our apology if we missed our mark this time, but please be assured that we continue to improve our processes.


As always, safety is a primary concern and we thank you for taking the time to provide feedback.


148.  A.  Thank you for providing us an opportunity to review this issue.  The dual speed limits was in place to accommodate a past requirement. The new plan is to ensure the speed limit will be the same, 25 MPH, on both sides of the street.  The speed limit will be updated soon.

147.  A.  First, thank you for concern for our fellow Airmen.  Please know our Airmen are our most precious resource and leadership at all levels is invested in their success, health, morale and quality of life.  The team works hard to recognize issues that affect our Airmen each and every day.   From frontline supervisors, to helping agencies, First Sergeants, Chiefs and Commanders we continue to look for ways strengthen the culture of Team Minot and the resiliency of our Airmen.  Some of our recent initiatives are opening of the TURF, Telemedicine, streamlined training, implementing Code-50 “mandatory mover” assignment status for our Defender population (currently looking at potential implementation for other career fields); use of “own it”/”You Matter” days to give our warriors additional time to rest, and a myriad of other programs like Task Force True North.   We can’t do this alone and I encourage you to bring your ideas forward to help us continue to grow.   The bottom-line is “You Matter!”

136.  A.  Thank you for bringing this to our attention.  The local AFGE Union President has discussed this issue with the Store Manager to ensure equity in the hiring process for baggers as outlined in the Hq DeCA policy.

A.  Thank you for bringing this to our attention.  The local AFGE Union President has discussed this issue with the Store Manager to ensure equity in the hiring process for baggers as outlined in the Hq DeCA policy.

You will soon be contacted directly.  For anyone wishing to obtain copies of military records can be found on the VA's e-benefits website:  ebenefits.va.gov.  Members will have to register to access the system. 

Thanks for contacting us.  In order to access Minot Air Force Base, an active duty military member or spouse must be your sponsor.  In addition, you will need a REAL ID Act compliant identification, and must pass a background check.

You may reach out to our Casualty Assistance Representative and Survivor Benefit Counselor, at (701) 723-1444.  They will require additional information and will be able to provide you guidance

The 582 HG will only use vendors when parts cannot be obtained through DoD channels. These purchases must be approved through AFGSC, the Weapons System Team, and the System Program Office. Although M1 Support Services Site Leads are encouraged to find solutions to supply deficiencies, the approval authority to procure parts from local vendors comes from the 582 HG/MXO or Contracting Officer's Representative at the lowest level. Please contact the Maintenance Superintendent for questions at commercial number (307) 773-1825.

Tour information can be obtained from the Public Affairs office at v35bw.pa@us.af.mil  or (701) 723-4702

Thank you for your interest in USAF assets for your display.  These types of requests are best addressed through the National Museum of the Air Force Exchange Program.  The contact for that office is NationalMuseum.Workflow@us.af.mil

In this situation, the MPF will require the letter from AFPC along with 2 forms of current ID (eg: a driver's license or student ID, and SSN card).  In order to get onto the installation, as long as the CAC is registered in the system, a member can sponsor themselves on base as long as they have some form of ID verifying a member's identity.  If no form of ID is available, someone will be required to sponsor the member on base to obtain a new ID.  (Note:  the individual was directly contacted)

There is no official Minot AFB policy for what is permitted on personal protective equipment while riding a motorcycle in uniform.  However, AFI 36-2903 and the AFGSC Supplement discuss that logos and morale name tags must be in good taste and reflect proper military order, discipline, morale, and image. 

Since the military uniform alone does not meet motorcycle safety standards, i.e. bright colors for day and reflective for night, PPE is required and includes, but not limited to, a variety of devices and garments such as goggles, coveralls, gloves, vests, earplugs, and respirators.  As long as the PPE is serviceable it should be good to go.  Although the guidance does not specifically address PPE, members can wear club vests, etc. as part of their protective gear and should be worn over the uniform and/or jacket.  Across the defense department rules are basically the same whereas patches, colors, signs, insignia, etc. must be in good taste; are not among those frowned upon by the Armed Forces; are not contrary to any community’s welfare and existence; are not affiliated with criminal street gangs, extremist crime groups, or organizations; do not promote illicit or immoral activities; and are not morally offensive.  Such behavior or support thereof is a violation of multiple UCMJ articles.

We understand the inconvenience but BBC adheres to policies established by the USAF. The reason BBC requires the presence of the military member or a POA to clear out of privatized housing is because it involves the members BAH.  When the military member moved in they signed a form authorizing their BAH to be sent to BBC through MAC (the third party government billing agency).  When they move out they sign to stop that transfer.  Processing of a military member's government finances requires the presence of the military member or an authorized POA because they alone are responsible for changes to their financial information.  It is routine for BBC to brief the member on this requirement when they receive a 30 day notice to vacate a property and then once again at the pre-move out inspection.  This duplicate notification is done to ensure the member has sufficient time to process a POA through legal should it be required.  Off base leasing is different, because the member pays their rent directly to a property management company where there is no third party government agency involved.  Even if the member sets up an allotment from their government check to the property management company, the military member or an authorized POA is still the only way to start or stop an allotment regardless as to which names are on the lease.  Off base, the names on the lease determine who can be held liable for payments, damages, etc.

Thank you for contacting Ask Team Minot.  Military personnel and their dependents can utilize Veterinary Services at Minot AFB and can be contacted at (701) 723-6449.  All other personnel will need to obtain services from local veterinary clinics.

The Wing does purchase cold weather gear in bulk and we also do individual purchases depending on the needs of the Squadron.  The 5 BW is initially funded for about half of our requirement at the beginning of the fiscal year and we cover the rest with an end of year requirement.  From a Wing perspective, cold weather gear is something that is fully funded every year.  Squadron’s purchase the gear with appropriated funds so I would expect good stewardship with the issue of the gear to ensure we are not wasting the tax payers money.  
Each Squadron is responsible for the specific development and execution of their cold weather gear requirement.  If Airmen are not getting the right gear, money is not the issue.  Those Airmen need to address with their Squadron leadership and resource advisor to adjust their Squadron cold weather gear requirement to better meet their specific mission requirement.    

A.  Thank you for the question.The MDG has been assessing the need for an over the counter or OTC program for several months now and are in the midst of final review. While in theory an OTC program seems to be a win-win for the installation there are some factors to consider before summarily approving a program. Some of them include increased pharmacy wait times for beneficiaries waiting on prescriptions as well as the added financial costs to the clinic and tax payers for items that are not a Tricare benefit (interestingly these items are often less expensive at our local Commissary and BX). Again thank you for the question and rest assured the MDG will consider all the factors when coming to a OTC program conclusion.

UPDATED RESPONSE (1 May 19): Thank you for the opportunity to follow-up with you in regards to starting an over-the-counter (OTC) program. As previously reported, the 5th Medical Group researched the feasibility of implementing a OTC program and has determined that it is not in the best interest of team Minot at this time. In researching the program, we looked not only at cost but also impact to pharmacy operations and current prescription wait times. More specifically, the federal regulations that govern pharmacy operations and requirements related to prescription dispensing also apply to OTC medications. Additionally, because OTC processing would require paper prescriptions, it is estimated that there would be a 3 fold increase in processing time for these items. This in turn would adversely affect wait times for patients needing prescription drugs. As a reminder these items are still available by prescription through your PCM or self-purchase at the BX and commissary.  Again thank you for reaching out and allowing us to research your request."

At this time there are no standard operating hours for the North Gate as it is only used for contingency and mission specific purposes.

As soon as night time temperatures are sustained above freezing, the water will be turned on, at which time the bathrooms can be safely opened for public use.  Thank you!

Visitors Under 18 years of age must produce a recognized government or state ID. If the underage visitor does not have a recognized government or state ID, parents/legal guardians may provide a school record or report card, day care or nursery school record, or original or certified birth certificate for the purpose of identity proofing the underage visitor. No additional supplemental documents are required. If identity records or a valid ID is not available, the underage visitor must be escorted by a parent or be sponsored by a military ID card holder (AD, Ret, Dependent).

During the hours of 0600 through 2200, when the sponsor is not present at the Visitors Center the sponsor may sponsor guests onto the installation once identity proofed by the Visitors Center (VCC) personnel. VCC personnel will verify the sponsor’s identity by asking the sponsor part of their social security number or their date of birth and comparing the response to the Alpha roster or information contained in DBIDS.

Between 2200 and 0600 sponsors must physically meet their guest at the VCC where they will be identity proofed before a base pass is issued to their guest. After 2400 the sponsor must be 18 or older to meet their guest at the VCC; the only exception is when the spouse of a military member is under 18 years of age.

Dormitory sponsors. If the sponsor resides in a dorm, the visitor must follow dormitory visitation rules established by the Centralized Dorm Manager (CDM) Superintendent.

If you have any additional questions please contact us at (701) 723-4809.

We apologize for any inconvenience and that you feel as though you were "ripped off."  AF Lodging regulates our lodging rates and check out times.  These practice generally mirror the commercial hotel industry, but at a much lower rate.  Upon request, we allow customers to check out as late as 1200.  Late check outs are approved by the Lodging Manager based on incoming reservations and the ability for the Lodging Staff to be able to adequately clean the room for our incoming guests.  If we cannot accommodate an incoming guest's reservation due to an occupant's late check out, another family is inconvenienced and the room goes unfilled

As a result of your inquiry, BBC became aware that their vendors were not re-installing blinds in the windows of homes they were replacing with new vinyl windows.  They have contacted the concerned residents to address the window installation plan and have also published information to the community regarding the schedule and procedures for installation of the new windows.  The vendors knew the old blinds would not be an accurate fit in the new vinyl windows and opted not to reinstall.  This was not a good option for some residents since a few had windows that did not allow complete privacy.  These residents can have the old blinds installed until the arrival of the new blinds.  BBC intended to install the new cordless blinds as soon as they arrive which was a little later than the actual window installment schedule.   Thank you again and please continue to let us know how we can improve our support of our awesome community and residents.

Each unit has a designated Motorcycle Safety Representative.  We will be training a new group of instructors at the beginning of May.  Each MSR has the stick for their squadron and can facilitate the individual request for initial or recurring training.  The MSR has a link to the training sign up and any required information.  They should be tracking dates and letting members know if they are due for training.  It's incumbent upon the member to self-identify as a rider to make sure we know.  Military members should not be riding without the training. All PPE and training requirements are outlined in AFI 91-207, Para 4.4 and subsequent blocks.

This scenario does not depict the caliber of men and women assigned to the 5th Security Forces Squadron.  A perception of the entire installation rests with the professionalism exhibited from all Installation Entry Control Points and any deviation from established expectations will be immediately addressed, corrected and reinforced. We appreciate your feedback to ensure our personnel display the critical attributes of "Only the Best Come North".  Thanks.

Yes, 4-wheelers are authorized on the road ways on base.  This is covered in MAFBI 31-116, paragraph 4.8, which right now is in works to be published.

Please contact Mr. Leslie Smith, (701) 723-4341   

If this person is a member of the USAF we will reach out to their current unit to conduct a wellness check and make them aware that their family would like to be contacted.

This year's program has not yet been scheduled, but we are looking at holding the event again.  You can find details on all of our events at https://5thforcesupport.com/ or follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/5thForceSupport/

The Fiancé Form is not an official document.

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us.  We value and welcome any ideas that may help us improve our programs and processes.  Minot Public Schools does not have a policy that requires a family to obtain a doctor’s note for the absence to be considered excused.  Minot Public School Assistant Superintendent will reiterate to all of the MPS Principals at their next meeting that no one, to include building/attendance secretaries, should be asking families for doctor’s notes pertaining to absences.  The only exception to this is if the school administration has a concern about repeated truancy that has led to the child/family being entered in the Stay in School Program.

We agree, we do not want to bring a patient in to be seen unnecessarily.  At any time a parent can call the appointment line to place a telephone consultation or send a secure message, via Tri-Care online, to the Primary Care Team. In these situations the team nurse will triage the patient’s symptoms and if it is deemed based on symptoms that an appointment in clinic is not needed, then home care instructions will be given, and a school excuse note can be provided for parent to pick up at front desk or sent via secure message.  If a child continues to be sick after a certain amount of days or there is a change in initial symptoms, then the provider may ask to see them in clinic to ensure proper treatment.  Hopefully this clears up the process.  Again, thank you for your time

Thank you for your inquiry, however, there is not a Minot AFB Supplement to AFI 36-2903. 


You’re correct – the bulk trash pick-up service in housing does not include large appliances. Every housing resident is responsible for disposing of personal appliances off base. The Minot landfill is located 1 mile west of Valley Marine on 20th Ave SW (back behind Kohls and JL Beers). Unfortunately, that does mean finding a way to transport it to the landfill yourself. You can find more about the landfill hours and operations on it’s website (www.minotnd.org/288/Landfill).

 A. The Judge Advocate supports active, dependents and civil servants who work on Minot AFB.  Contact (701) 723-3026 to schedule an appointment.

A.  Wear a helmet and recommend using other PPE as prescribed by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (recommend knee & elbow pads). Direct wording per AFI 91-207 (16 Feb 2017): 3.7.5. Non-motorized transportation devices not meeting DOT motor vehicle standards are prohibited on installation roadways and will comply with all pedestrian-related traffic laws. (T-0) An approved helmet is required to be worn on AF installations. (T-2) Additional PPE requirements should follow United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, manufacturer instructions and be included in the installation traffic code. 3.7.6. The use of portable headphones, earphones, cellular phones, or other listening and entertainment devices (other than hearing aids) while walking, jogging, running, bicycling, skating or skateboarding on roadways is prohibited. (T-0) Use of listening devices impairs recognition of emergency signals, alarms, announcements, approaching vehicles, human speech, and outside noise in general.

A.  We do not currently offer either of these services for personal use, in other words photos for tourist passports or a fingerprint card you could take with you.  The best place to get this done is the U.S. Post Office in Minot at 117 5th Ave SW.  Passport services are only offered Monday – Friday 10 am to 3 pm.  Appointments can be scheduled via their website at https://tools.usps.com

A.  Thank you for contacting Team Minot with your concerns.  We do not engage in private transactions and are unable to verify information relative to such transactions.

A.  Thank you for your service.  We have contacted the appropriate Squadron to fulfill your request.  They will be in contact with you soon.

A.  Thank you for your concern.  We will investigate as appropriate.

A.  You are allowed a knife as long as the blade does not exceed 3.5 inches. IAW the Unaccompanied Housing Resident Brochure para. 5.3.2.

A.  Please have your daughter or son-in-law get the application from the Visitor Control Center and fill it out for submission to see if you will be allowed base access after a current background check is conducted.  The Security Forces personnel will be able to make a determination once your information is received.

A.  Thank you for your contact information.  It has been sent to the Airmen & Family Readiness Center for use during the Transition Assistance Program.  For additional information please contact their office at (701) 453-3950 at the A&FRC email:  5fss.family.support@us.af.mil

A. Thanks for submitting your inquiry relative to Team Minot's Giant Voice system operations.  Several towers and associated speaker stacks are currently and strategically placed throughout the base housing complex.  Some years ago, acoustical engineers designed the system to ensure that Giant Voice messaging overlaps across the residential community--all to ensure maximum coverage.  In select instances, weather conditions (i.e., wind, heavy rain, extreme cold temperatures, etc.) have the propensity to create voice and tone irregularities.  As part of a planned initiative, the 5th Communications Squadron will perform measures to complete a periodic maintenance inspection in the coming months which further galvanizes future Giant Voice operations. From a courtesy notice perspective, the Public Affairs (PA) team tirelessly strives to provide the highest level of situational awareness for Team Minot; however, during certain mission-oriented activities, PA does not receive select messages that transmit over Giant Voice--all in the spirit of maintaining operational security imperatives. Again, thanks for the inquiry and we trust that future Giant Voice notifications will serve as a favorable experience.       

A.  Thank you for your position information. The position has been sent to leadership in the 5th Medical Group and to the Airmen & Family Readiness Center for use during the Transition Assistance Program.

A. Thank you for your inquiry. The 5 CES snow team performs snow removal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the winter months to ensure the installation is as safe as possible for Team Minot operations. It’s often essential to use night hours to perform snow removal in some areas, as that is often the only time many parking lots across base are clear of vehicles. It is much safer and more efficient to clear parking lots when they are empty. It’s also the only time we’re able to focus on those areas, as the flightline and main thoroughfares often consume our available manpower during significant snow events. Even though we have not received a significant snow event in a few weeks, we also try to regularly clear areas to prevent drifting snow, as well as clear piles of snow from building up as we expect more snow to be on the way soon. We do try to minimize nighttime snow removal by the housing and lodging areas whenever possible. However, the noise you heard last week by the JDC was our preparation for the Chief’s Recognition Event Friday evening. Moving forward, we will endeavor to minimize late night snow operations near housing whenever possible, but operational requirements will always take priority.

 A.  Thank you for your inquiry. The Minot Airmen & Family Readiness Center offers potential employers the opportunity to meet with our students going through the Transition Assistance Program. Students are briefed there are potential employers across the hall from the classroom and are afforded time during class to meet with the participating recruiters/companies if they so choose. Someone from the Airmen & Family Readiness Center will be in contact with you shortly with specific details on upcoming opportunities.

A. CONUS COLA is a program that is not controlled by the Air Force, the Defense Travel Management Office runs the program for the entire DoD.  Minot AFB's non-housing related costs do not exceeded 8% of the US average therefore we will not be receiving CONUS COLA anytime soon.  Please reference the attached CONUS COLA Fact Sheet and for more information visit:  https://www.defensetravel.dod.mil/site/conus.cfm

A.  We are sorry for the inconvenience, please find the names and email addresses of the staff that we would like to receive notices from your office. Please contact our office at (701)723-4871 if you need further assistance.

A.  Your inquiry is related to Tricare benefit, therefore please contact the 5th Medical Support Squadron commander. (Information redacted, please contact 5th Bomb Wing Public Affairs if the contact name is needed.)

A:   The member will need to contact our Finance service office at (701) 723-2468. Anyone other than the member will require a power of attorney to obtain information and/or records of our members, both current and former.

A:  Thank you for your inquiry regarding Toastmasters. The one who originally contacted you advised that he will contact you soon. We appreciate your support.

A:   Thank you for this question.  Because of your question, we have changed our procedures to allow advanced base access eligibility checks of guests.  

In order for this check to be conducted, the intended Minot AFB sponsor must report in person the Visitor's Center to request such a check.  The sponsor must have their guest's full name, date of birth and social security number.  Without this minimum information the required check cannot be performed. The Visitor Center Staff will only inform the sponsor if access would or would not be allow at that moment.  No other information about the guest can be given.

Base access eligibility determination is based on the day the check was conducted, not for a future date of visit.  It is always possible Law Enforcement agencies and courts may add/modify a record after an advance eligibility check is conducted that would then prevent a guest's base access.

A:  Good morning! The installation does not have a contractor that works on that particular tower, nor do we have a contract in place for any repairs on it. Since the tower is commercially owned by SRT and leased to other users, please contact the AT&T POC at (701) 799-1697 or email: pf919j@att.com who can assist you in obtaining an installation pass for Minot AFB.
A:  Good afternoon!  Thank you for reaching out and giving us the opportunity to address your concerns.  We have been working closely with CES to address your concerns and more.  A project is planned for the Spring that will hopefully alleviate some of the concerns.  Thank you!
A:  5 MSG/CC is Investigating.
A:  Good morning! The contract is still in place and there are no known issues. The contract goes for 5 years and it ends 14 Dec 2022.  Another opportunity will not present itself again until 2022 if all annual options are exercised on the current contract.  These are not Government owned porta johns as stated in the inquiry.  We pay for the lease and the servicing/cleaning of the porta johns.  Ms. Ellen Reed, 701-723-3057, is the Government POC from our Contracting section.
A:  Your inquiry is not within our span of control. The USAF does not engage in personal, non-mission related transactions of its members.
A:  Your inquiry is not within our span of control. The USAF does not engage in personal, non-mission related transactions of its members. Security and privacy prohibitions do not permit the validation of information for any USAF members.

AVisitors are required to obtain a base pass for the duration of their visit.   Base guests will need REAL ID Act Compliant State issued driver's license as proof of identity. 

Visitors are not authorized in the dorms between the hours of 2400 - 0600. Additionally, cohabitation is not authorized (AFI 32-6005, para 2.19). 

A:  Thank you so much for bring this situation to our attention. We strive to ensure our patients are receiving the care they need in a timely fashion. If an appointment for an referral is not booked within 20 days of the referral being activated our automated reminder system will contact you to schedule your appointment. We were unaware of the system calling patients on the weekend with no way to leave a message or speak to a live person. We appreciate you bring this to our attention and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We are working to promptly change the system configurations to ensure patients are instructed to leave a message for our referral management staff to return their call during normal duty hours. Again, we thank you for sharing your concerns and helping us improve this process.

A:  5 CES currently pays for the dorm cable TV. The current cost is about $9,300 a year. NHL sets the prices and passes it onto MidCo. NHL considers the dorm a mulit-family dwelling similar to an apartment building. Under that type construct the cost to do the NHL Center package is $150 per resident not per box cost, which is astronomical. They would have us estimate the number of people in each dorm for billing. Still holding for final price on the upgrade to preferred cable.

Another data point relevant to this discussion. Up to this fiscal year, the dorm cable bill was paid from the Dorm PEC (28553F). On the FY19 Execution Plan, AFIMSC moved cable expenses to the Facility Operations PEC (27479F). Unfortunately, this PEC is a big concern for us this fiscal year. AFIMSC only allocated 42% of our requested dollar amount for priority 1 requirements (i.e Fire Dept equipment, snow removal requirements, etc.). So while the cable wouldn't be a huge increase, it should be considered against some very important already underfunded requirements.

A:  Information regarding delayed reporting for those scheduled to attend the TAP class this week was posted on the Minot AFB Airman & Family Readiness Center Facebook Page at approximately 0630 on 28 Jan 19, to wit: "For those of you in TAP this week it will start at 1000 today due to the delay." 

Efforts will be made in the future to better publicize delays for FSS classes/event, but as a general rule, FSS activities will follow base delayed reporting as most of our activities are classified as Category 4.  Additionally, we are working to integrate our many Facebook pages and have them be linked to our main 5th Force Support Squadron page. 

A:  Thanks for your inquiry. 5 CES conducted a controlled burn last Friday of wood, branches, and other vegetation collected throughout the year. While the fire is out, you’re likely smelling the remnants of that fire still smoldering this week.
A:  MSG/CC Response: Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I conducted a no-notice inspection of the Little Riders play area. I found the condition of the facility and the cleanliness completely unacceptable. I immediately walked the facility with Chief Sipos, the Force Support Squadron and Civil Engineering Squadron commanders and their superintendents. The Civil engineering Squadron is moving out immediately on completing the safety repairs that are required. The Force Support Squadron is completely revamping how and when they clean the play area. We are looking at long term solutions to ensure the area does not degrade again. The Force Support Squadron will provide me a list of courses of action to make an immediate deep clean and a maintenance plan thereafter. The Mission Support Group cares deeply about our families and take very serious any concerns which impact a healthy, safe and secure environment for our Airmen, their families and our community. Again, Thank you for bringing this to our attention.  - Col Goodman and Chief Sipos

A:  The affected member has been contacted directly.  Since marriage is a "Qualifying Life Event" (QLE) you have to update DEERs and enroll in TRICARE before medical appointments can be made, and to ensure medical coverage. Once enrolled in TRICARE your coverage will depend on your selected plan.  For the most up to date information go to www.tricare.mil or your Manage Care Support Company for the West Region-Health Net Federal Services (HNFS) at www.tricare-west.com .

Dental coverage for DEP/RETIRE require enrollment and premium payment. To see your options go to www.tricare.mil/CoveredServices/Dental

TRICARE enrollment Minot AFB-After Marriage:

            STEP 1. Enroll your spouse in DEERS.

                        LOCATION: 2nd floor PRIDE Building

                        REQUIRED DOCUMENTION:

                                    A. Marriage license

                                    B .photo copy of spouse's photo ID

                                    C. spouse's full social security number

            STEP 2. Enroll in TRICARE by calling Health Net Federal Service at 844-866-WEST.

            STEP 3. If enrolled at the 5th Medical Group and needing immediate assistance come to the "Referral Management Center" on the 1st floor of the 5th Medical Group.

5th Medical Group Scheduling

Appointment line 701-723-5633 or online at www.tricareonline.com

A:  We are sorry you are having difficulty. We have sent a separate message to personally assist this member. For anyone with questions regarding their TSP account information, they can call Customer Service at 1-877-968-3778 and speak with a representative regarding account access. If you do not have your account number, you can stay on the line and a customer service representative will verify your identity to get you access to your account. Additionally, individuals can visit www.tsp.gov; at the top of the main page there is a “contact TSP” option. When you select that, there are several other options for how to contact TSP for assistance.
A:  Thank you for your interest in DeCA's CLICK2GO online ordering/curbside pick-up program.  We are currently in the process of upgrading our Agency's business and sales systems that will provide up to date technological capabilities that will assist with expanding to new locations in an efficient and cost effective manner. Upon completion of system upgrades, DeCA officials are expected to announce a timeline for expanding CLICK2GO, however specifics on the new locations have not yet been determined.
A:  FSS Response: We are sorry you are having difficulty. Each case is unique will be different based on several factors. We would like to determine the root cause in this specific case and have sent a separate message to obtain more information from the member. The DEERS updates are worked by contractor, which requires 90% of actions to be complete within 3 duty days. Unfortunately, this may be one of the 10% with extenuating circumstance. We will work to resolve the situation directly with the member. Thank you and have a great AF day!
A: The installation uses E36 (liquid potassium acetate) on the airfield. Since the vehicle has already been submitted to DLA's Sales Contractor, we unfortunately don't have possession or control of it to take any photos.

A:  Security Forces is facilitating morning traffic by adding additional personnel to the gate Monday thru Friday at 0645. Based on traffic pattern studies at the gate, we have determined this to be the appropriate time to increase personnel. Security Forces adjusts lane usage through-out the day based on buildup of traffic, however, occasionally an incident occurs that pulls patrols and personnel from the gate. Immediately after we reach resolution of the incident the personnel and patrols are returned to the gate to facilitate vehicle entry. Security Forces posts a minimum of 2 personnel at each gate with specific duties. The entry controller is the member that you interact with on a daily basis. This individual checks IDs and visually inspects the vehicle and the occupants. The overwatch is the member that is typically seen inside the gate shack, rarely exiting the facility. This individual is responsible for the safety of the entry controller and for activating the Active Vehicle Barrier (AVB) in the event of a gate runner. Thanks.

A: JA response - There is currently no prohibition on military personnel and former military personnel donating military uniforms to thrift shops for resale.  We recommend name tags and insignia be removed from the uniforms.  International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) Part 121 prohibits the selling overseas or offering for shipment to overseas addresses, current military issue uniforms. This restriction applies to all persons and entities in possession of such uniforms.
A:  Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Expectant mother parking spots are authorized for "facilities with frequent civilian and dependent customers." As you've noted, we do have designated parking at the commissary, fitness center, clinic, etc. We'll take a look at the BX parking lot and make sure we have spots there as well. Any sign additions will likely take place in the spring once we're through the snow removal/ground freezing period.
A:  Security Forces is facilitating morning traffic by adding additional personnel to the gate Monday thru Friday at 0645.  Based on traffic pattern studies at the gate, we have determined this to be the appropriate time to increase personnel.  Security Forces adjusts lane usage through-out the day based on buildup of traffic, however, occasionally an incident occurs that pulls patrols and personnel from the gate.  Immediately after we reach resolution of the incident the personnel and patrols are returned to the gate to facilitate vehicle entry.
A: 5 FSS response - Generally brunch falls between the hours of 10 am and 2 pm, so the event does fall within the appropriate timeline.  FSS does strive to make every effort to meet our customer needs, but we understand that we cannot always accommodate every situation.  Our target audience includes families and any Team Minot member who would like to share in the holiday cheer!
A:  The best spot would be the golf course parking lot or the DUI lot adjacent to the golf course.

A: Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Expectant mother parking spots are authorized for "facilities with frequent civilian and dependent customers." As you've noted, we do have designated parking at the commissary, fitness center, clinic, etc. We'll take a look at the BX parking lot and make sure we have spots there as well. Any sign additions will likely take place in the spring once we're through the snow removal/ground freezing period.

A:  We have forwarded your concern and contact information to the U.S. Marine Corps. The U.S. Air Force is unable to definitively address your specific concern regarding this matter. 
A:  Thank you for your inquiry.  The member who requested assistance has been contacted and given copies of their DD214.  Anyone trying to obtain copies of their DD214, prior to separation/retirement it is important to have a personal email listed in MyPers & vMPF and on your DD214 worksheet, so updates can be provided to you when your DD214 is completed.  After your date of separation has passed, you can log onto the eBenefits account created during the TAP class and access your DD214.  Separated service members can also call the Total Force Service Center (1-800-525-0102) for assistance in getting their email address updated in MyPers and acquiring their DD214.

A:   Thank you for contacting us. Employee verification can be obtained through our Minot Employment Office Customer Service line at (701) 723-2799. 

A:  Unfortunately, due our regulations, we do not offer on-base public shuttles or buses.  There is a "taxi" service available only for duty location to mandatory appointments.  The phone number for that is 732-3121.  Per AFI 24-301, DoDM 4500.36 and AFMAN 24-306, there is not domicile-to-duty transportation authorized.

DoDM 4500.36

Para 2a(1) Transport of individuals in DoD Non-Tactical Vehicles (NTVs) from their domicile to place of employment or home-to-work, commonly known in DoD as "Domicile to Duty" (DTD), is not transportation for official purposes except as specifically provided under subsections 31 USC 1344 (a)(2) and (b) of Reference (z). Unless DTD approval is granted, U.S Government NTVs will not be parked or garaged at a domicile for other than official business.

31 USC 1344 states the usage of vehicles for the home to work transportation is limited to a few "officer", that being for example the President and Vice President, The chief Justice and the Supreme Court and so forth.


Para 1.2.1. Passenger Movement: The use of bus, shuttle services, on-demand taxi, and similar support provide the capability to transport personnel between offices, work centers, on or between installations, and other official destinations.


3.14.3. Government Motor Vehicles (GMVs), to include emergency response vehicles, will not be parked at any location so as to facilitate partial domicile-to-duty transportation.

AFMAN 24-306. PAR 2.1.5 GMVs will not be authorized for transporting DoD or other personnel over all or any part of the route between their domiciles and places of employment except as authorized in AFI 24-301.


Domicile to Duty—Transport of individuals in GMVs from their domicile to place of employment or home-to-work is not transportation for official purposes except as specifically identified or approved in accordance with DoDM 4500.36.

A:  Thanks for contacting us with this question. As an unaccompanied active-duty resident living in base housing, your daughter is being charged the "BAH with dependent" rate correctly, in accordance with the Minot AFB Housing Lease Agreement (attached). Our military family housing is privatized and all rent payments go back into the "project" which pays for the initial investment in the housing as well as maintenance, repair and operations over a 50 year period. Regardless of how many individuals occupy a given house, it's important we charge the same rate BAH to ensure income stability and predictability for the housing project. It's actually the only way we're able to even allow unaccompanied Airmen to live in base housing, since it's normally reserved for Airmen with dependents."  
A:  You must have a sponsor to visit the installation.  If your charges were in fact dropped, you would be allowed access, pending a current check which would be conducted as is done for all visitors prior to entry.   If your criminal check comes back stating otherwise, depending on what the charge was, base access could potentially be denied.  
A:  Commercial large delivery vehicles are restricted to using the South Gate which is operational Monday through Friday 6 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. on normal duty days.  The South Gate is closed to all traffic on Weekends, Holidays, Down Days, etc.

A:  The first contact should be the CE housing office, 723-4656, 6436, or 6440.  They can review the charges and compare to the contract to see if BBC is overreaching.

Another other option is for the member to obtain legal assistance with our local JA, 723-3026.  They usually provide this service and can advise tenants on how to file suit for small claims breach of contract. 

A:  This issue has been resolved. This incident happened many times over the course of a month and appreciate you contacting us to support resolution. The Acting First Sergeant has personally talked to all of the Airman and confirmed that the loud dorm residents have taken steps to be quieter.
A:  Ma’am, your kindness is heartwarming and we thank you for thinking of our Airmen.  Your generosity is much appreciated.  We have a process for receiving gifts for our Airmen.  We will be sending you an Offer of Gift form to complete and return. Once the form is processed we will contact you.

A:  FSS is actively working on recruitment efforts to hire lifeguards, but as noted manpower is the driving force in our ability to open the indoor pool for longer hours.  We are planning on conducting a lifeguard certification course on 1 - 2 December.  The cost for the course is just $30 and we want to certify as many individuals as possible so that we can hire them and extend our hours.  If anyone is interested in working as a lifeguard, even part time, please contact Outdoor Recreation for more details at 701-723-3648.

Thank you and have a great AF day!

A:  We are in receipt of your inquiry.  After a financial review, it was found that Financial Operations received notification of the change in marital/dependent status on 2 Jul 2018 and appropriately processed the transaction on the same day.  Nondisclosure rules prohibit the release of additional/specific information about any of our service members. 
A:  Thanks for bringing this to our attention. CE has placed a strong emphasis on dorm maintenance in the last month, returning close to 30 dorm rooms to service. They have replaced most of the ceiling tiles in question and will replace any remaining tiles within the next two weeks. A new light fixture is also on order and will be installed as soon as it comes in. Please feel free to identify any additional issues to our ADL team.

A:  Thank you for bringing this concern to our attention.  We share your concern for roadway safety and minimizing disruption to residents.  We verified that the area in question is a public road.  Minot AFB is prohibited from expending funds or using personnel and equipment to improve or maintain public roads.  In the past we tried to use the DAR program (funds designated to maintain certain roadways) to assist the Township with this issue.  DAR funds are also restricted for use on the road in question.

Use of public roads present a complicated issue for the USAF. Command does not control the freedom of travel over these surfaces.  We can message the workforce and encourage alternate routes but cannot enforce using certain public roads over others.  Also, base affiliated traffic is not the only traffic using these surfaces.  To help minimize traffic from Minot AFB employees, our Safety Office will post a safety risk management notification and our Commander will send out a base-wide communication to encourage base personnel to avoid use of 198th Avenue NW. 

In addition to the safety message to our employees, there are county and municipal actions that could improve the situation.  The Township could request Ward County assistance in managing traffic flow, analyze long-term improvement options, and identify other possible mitigation efforts."

A.   AAFES Response:  All of the Exchange's restaurants offer better-for-you menu choices to support our Warfighters' readiness and resiliency. Exchange shoppers can also enjoy $2 off entrée salads at participating Exchange restaurants every Wednesday.  To help diners make the right choices for their meal plan, the Exchange lists calories on menu boards at Burger King, Charley's Philly Steaks and Subway locations.  The Minot Exchange offers a wide variety of healthy food options and does not anticipate a change to its lineup in the near future.

FSS Response:  FSS has options available throughout our food establishments.  The Jimmy Doolittle Center, as part of their daily lunch buffet, has a salad bar and on Tuesday's and Thursday's we have a ramen bar where patrons can build their own ramen, chosing from a wide variety of fresh vegetables.  At Bowling, you can check out our Kids Live Well healthy menu, along with healthy items you can substitute on the regular menu.  At Rockers our patrons can choose several healthy options which includes 4 salads, 2 wraps, 4 burgers and sandwiches, as well as fresh fruit.  We also invite you to check out all the new options at the Dakota Inn Dining Facility where coming soon we will have a new smoothie machine!

As always we welcome your comments and concerns.

A:  Thank you for bringing this up!  We have already begun planning to revitalize our Bingo Program.  FSS has a lot of great events in the works for the upcoming winter months with Bingo being one of many.  Visit us at our website, https://5thforcesupport.com or “Like” us on FaceBook, https://www.facebook.com/5thforcesupport, to keep up with all that FSS has to offer Team Minot!  We hope to see you at our next event.  Thank you and have a great AF day!

A:  Thank you for your service.  We have contacted the appropriate organizations to fulfill your request.  They will be in contact with you soon.

A:  Bomber Boulevard is a high use street where there is never a good time to do construction.  Not only is it a primary artery for traffic on Minot Air Force Base but it is also integral for access to the WSA and airfield. 

This may look like an easy project but that is not the case.  This is a $5M, 5-phase project that must meet stringent criteria to serve our missions.  The award of the contract and performance of the work is governed by the Federal Acquisition Regulations and established specifications/drawings including those of the ND Department of Transportation which allow for paving when temperatures are 40 degrees and rising.

The South Gate is required to close for 3 of the 5 phases on the Bomber Blvd project. With one complete, the contractor has moved onto another phase requiring gate closure. Yes, this keeps the South Gate closed for the duration of the phase. However, it will decrease the amount of time the South Gate will be closed in the spring.

The contractor experienced a few delays in the first phase of construction due to site conditions that were not exposed until they removed the old asphalt.  Those issues have been resolved and they are meticulously working to complete the current phase before the winter shutdown. The South Gate will be open for the winter, whether or not the phase is completed.

Though we have every confidence in the abilities of 5 CES this project exceeds their in-house capabilities.  They have a limited work force and lack the equipment to support a project of this magnitude.  They are constantly tasked with smaller jobs such as airfield pavement repairs, MDG parking lot, MPA shoulder repair, closure of Shawnee, mowing in restricted areas, etc.


A:  The School Liaison Officer has notified the Superintendent’s office to pass on to the School Resource Officers for both awareness and to inform Ward County Sherriff’s office with any information obtained about these activities.

Security Forces ensures public safety is always its number one priority.  Law Enforcement patrols dedicate the majority of their time in housing conducting presence patrols, walkthroughs and engaging in community policing programs.  Safety of the residence of Minot AFB can only be guaranteed when the residents assist us in these matters by identifying suspicious activities and notifying the Law Enforcement Desk immediately (701-723-3096) when others are not abiding by the installation rules and regulations. 

Discharging a firearm within the housing areas is illegal.  Those that violate this law fall subject to ND Sentry Code 62.1-02-06 (Civilian and Dependent) or Article 134 of the UCMJ (Active Duty).  Additionally, attempting to harm or abuse a public animal is also illegal.  Those that are found in violation of these laws are subject to ND Sentry Code 36-21.2 (Civilian and Dependent) or Article 134 of the UCMJ (Active Duty). 

All members of team Minot are subject to these rules and regulations and those found in violation will be prosecuted to the full extent allowable by the USAF and/or the Ward County Sheriff’s office.     
A:  The 891st Missile Security Forces Squadron Command team is heavily engaged with the Medical Group (to include Task Force True North services using Medical Group facilities) to ensure care for all Airmen within their care.  Flight leadership is working to minimize exposure to potential contaminates that are concerning.
A:  Thanks for bringing this concern to our attention. 5 CES is currently evaluating our 2019 pavement striping plans. If funding is available, CE will work with 5 MDG to evaluate the possibility of adding larger parking spaces without reducing required parking capacity.

A:  Air Force policy is that Airmen do not tolerate bullying, hazing, harassment, or any instance where an Airman inflicts any form of physical or psychological abuse that degrades, insults, dehumanizes, or injures another Airman.  It is the obligation of each Airman in the chain of command to prevent such conduct.  DoDI  1020.03, AFI 1-1, and UMCJ Article 93 provisions are applicable.)

5 AMXS recently addressed hazing and sexual at a recent CC call.  5 AMXS/CC, laid out the Air Force policy to the squadron in regards to these issues.  Another CC call has been scheduled for 30 Nov 18.  The AMXS/CC will brief AMXS discipline results which will include sexual harassment punishment that ended the careers of 3 Airmen (2 TSgts and SrA) and the outcome of a court martial that started Monday, 22 Oct 18.  The CC and AMU Leadership will continue to convey that hazing or sexual assault will not be tolerated nor will reprisal.  Airmen are encouraged everyday (during roll call) to report these things to their supervisor or 1st shirt when they experience, see or hear anything.

In regards to the this specific situation, without giving too much detail as to not identify the Airman or the one that came forward, we have spoken with all of our SNCOs and addressed hazing with the shop supervisors.  We are working diligently to build a culture where Airmen will trust their leadership enough to come forward.  
A:  Request for support to get the word out went to Chiefs and First Sergeants groups.
A:  Per a legal review what we can influence and control is planning and workforce messaging, not limiting travel or improving surfaces of public roads.  Public roads present a complicated issue for the USAF since base affiliated traffic is not the only traffic using these surfaces. Therefore we cannot control the freedom of travel over these surfaces.  We will message the workforce and encourage alternate routes but cannot enforce using certain public roads over others.  
A.  Minot AFB has worked hard to reduce the speed limits in the Ruthville area near Hwy 83 and we appreciate your shared concern for our Airmen.  We have bought this issue to the attention of our Safety Manager for review.  Thank you for providing information regarding the apparent speeding and lack of safety observance by our Airmen.  We were able to identify the vehicle with the two pilots and confirmed they were performers in the Northern Neighbors Airshow that week and have responded accordingly.  Motorcycle safety continues to be an Air Force focus area.  In accordance with Air Force Instruction 91-207, the U.S. Air Force Traffic Safety Program, all Airmen must attend a motorcycle safety course and wear the required personal protective equipment.  This same Instruction requires those who use Government Vehicles ensure the operation of these vehicles, both on and off AF installations, complies with applicable traffic laws and codes.

A:  Construction is scheduled to be completed and the Gate will reopen 12 Nov 2018.
A:  Own It Day is a day off for active duty members and civilians who want to be off can take liberal leave with the permission of their supervisors.

A:  Thank you for the feedback and apologize for the inconvenience.  This issue has been brought to our attention and we are working with the contractor to quickly resolve.  Current contract language specifies normal hours of operation for conducting service as 0700-1600 hours Monday through Friday.   

A:  First Sergeants Council quickly responded and resolved.  The location on google is shown as "Closed" as they could not remove the establishment but all members have been identified and counselled on their behavior.

A:  Thank you for the feedback and apologize for the inconvenience.  This issue has been brought to our attention and we are working with the contractor to quickly resolve.  Current contract language specifies normal hours of operation for conducting service as 0700-1600 hours Monday through Friday.   

A:  The inquiry for the past due invoices is a contract for the 91 MW for the OSS Entry Control System annual preventive maintenance inspections.  Ms. Heald, 91 MW Resource Advisor is working to get the invoices corrected and resubmitted.   One of the invoices has been approved and is working on the second one. If you need any further information please let us know, however I believe the issue is resolved. Thank you.

A:  The number one mission of security forces is to protect and defend our assets and the installation. That mission requires vigilance and intensity 24/7-365 to ensure protection and guarantee security. The Magic City gate has force protection elements in place to allow Security Forces to defend the installation.  Many of those force protection elements purposely funnel and slow traffic as well as provide standoff distance for greater reaction time to threats.  The delay at the Magic City gate is not being caused by security forces manpower but rather by the sheer volume of traffic processing through the gate.  While we have two lanes of traffic entering the installation, immediately following the guard posts all traffic must merge into a single lane to proceed through the additional force protection measures (i.e. serpentine) and across the entry denial barrier.  Additionally, Missile Avenue is also a single lane road and can only support a certain volume of traffic.  Increasing security force personnel at the gates cannot effect the traffic merge into a single lane following the guard posts.  However, when security forces are not covering additional security operations you may see increased personnel at the gates during peak traffic hours to aide in traffic flow.  Ongoing construction projects coupled with the Air Force “Defend The Base” posture at all Entry Control Points, results in slower traffic.  We ask the Team Minot community for patience and support to facilitate those tasked with defending the base.  

A:  Thank you for the feedback and apologize for the inconvenience.  This issue has been brought to our attention and we are working with the contractor to quickly resolve.  The contractor will adjust pick up timing to not disturb housing populace during early morning hours.

The contract states that collection times shall be made between the hours of 0700 to 1600 on Monday through Friday, but also gives latitude to deviate from the normal base hours of operation, to include working on weekends, in order to ensure timely completion of work under the terms and conditions of the contract.  Prior coordination with the contracting officer or contracting officer representative is required for collection outside these hours.

A:  Construction scheduled to be completed and Gate will reopen 12 Nov 2018

Ask Team Minot

Thank you for voicing your questions and concerns to "Ask Team Minot." We value your submissions and are committed to researching every submission and publishing the answers on this page. Every submission is taken seriously, and we are constantly looking to improve our processes at Team Minot. The safety and well-being of everyone at Team Minot is our top priotity. Submissions can be made here

Are questions to the “Ask Team Minot” line anonymous? 

Thank you for your question. You can submit questions via our website, app (iTunes or Google Play) or Hotline and the questions can remain 100% anonymous. For instance, on the website, we simply require an email address and name which can be first name with no last name, etc. Our plan is to publish all questions and answers on our website and Facebook.

Has there been any follow-up regarding the 5th Medical Group Appointment Line? The hotline provides an appointment time, but when the individual arrives at the clinic they are told they can’t be seen, for various administrative reasons. 

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The Military Treatment Facility discovered an education and training shortfall with the contract employees working the appointment line. Since the discovery, training and retraining has occurred. The MTF has been actively managing and tracking mismatches between the scheduled appointment time and when patients are showing up for their appointment. As a result of the training, the MTF has seen a significant decline in these errors. However, because of the high turnover in our contract staff, we encourage patients to confirm their appointment time through TRICARE Online. In order to continuously improve our processes, we are actively pursuing a modernized appointment phone line system and other appointment line improvements that will help enhance the customer's experience when calling.


Why does it appear our services folks don’t work the same hours as the rest of the Airmen on base?

Without specifics, we can’t provide a specific answer. Generally, our Airmen do work the same hours (and often times several more) than other Airmen on base. However, our customer service hours are often shortened due to mandatory training requirements, inventory, maintenance, “back shop” time for Airmen to process the actions they received from their customers throughout open customer service hours, and many other reasons. Many “Services” activities have to operate as businesses and need to have sufficient income to offset expenses.  Most activities set their operating hours strategically to optimize revenue while minimizing labor costs.  While we would like to provide round-the-clock service, unfortunately as a business, it is not financially feasible. Many of our sections are able to make appointments on a case-by-case basis when a specific time will not work for a specific instance. In these cases, please contact the activity leadership if unable to solve at the lowest level or submit an ICE comment with contact information for flight and unit leadership to engage.

 Can you provide an update regarding the lost/stolen mail issue?

In October 2017 the MSG leadership, Air Force Office of Special Investigations and the Staff Judge Advocate met with the U.S. Postal Service officials to discuss the reports of tampered and missing mail on Minot AFB. While their review is in progress, we are requested to minimize dialog in open forums or media.  

The Postal Service previously discussed with Balfour Beatty the installation of large parcel lockers throughout the community to reduce the number of packages left at the front door of a residence. Due to the winter season, the Postal Service had to wait until the spring before installation could begin. The lockers have arrived and are stored on base awaiting installation by the USPS. 

Why is the commissary closed on Mondays?  
The hours of operation are set by DeCA HQ and is dependent upon the size of the store. Based on our size and location, Minot AFB’s hours are comparable to other commissaries throughout the Air Force.

The commissary seems to have issues with maintaining proper inventory and handling special ordering. Can something be done to address the items they carry, the stocking and the special ordering process?

The items that are not in stock are checked on a daily basis and are on order but we have no control over what our distributors do or do not send us. If something is out of stock, a customer can speak to a commissary employee or manager to see if it came on that day's truck but not yet stocked, which is often the case. When HQ deletes an item out of the system we cannot order it anymore since it is not in the system to order. We regularly check for expired items but we are not perfect, if a customer finds an expired item we will immediately pull it and can look to see if we have new, replacement products. Though we are extremely under staffed, customers are always able to ask employees or managers for assistance to find products.   

Why does it take so long for military spouses to get signed up for the priority preference program and actually obtain a job? 

From Oct. 1, 2017 through May 15, 2018, Minot CPO registered 22 military spouses, of those, 17 were offered and accepted positions ranging from GS-4 through GS-11.  

The law gives spouses 1 chance to be a Priority Hire (PPP) using military spouse preference. The applicant decides what grade(s) and which job(s) to apply for.  Most spouses apply for multiple positions varying in grades and duties. Applicants are counseled when they register for PPP of the pros/cons of applying/accepting a valid job offer. As a rule, we recommend the applicant accepts the first firm job offer he/she receives as there are no guarantees for another position. Local CPO recommends and registers applicants for positions or grades based on the resume contents IAW OPM Qualification Standards and what positions are currently vacant at Minot AFB. However, AFPC verifies the PPP registrations and OPM Qualification Standards prior to referring candidates for vacancies. Then, hiring officials review and select the best qualified candidates for their positions. 

Success and quickness of obtaining employment depends on multiple factors such as strength of resume, timing, and availability of desired vacant positions. The Air Force's typical hiring timeline is approximately 120+ days from vacancy to fill for most administrative positions. Specialized positions may take 6-12 months. 

Why are we not able to bring food and drinks into the the Lil' Riders area? Also, is anything being done to mitigate safety concerns of the smaller room to the side of the play area at Lil'Riders?

AFI 34-272, paragraph 3.13.7. states, “Do not allow people to bring in or serve food and beverage products in club facilities not produced, obtained by, or contracted for by the club.”  JDC, Rockers, B50 Brew, Rough Rider Pizza and Lil Riders are all part of the co-located club system on Minot AFB. This policy is established by AF to ensure food safety standards are met, maintain business income levels and are in line with business standards across the Air Force and the industry, i.e., McDonalds, Chucky Cheese etc. We have no objections if parents want to bring in water or snacks for children or get cups of water and use our soda machine water dispenser.

We are determining the funding, cleaning, maintenance and manpower support requirements to change the classification of Lil’ Riders from a non-appropriated fund supported facility to an appropriated fund supported facility. We will submit courses of action to leadership when completed.

The safety of children is a top concern for us. The 5th BW Ground Safety office has determined the room is not a safety concern.  We are closing the area off because it is a non-functional part of the playground that is going to be repurposed to a storage room.

Preschool is needed on base for kids that don't qualify for head start. Is this something you can look into?

Early Childhood Education (Pre-K) programs are not required by state law in North Dakota (NDCC 15.1-37-01).  Minot Public School District operates all school buildings and programs with the district to include Minot AFB schools. Minot Public School District only has a needs based program within the district that is funded by state and federal funds. There are inherent problems with establishing Pre-K within the district that includes operating costs and building space.  On base space is not an issue, but it is in many of the other schools. All schools are treated the same academically within the district so there would have to be a plan for every elementary school to have Pre-K. That would be cost prohibitive for the district. The school would not receive state aid payments for any student enrolled in Pre-K, per state law, which means that the costs associated with Pre-K would be taken out of the budget.  Current year the district is in a deficit of $3.3 Million and forecast a $2.5 Million deficit next year.

There are other preschools available in town and now there is preschool at Glenburn Public School. 

What is your plan to improve the AFI-driven operation of the parental advisory board? 
As a Private Organization, the Parent Advisory Board is responsible to improve its own program by following the guidelines described in AFI 34-223, Private Organizations Program. Also, AFI 34-144 Chapter 17.3.3. states the PAB “Meet with CYP Program Managers and the Flight Chief quarterly to discuss program services”. According to the meeting minutes, CYP Managers and the Flight Chief are currently exceeding the standard by attending monthly meetings with the PAB. Additionally, in recent weeks there has been numerous correspondence from members of CYP and FSS leadership with the PAB President, so communication has actually been increased between organizations rather than cut off.  CYP continues to stand ready to work with the PAB to meet the needs of the base.  

Are there any plans to fix the mulch issue at the parks on base?  
Last fall, in an effort to improve the playgrounds in our community, we replaced old mulch with recycled mulch material. After its installation we quickly realized the improvement was not an improvement. We removed all of the mulch material at our Roughrider Park and replaced all of it with sand. The other parks that received recycled mulch were tilled and hand raked to remove any stick material that was present. Our plan is to replace two parks a year with sand to eventually replace all of the parks that were supplemented with recycled mulch, four parks in total, if funding permits. We have inspected each park and have removed any dangerous material and will continue to till and rake parks if material is discovered or brought to our attention by our residents. 

What is your plan to handle complaints and to improve family services on base? 
Continued and constant communication, dialogue and feedback are key. To accomplish this goal, we have established multiple avenues that allow feedback. We will continue to use this mechanism for the primary means to address concerns and provide follow up responses to Team Minot. Some improvements are quick/easy and we have moved out to address those, such as a means to provide feedback to commanders outside of ICE, cleanliness of Lil Riders, open play for tots, programs for under 5 year olds. We realize there are other much-needed improvements, such as additional CDC slots, that will come with time once we have approved-funding for the design, followed by funding for the actual project. 

Col. Robertson has failed the families by brushing off the concern and only taking into consideration what her staff tells her. Will anyone look into the way the PAB members are being treated? The PAB members are the voice of the families. 

"I have a heart for all Airmen and their families and is concerned about the trust, professionalism, and respect for human dignity for and by all. Since the PAB is a private organization, external to MSG management and oversight, the MSG has a role limited by AFI 34-144 and AFI 34-223 however, I have directed that MSG members provide support to the Parent Advisory Board when legally possible. Additionally, to ensure all customers are treated the same, MSG staff has been reminded to maintain professional, courteous respect to all members of the community, and will be provided with additional, customer service training in June and July."

- Col. Angenene Robertson, 5th Mission Support Group commander 

When we first arrived at Minot AFB, 6 years ago, my grandchildren were too young to participate in any programs at the Youth Center. We became members anyway, because it allowed us access to the gym and equipment 3 mornings a week. The parents cleaned up after themselves, there were no employees except to sign us in and no additional charges. Why can't this be implemented again? I attended the Open Gym on Fridays and it was a joke. We had to constantly ask for more equipment for the children to play with and to begin with we were charged a fee.


We are in the planning phases of increasing the Open Gym program from just Fridays to Monday, Wednesday and Friday on days when youth center fee paying patrons are not present.  We anticipate implementation at the start of the new school year.

In addition, the 5th Mission Support Group team recently created a monthly calendar of events for families with children five and under that included different daily activities from numerous base agencies to include Child and Youth Programs, the Base Library, Arts and Crafts Center, Fitness Center, Indoor/Outdoor Pool, Base Chapels, and some others. Families are encouraged to support these wonderful facilities and activities. 

Is there any way Lil’ Riders can be opened earlier? With the harsh weather, it would be nice for parents to have a place to take their children earlier than 9:30am.
Lil’ Riders hours of operation are established to coincide with the hours of Rough Rider Pizza management and staff. Their oversight is needed to ensure the safety and security of all Lil’ Riders patrons.  

Since the Open Gym at the Youth Center was funded by Col Brooks, why were families charged and when will the families be reimbursed for this fee? 

Though Col. Brooks approved funding to offset the cost for open gym, funding was not forwarded to the YC to support this initiative as we were able to work with the Air Force Services Agency to eliminate any incurred costs.

Per the 5th Comptroller Squadron commander, appropriated funds are not authorized to pay for non-appropriated fund parent fees.  Required supervision of children and the resulting non-appropriated fund labor costs was the reason there was a charge initially.  However, in an effort to assist this program, the Child and Youth Program Flight Chief consulted with the Air Force Services Activity for a supervision waiver and they approved it, thus enabling the Youth Center to allow the free use of their facility for this program/group starting on 9 Feb 2018.  Though NAF labor expenses were incurred prior to this waiver approval, we have initiated refund notifications to all Open Gym participants. 

Is there a way to re-train all employees, in support positions, what customer service means? Can leadership remind their employees what SUPPORT means? The MSG's mission is to support Airmen and Families.


The Mission Support Group provides base support and services.  The Air Force has an essential national defense mission; and all members and employees of the Air Force, have responsibilities for carrying out that mission.  We are responsible for following orders, performing specific daily tasks related to our duties, and living up to the high standards of the Air Force. Maintaining good order and discipline is paramount for mission accomplishment. Our core values demand that we treat others with genuine dignity, fairness, and respect at all times. We believe everyone is entitled to fair and unbiased treatment, and we take seriously our obligation to care for, teach, respect and lead others. We must also maintain loyalty to the Air Force’s core values and standards and maintain professionalism and respect for others regardless of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability, or sexual orientation. This respect for others not only involves personal interaction but also extends to communications and interactions in social media and cyberspace. 

Outstanding customer support is the priority in MSG.  It is imperative our Airmen and Families know we care.  We desire customer retention, rely on customer feedback to help determine sustainable solutions, and ensure our actions reflect positively on the U.S. Air Force. We strive to maintain the highest levels of customer support despite being resource challenged in funding, manpower, etc.   We strive to maintain the standards and when we find areas of opportunity to improve our programs, support, customer service, etc. we ensure training is made available.  In addition to the annual training requirements levied by the USAF for all of its members and employees, we request resources for additional or specialized training where needed.  There are several upcoming training opportunities to assist MSG personnel in customer service and keep our attitudes fresh in this arena.


The Youth Center Facebook page is still being run by a personal account. Months ago, we requested it be run by an admin so that people can see everything posted, even if they are personally blocked by employees. When will this get fixed? 

Minot AFB Youth Programs is working with 5 BW/PA to create an open, Air Force-authorized Facebook page.  Once authorized, the page will be moderated by Youth Center staff.  Additionally, regarding the Youth Programs Facebook page, we are working with Public Affairs to activate the page and up-channel to Air Force for approval this week.  We hope to be fully approved and running by the end of next week.

Until approved and available, parents are encouraged to contact the Youth Center directly with any questions at 723-2838, email the staff at 5svs.youth@us.af.mil, or visit the Youth Programs webpage at https://5thforcesupport.com/activities/youthcenter/.

What has been done to rectify the Youth Center employees "Friday tradition" of drinking at lunch and then returning to the Youth Center to work?  

We are unaware of a “Friday tradition” of drinking at lunch.  Recently, we received information of an incident where employees consumed an alcoholic beverage while at lunch and off duty, which raised questions from staffers of whether this was acceptable behavior.  AFI 134-144, 6.12.2 states, "No one who is under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs will attend, supervise or participate in any CYP whether located in CYP facilities, FCC homes or any other locations used for CYP activities."  Though “under the influence” can be interpreted differently by many, we used this incident as an opportunity to provide clear squadron policy and educate our staff  that any alcohol consumed constitutes “under the influence” and is not permitted. 

We were told last night that the fee for sports at the Youth Center goes towards paying for the staff. The coaches are volunteers and the Youth Center employees are working normal Youth Center hours, so where does the $40/player actually go?


Per the Child and Youth Programs NAF budget, the $40 sports fee breakdown is as follows:

10% Staffing (Clerical and Supervisory)
15% Supplies (i.e. paint for fields, dirt, floor tape, etc.)
45% Uniforms·        
15% Coaches Uniforms
15% Depreciation Tax

AFI 34-144
8.7. YP Fees. Fees may not be set higher than necessary to generate sufficient income to pay the NAF expenses associated with the activity.
8.7.1. Registration fees may be charged in YP. Installations may require those who have not paid the annual registration fee to pay higher fees for individual activities.
8.7.2. Team sports or league sports must be self-sustaining.

The Youth Center now has sponsors for the Youth sports, so why hasn't the cost been lowered for the families? Isn't that the point of having sponsors? 
The intent of the commercial sponsorship program is to provide opportunities for local businesses and organizations to enhance programs while offering awareness of a company’s product or service within the Minot AFB community. The Youth Center utilizes sponsors to enhance existing programming events and offset some of program costs, such as the Youth Sports Program. The Youth Center utilizes sponsors to enhance existing programming events and only offsets approximately $10-15 per child based on current participation and associated costs. While the sponsors contribute funds to partially support CYP, they fall far short of funding the entire program.

Why are Studio 47 dance parents asked to pay cash and not given receipts? How do we know the money is actually going towards the dance students and not in someone's pocket? 

Youth Program parents are encouraged to speak to the clerks, coordinators, or director regarding fees/charges for any program offered at the Youth Center. Parents can use cash or check to pay for Studio 47, and hand receipts are available to everyone who asks.  CYP also adheres to strict cash control procedures to ensure all money is handled appropriately. 

On 30 May 2018 North Star Community Credit Union conducted an audit of Studio 47 to ensure all payments were being processed legally and ethically, and “The audit found no discrepancies. Checks are accepted, documented, and kept on file. All expense receipts are reviewed and kept on file.  There is a spreadsheet accounting for all fees, including cash payments, which is updated each time money is processed. Families are offered the option to receive a receipt at any time. All previously issued receipts are kept on file.”

It was mentioned at the Town Hall last night that all questions will be answered within 7 days. Who will be held accountable for that? We've been asking questions for months that have still not been answered. 

This Commander’s Action Line system is monitored by 5 BW/PA, who filters the questions to the respective commanders/leaders under whose units the questions fall.  Group and squadron commanders enforce the 7 duty-day time line.

All FSS-related questions that have been asked through ICE comments since February have been reviewed and answered, whenever contact information was provided.  The automated ICE system provides the most efficient way to contact decision makers in each respective category, but leadership can only fully answer these concerns when contact information is left.  However, ALL comments are read and evaluated at the unit level, regardless of whether anyone leaves contact information.


I was glad to hear about the revitalizing of the Parent Advisory Board, but I have concerns about recent advertising being distributed by the PAB. I feel a responsibility to ensure the board is following pertinent AFIs. Per AFI 34-144-17.3.4 the PAB is established as a Private Org if it generates funding. The PAB generates funds and therefore should be a PO. I do not know if the organization is currently an official PO. Per AFI 34-223 10.1 POs may not use the seals, logos, or insignia of the DoD or any DoD Component, DoD organizational unit...on correspondence, titles, or in association with organization programs, locations, or activities. POs must prominently display the following disclaimer on all print and electronic media mentioning the PO’s name confirming that the PO is not part of the DoD: THIS IS A PRIVATE ORGANIZATION. IT IS NOT A PART OF THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE OR ANY OF ITS COMPONENTS AND IT HAS NO GOVERNMENTAL STATUS. The distributed advertising violates this criteria. 
The 5 FSS Marketing Office was unaware the Parent Advisory Board was in the process of becoming a private Organization and provided the marketing material and electronic media access with the FSS logos. Marketing has removed the logos.  

We live on the corner of Waverly Way where the road curves and there is a giant field and a pathway" to Rocket Rd.  Cars have been using this "pathway" as a through street to the middle school on Rocket.  This is a concern because lots of kids use this short cut to WALK to and from the school. Not only that, but during spring when the ground is thawing and is saturated, teens have used the area to go "mudding."  We have also seen cars using it at 10 o'clock at night as a short cut.

My husband and I have raised the issue with housing multiple times.  We've called the LE desk multiple times.  Both have said that yes, cars should not be driving down through there, however, nothing has been done.  I stopped one gentleman and told him that it wasn't a through street and his reply was "well, there isn't a sign saying I can't drive down through there." Please advise as to whether or not cars are permitted to drive through this area and if not, what is going to be done to stop it. 


Security Forces has verified the area in question is in fact not a road and is considered grass field.  The only authorized vehicles that may be in the area are Government owned vehicles for official purposes (i.e. utility vehicles, security patrols, etc).  Security Forces patrols will be increasing their patrols in the area and citing any vehicle found off-roading or transiting the area.  Additionally, Security Forces is working with Balfour Beatty and CE to emplace signs and barriers to identify the area as a “No POV” area.  Finally, MAFBI 31-116,  Minot AFB Motor Vehicle Traffic Supervision, identifies the limitations of personnel operating vehicles in this type of area and if personnel are observed in violation of this instruction, notify the Law Enforcement Desk immediately.

2.27.1. Vehicles will not be driven or parked on any grass or seeded area. Operating an off-road vehicle on school grounds and within the housing area is prohibited. 

4.8.10. There are no authorized operating areas on Minot AFB.

Why does the youth center staff close on down days, when in their contract parents have to pay for their services? Why must children go to FCC providers (whom they do not know) so that youth center personnel can take off in down days?  
The Youth Center does not close on down days.  They also don’t use FCC providers. They do ask parents to tell them their child care needs for down days in order to “right size” their caregiver staff.  This allows some Youth Center staff the opportunity to take a well-deserved day off.

I think the 15 mph speed limits in base housing are ridiculously low.  Can we go to 20 mph across the board?  My car doesn't even idle at 15 mph. 
The speed limits on-base are directed by AFI and recommendation of the Traffic Safety Board.  Our Airmen and families are our primary concern when considering changes.  We’ll ensure your recommendation of a speed limit change in housing is addressed at the next Traffic Safety Board.

It has been brought to my attention that many in housing are carelessly driving. School is out and the children are out riding bikes, walking, playing and crossing streets. We need more SF patrolling the areas and enforcing speed limits in housing. This morning in front of my own house my son had to rush out the street as he was crossing to avoid being hit buy a speeding vehicle on Delta. Please do something before it’s too late. Thank you in advance. 
Thank you for bringing this to our attention.  Since the release of school, Security Force has directed patrols to conduct deliberate enforcement in high traffic areas of base housing.  If you witness any unsafe event, we encourage you to immediately contact the Law Enforcement Desk at 723-3097

I had the privilege of spending the past week at Minot AFB as a contractor this week and I'd like to share a story about one of your airmen.

I dropped by the commissary food court for lunch and was walking toward a line. An airman, obviously joining someone in line ahead of me, inadvertently stepped in front of me. Realizing his error, he apologized, stepped out of line and waved me forward. I told him "no worries" as I had a full hour set aside for lunch and insisted he go ahead of me.

I placed my order but when I went to pay, there was a bit of a problem - no charge for lunch. The airman had paid for my lunch. I tracked him down, wanting to repay him, but he refused.

Although this was the action of a single individual, it truly reflects the assistance and support I received at MAFB this week. I look forward to my return to your base.

Apparently it is true ... the best go north. 

  Thank you for recognizing our awesome airmen.  Our airmen work really hard in supporting America’s number one defense mission and it is much appreciated when we have opportunities to know they carry these principles with integrity and honor.  We share your pride in our airmen who remain proud, confident and professional.  

Is the PAB a private organization or not?  They have been raising funds.  Is this legal? 

Thank you for allowing us an opportunity to address your concerns.  Currently the PAB is not a private organization, however they were informed that if they generated funds they would be required to become a private organization (PO). The approval package has been sent to the PAB President and the PO manager is awaiting a response.  Once the PAB receives approval from the 5 BW/CC, they may proceed with any fundraisers that are submitted to the Private Org manager and approved by the 5 FSS/CC per AFI 34-223 10.9.1.

POs are not Federal entities and are not to be treated as such.  Accordingly, they are not NAF instrumentalities (NAFIs) as defined in AFI 34-201, Use of Nonappropriated Funds, nor are they entitled to the sovereign immunities and privileges given to NAFIs or the Air Force. 

POs must furnish their own equipment, supplies, and other materials. Newly elected PO officers must consult FSS/FSR for guidance and training on local installation requirements and procedures because POs generally do not get either APF or NAF support except where specifically identified in AFI 34-223.  POs may be provided places to conduct meetings of reasonable duration and frequency. 

Personal and professional participation in POs is governed by DoD 5500.7-R, Joint Ethics Regulation.  


I recently put in a work order to take care of a Dak Rat problem in my backyard.  When I phoned maintenance to check on my work order, I was told BBC does not take care of the Dak Rat problem in yards any longer.  I was informed they no longer offer this service but the woman than I spoke with was “not at liberty to say why” I explained that not only are they a nuisance, but they make my back yard dangerous for my children due to the holes. Not to mention that they carry diseases and defecate all over the backyard. I would like a resolution to this pest issue. 

From Balfour Beatty - Our pest control vendor ECOLABS was contacted by the State Environmental Protection Agency regarding their usage of pesticides to control Richardson Ground Squirrels (DakRats).  The EPA has notified ECOLABS to temporarily refrain from the use of pesticides in our housing community until they can review what is being used and if they have been following the prescribed practices for their usage.   As of May 30, 2018 ECOLABS received an e-mail from the EPA saying they are still working on the review and should be done soon and have an answer for both ECOLABS and Balfour Beatty.

Until we receive the guidance from the state our vendor is not able to actively control the Dakrat population.  When we get guidance from the state we will either continue with the use of pesticides to control or we will formulate a new plan with our vendor that will use some other strategy

The most recent monthly meeting the PAB was blackballed and told they were no longer allowed to ask policy questions, that they had to be directed to the FSS Deputy Commander (which goes against the AFI reason for PAB "to discuss program satisfaction and to provide any recommendations for improvement").  The numerous correspondence you're referencing are with one parent, newly elected PAB president, but unfortunately all of the remainder of the PAB members have been cut off from communication.  Questions related solely to business are being ignored.  Customer service is garbage within the CYP.  So, I ask again, what is your plan to improve the AFI-driven operation of the parental advisory board? 
In accordance with our standard procedures for interacting with Private Organizations, CYP Leaders and other members of leadership will continue to interface and work with the PAB President to address any questions or concerns related to program satisfaction and will continue to consider any and all recommendations that are made for program improvement.  PAB members should coordinate their questions through their Private Organization president or utilize ICE or the Commander's Access Line for specific concerns.

Thank you for your response to why obtaining government employment takes so long.  However, the question stated was: The CPO Office frequently hinders the applications of military spouses, through errors on coding them into the Priority Preference Program, to making their non-governmental work experience worthless when applying for jobs.  Please look into how long it takes a PPP applicant to get signed up for the program and actually obtain a job, it's close to 10 months.  Please look at the types of jobs spouses often get (never above a GS-09, and even then GS-09 is for the ones with 15 years valid work experience outside the government that goes uncounted and masters level education).  One spouse, just recently, took 10 months, with a bachelor's degree, and only qualified for a GS-05.  She was turned down multiple times for GS-06 and GS-07 for coding errors on her Priority placement package.  I too had similar issues.  The CPO office works harder for local people than they do for the air force families stationed here.  This is clear discrimination against spouses.  What is your plan to look into and handle spouse discrimination and application mishandling on the part of CPO?  We are afraid to make complaints to EO because then we will never get through CPO to obtain employment. 

Thank you for the opportunity to clarify some points to your concerns.  The following responses address the two main concerns:

Regarding rating qualifications/education degrees/and outside of government services experiences:  Applications are rated according to the general standard set by OPM.  For most general admin/management occupational series, a 4-year bachelor's degree qualifies for a GS-5, additional 1-2 years of graduate work minimally qualifies an applicant for a GS-7. Additionally, the applicant must also have 1 year of specialized (direct) experience to the appropriate level.  Many positions also have added desired experience requirements which are listed on the positions descriptions advertised on USAJOBS.GOV.  As you can see, CPO must rate the positions within the parameter set by OPM. 

Regarding "coding errors":  A recent incident that we are aware of is that AFPC updated some of the codes without notifying the field offices.  Once AFPC notified us, we notified and updated the registration within 24 hours.   We aim to provide the best chances for Spouse registrants to match against our vacancies.  Applicants must be among the best qualified candidates eligible for referral. "Best" qualified means that the spouse's qualifications are equal to or higher than the lowest ranked candidate eligible for referral.  In several instances, local CPO may determine that an applicant's experience may qualify for certain "codes"; however, after review, AFPC determined that the applicant is not "best qualified" with the specialized experienced needed and rejects the codes submitted by local CPO.  Therefore, CPO must have the applicant amend the registrations.  Unfortunately, these rejections cost additional process time to the already lengthy hiring process. 

For specific case review, please contact the Civilian Personnel Officer at (701) 723-1997.  

There is a “dark spot” in the crosswalk next to North Plains. 
On 29 March 5 CES asked Verendrye Electric Coop (VEC) to investigate the brightness as a result of the Traffic Safety Board (TSB) discussion.  On 2 April VEC replied indicating that there was reduced illumination in both lights and they have now been repaired.

Request to add a stop sign at Huey & Roaming. 
The TSB approved the request.  5 CES will submit a request to Balfour Beatty Communities (BBBC) requesting to add additional stop signs at the intersection of Huey and Roaming (create 4-way stop sign intersection -- currently only 2 in place).

Will the outdoor track at the gym get covered with a dome or something? 

The current outdoor track cannot be covered due to engineering and site requirements and proximity to Tanker Trail to the North and the LRS Vehicle Maintenance Facility to the South.

We are working a design for a new, standardized track with a bubble-style cover.  The current concept will include a new rubberized track, artificial turf field, air supported fabric shelter, HVAC, and potential for additional supporting facilities (such as parking, and restrooms).  The CE squadron has submitted a Request For Funding to higher headquarters for a Concept Design.  Initial construction cost estimates indicate that the project will likely compete for Congressional-level funding such as MILCON or Unspecified Minor MILCON.  Therefore, the timeline for completion will be heavily dependent on Congressional funding, and leadership priority. 

This section is in regards to multiple inquiries concerning Air Force policy and guidance.

Thank you for sharing your concerns and apologize for your experience.  Minot AFB is a memorable assignment and pray that any communications or experiences do not cloud the high quality standards we strive to maintain and want to help assist in understanding Air Force policy and standards.  It is our prayer that your concerns have been misunderstood as the following are how the Air Force envisions the role and value of our members and families and expectation of our adherence to laws, policies, etc.  We are exemplify being good Wingmen when we remind and support one another in meeting these standards and expectations. 

Spouse organizations- Spouse unit/family programs are designed to enhance readiness and establish a sense of Air Force community. These programs are been standardized across the Air Force to address the needs of all military families with special emphasis on support to families across the deployment cycle.  Air Force Global Strike commander provides a continuous, straight forward message on how “morale and readiness impacts our lethality” and how we take care of families is tied to this.  This is a critical role and responsibility we all share in maintaining morale and this nation’s nuclear deterrence effectiveness.  Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David L. Goldfein and his wife, Mrs. Dawn Goldfein have written that spouse programs are “A vital resource available to command teams to support Air Force families is the Key Spouse Program. This program represents a powerful network of interconnected, educated, service-minded volunteers standing ready to assist with everything from morale and welfare celebrations to crisis management….It is at the squadron level where we succeed or fail as an Air Force,” said Gen. Goldfein about Revitalizing squadrons….This is where Airmen and families thrive. It’s where training and education occurs.”  As leaders, which includes everyone, regardless of rank, is our primary responsibility to facilitate an environment where we can be successful as a community and strong as a nation.


Destruction of government property: Based on the jurisdiction of the installation, an act, of deemed criminal and committed by a civilian, would be referred to the Ward County Sherriff’s Office for action. If this is witnessed, please contact the authorities immediately.

Promises of Civilian Promotion: 5 USC 2302 contains prohibited personnel practices of hiring employees within the Federal Government, which includes, but is not limited to, discrimination, nepotism, giving unauthorized preference or advantage, influence, deceive or willfully obstruct candidates for employment, etc.

It is inappropriate to give the perception that hiring is based upon “who you know” and can be accomplished without following the Federal Government’s strict rules and procedures.  This perception leads to inaccurate information, grievances, and potentially missed employment opportunities.

For information on the federal hiring process, please contact the Civilian Personnel Office for assistance.

Promises of Military Promotion:  Both enlisted and officer promotions are managed through boards or panels where multiple board members contribute to a member’s promotion selection according to strict procedures.  The Enlisted promotion process is described in AFI 36-2406, specifically paras 4.19.13-4.19.15, and the Officer promotion process is described in AFI 36-2406 para  No spouse can influence a member’s promotion, and for any spouse to claim otherwise would call into question individual integrity and that of their military spouse. 

Last year (2017), my son was at the Annex and they went on two to three field trips a week. This summer (2018), the June schedule shows only two field trips for the whole month. I am curious on why that is. The price did not change but it seems the services have.


In 2017, SAC planned 8 field trips and 4 guest speakers for the 12 weeks of summer. The trips included the base bowling alley, pool, fire department, Margie's Art & Glass and a farm visit among others. The guest visitors included Project Yes, Honor Guard, and others.

In 2018, SAC has 7 field trips planned and 6 guest speakers for the 12 weeks of summer. The trips include the base bowling alley, pool, Huey Tour, Air Traffic Control Tower Tour, Scandinavian Heritage park and others. There are two trips planned for June, four trips planned for July, and one trip planned for August. Guest speakers include the fire department, Minot police, vet clinic, SERE, CE, STEM demo, and others.

Field trip calendars are released monthly to parents. The field trip schedule is based upon availability of time/space of the visiting locations, required staff to child ratios, and weather. SAC coordinators chose to hold a majority of field trips in July 2018 as during this month we have the highest count for daily attendance (i.e. more youth get to attend). Additionally, by July youth have had time to acclimate to the program allowing for calmer and more enjoyable field trip experience for the youth as they are typically comfortable with summer camp teachers and knowledgeable of summer camp expectations. 

Why isn't there a family changing room at the gym? My son is too old to go into the ladies locker room with me which is understandable however, I don't feel comfortable with him going into the men's locker room by himself. Is there anything we can do to have a family changing room in the gym?

There is a family changing room in the fitness center. Room 404 is located in the back of the facility near the indoor pool and has a sign stating it is the family changing room.  The fitness center also has a sign in the front lobby identifying all areas, to include the family changing room.  If needed, please don't hesitate to ask an Airman at the front desk for directions. 

A spouse mentioned to me that she was unable to get her military ID expiration date renewed on time because the base policy is that the AD member has to accompany her, but because her husband goes out to the missile field, he wasn’t around. Then when he had time to go over the system was down. So they were told to call the next day to see if the system was up before they came over….so they did and the system was up, but she was told that the office was closed. It was only 3 o’clock in the afternoon. So the concern is that services isn’t providing hours of operation that are convenient for the AD member and/or spouse especially if the spouse works. The other concern was that the AD member had to be present because base policy, but a marriage license and a current valid ID should have been enough. The spouse had not encountered such resistance to helping the spouse at other bases as she did here at Minot. The spouse does not care to give her name or specifics such as time date etc. because she fears retribution on her husband. 


The spouse is only required to produce an 1172-2 signed by the sponsoring military member and two forms of ID in order to renew her ID card.  We are in the process of standing up a new Online ID Card renewal system that will slash time required to be in the MPS, but we are still working out bugs.  When fully operational, members can follow the instructions at the bottom of the response below to digitally sign the DD Form 1172-2 online. Below are the steps for any sponsor to digitally sign the DD Form 1172-2 with the link, providing they have the correct Java software installed on their computer.  We expect to begin publicizing this option in June. 

Sponsor can certify the DD Form 1172 on line:
The sponsor (CAC holder or Retirees can create a DS log-on) can access the DMDC website here:  https://www.dmdc.osd.mil/self_service/rapids/unauthenticated?execution=e1s1.  Click “Replace ID" next to dependent name, certify the DD Form 1172 for the dependent who is renewing his/her ID card. 

Is it a conflict of interest for Youth Center employees to be paid by Studio 47 at the same time? What if they are working on Studio 47 issues during their duty days at the Youth Center? Is this even legal? 

  We have received multiple inquiries via the access line and other avenues regarding Studio 47. We take each inquiry/allegation seriously and want to avoid any perceptions of impropriety or conflict of interest to ensure all CYS programs are operating above board and in good standing. We engaged with JA for a comprehensive legal review and determined that the Studio 47 Competition Dance Team was mischaracterized and not operating according to Air Force instruction. Though CYS staff are permitted to volunteer as teachers and coaches, mirroring the sports program, they cannot be paid as both contractors and employees. 

To ensure compliance and to avoid any perception of a conflict of interest, we immediately (effective 30 April) terminated all contracts and prohibited CYS employees from receiving pay as a Studio 47 contractor. This in no way has or will diminish the level of service or quality programs provided to our loyal customers. 

Going forward, our CYS staff has a better understanding of the guidance and we'll ensure the program operates as other youth program traveling teams.  5 FSS leadership will enforce compliance by prohibiting contracts between the Youth Center and CYS employees who are already earning compensation as regular employees.  Additionally, the YP/Sports Directors will ensure the program follows all regulations/AFI 34-144, including memberships, ensuring monthly participation fees are paid, ensuring parents/instructors follow all code of ethics/policies, and programmatic requirements are maintained while head coaches/instructors handle all fees/payments in regards to uniforms, travel fees, competition fees and anything outside the scope of YP programing.

Are there plans for improvements to the half sidewalk next to North Plains?  Children have to walk through the grass or on the street during winter months. 

  The property in question belongs to the Minot School District and is not managed by BBC nor the base. The school district has no plans to put a sidewalk in that location. There is access to Roaming Road through the sidewalk that runs south of the school.  

What is the policy on use government computers, equipment, etc. especially in relation to using government equipment to communicate via email, FB, Twitter, etc.?
  Per AFI 35-107, Public Web and Social Communication, Airmen are allowed to use social media for self-expression and repost publicly released information; however, guidance states that Airmen must not post any defamatory, libelous, vulgar, obscene, abusive, profane, threatening, hateful, racially, ethnically, or otherwise offensive or illegal information or material.  Airmen (military and civilian) have limitations associated with freedom of speech; as such, DoD members are required to abide by certain restrictions associated with military/civil service and thereby maintain good order and discipline.  Failure to comply with these directives is punishable under the Uniform Code of Military Justice or civilian equivalent judicial processing. 

Why is BBC able to act with deceptive and illegal practices completely unchecked? I have heard from several families that they are charged for replacing damaged items such as carpet, medicine cabinets, sod etc. at move out and then these items are not being replaced before the new resident moves in. Also, they are not consistently replacing carpet that has pet stains/damage due to “not meeting life expectancy” or replacing severely worn carpet that is “after life expectancy” because they claim it is in “good condition.” It is unfair to the families being charged for damages not being fixed/replaced as well it is not fair to the families moving into a home and paying all of their BAH when there are notable damages, disgusting carpet, or damaged lawns etc. We deserve better! 


Thank you for an opportunity to address these concerns.  These types of broad vague statements/complaints are very hard to address without details.  We truly believe that statement that we do not fix repairs that are paid for is false.  We are closely monitored by the Air Force Housing office and they conduct Quality Control (QC) for the majority of our move-in ready homes.  The QC office are specifically looking for paid damages and repairs that are not completed, and they seldom find any.  Yes we’re sure it does happen from time to time; but when it is brought to our attention by our Air Force partners or a new resident moving in, we promptly take care of it.

Carpet is a major factor in a community this large.  Our operational documents with the Air Force set a 5-year life span on carpet.  After the 5-year period residents are not held responsible for normal wear and tear or minor pet damage associated with their carpets.  Residents are not required to have their carpets professional cleaned at move out if they have pets and the carpet is older than the 5 year life span.  Occupants are held responsible for gross negligence or willful neglect damage to their carpets regardless of the age.  Even though our operating documents spell out a 5-year life span it is not economically feasible to replace all carpet in our 1,606 homes every 5 years.  If a carpet is in good condition, does not have topical stains, pet damage or odors we may not replace carpeting as long as it is still serviceable and presents a good appearance.  This is done on a case-by-case basis and the decision to keep a carpet older than 5 years is a concessions of opinions from leasing staff members, maintenance managers and black light/UV results.  If a carpet is determined to be serviceable, when a new resident moves in they are informed of the age of the carpeting in the home.  This is not a foolproof process though and we may still end up replacing carpeting in homes after new residents move in if the carpeting is creating problems for the new family.  There have been instances where we have charged residents for carpet replacement but it was determined during the maintenance process that the carpeting could be repaired or cleaned.  Each time we have refunded the difference in the costs to repair/clean verses the replacement cost we charged that outgoing resident.

The other broad complaint mentioned was yard work.  North Dakota has a unique and often times diminished growing season.  We very rarely charge residents for pet damaged yards, we have done it, but very few times.  Depending on how long the time between residents and how many years of pet damage to a yard, there often is not enough time for a yard to take root and grow.  We inform residents of the condition of their yard at move in as well as discuss it directly with them when they are doing their walk through introduction to the home.  If a yard is bare we ask them to keep an eye on the yard and if it is not "growing" we will return to the yard to re-seed or fertilize as needed.    I would suspect the biggest complaint we get regarding yards and paid damages are referring to winter and pet debris removal fees.  When a resident moves out in the winter and they have dogs, unless their yard is free of snow and we can visually see that there is no pet debris in the yard we charge each resident a minimal "winter pet debris" removal fee of $55.00.  We keep track of each address and in the spring when the snow has melted we have our vendor go down the list of addresses and clear the yard of debris and repair damage that was under the snow.  Yards do get missed when residents are dishonest about their pet ownership.  We allow new residents that move in during the winter to call us in the spring (in a reasonable amount of time) and our vendor or our employees will do the yard clean up.  This is one of the most difficult areas to monitor when you are managing a pet friendly community with 1600+ homes and you are dealing with old debris, new debris, snow accumulation, etc.

We meet with first sergeants regularly, attending first sergeant breakfasts, first sergeant off-site training, etc.  When occupants have issues with damage charges, carpet costs or the condition of their home when they move in we work with them directly or through the first sergeants.

Often times visiting the homes as a team so everyone can see what we are basing charges on or if new home conditions require attention.

BBC stands ready to give tours to concerned Commanders through our homes to help everyone get a better understanding of our Community and the homes our service members are renting.

I went to visit my son at Minot Air Force North Dakota building and I see the condition in which all of these Airmen are living. It’s really disappointing because when I’m walking I see trash outside and I see it’s there for a long time.  I start walking inside and it smells terrible. I see holes in the walls, missing doors, and bugs in the light fixtures.  This building needs to be evacuated and remodeled because it’s really disgusting living in this place.  Airmen deserve living in better conditions - not in an old building that smells badly and with missing, broken items.   It’s not safe for this Airmen living in this condition.  I’m going to post everywhere Facebook, Instagram and more so the community can see what condition our Airmen are living in.   Really disappointed to see my son and the rest of Airmen living in these conditions.   Please we need to remove and put them in a nice clean and safe building.  It’s not right what you guys are doing with these Airmen. 

  We appreciate the notification on this matter and have taken immediate actions to address the cleanliness at this particular dorm.  We visited all of the dorms and were please to find that not all were in this condition.   We have initiated a review of incomplete repair requests for all dormitories on Minot AFB.   Those work requests will be prioritized for completion.  We are also starting a campaign to educate and remind Airmen living in the dorms as well as leadership that everyone has a responsibility to help maintain our Airmen's living quarters.   We encourage all residents to report concerns to the Airmen Dorm Leaders at 723-7284 for immediate action.  Airmen living in unaccompanied housing are a priority to the leadership on Minot AFB.  We focus efforts to ensure all Airmen have a safe, secure, and quality environment they can be proud of.  Again, we thank you for the notification, and the opportunity to improve housing for our Airmen. 

The lack of changing tables in the movie theater on base is absolutely sad. Children’s movies are played there and with the recent remodel they clearly failed to budget for something that is a heck of a lot more sanitary then placing your child on a disgusting unsanitary bathroom floor. I would hope that a changing table would be included and installed in not only the women’s restroom but the men’s room as well since men need to change diapers as well!

  Thank you for bringing this to our attention.  FSS has submitted a CE work order to determine safe placement of the changing tables.  They are purchasing them for both the women’s and men’s bathrooms. 

What is the next step to special order an item if HQ deletes an item from inventory?  There has to be a way to go higher.  We are so remote, and the products offered are so limited.  This is a poor quality of life issue. 

  If the item was deleted from the store only (not an item that was completely removed) it can be reinstated for 30 days to allow a customer to purchase a case. If the item has been deleted by the manufacture or the distributor, then it would no longer be available. 

The child to teacher ratio in preschool/toddlers is bad, 12:1 and 7:1.  It’s too many children, always hectic, not a conducive environment for learning. 


Thank you for the opportunity to address your concern.  The Air Force clearly defines the child to staff ratios in AFI 34-144, Chapter 12.  Per this Child and Youth Programs instruction, the following staff requirements must be met at all times:

For infants 6 weeks to 11 months of age, there must be no more than 4 infants per staff member at any time and no more than 8 infants per group.

For pre-toddlers 12 months to 23 months of age, there must be no more than 5 children per staff member at any time with no more than 10 children per group.

For toddlers, 24 to 35 months of age, there must be no more than 7 children per staff member at any time (except at rest time)* and no more than 14 per group.

For preschoolers, 3 to 5 years of age there must be no more than 12 children per staff member at any time (except at rest time)* and no more than 24 per group.

*During rest time, the staff/child ratio for children over 24 months of age may double if the majority of children in the room are asleep.

Maintaining the ratios above are a must do for us and in many cases we have extra staff in the classrooms helping out.  Taking care of this number of children is definitely not for the untrained.  Our staff members progress from entry level to positions of greater responsibility through in-depth training, education, experience and competency tests. We pride ourselves on ensuring the right number of qualified and trained staff are available to provide a safe environment and developmental programs for children in our care.  

  Since the hours of operation for the Commissary is set by DECA HQ, is there a way to request them to be more competitive in their hours of availability as stores in town (which is 15 miles away) since we are so remote? They are allowed to charge prices comparable to in town prices, but aren't providing the same service as in town grocers by being closed on days other than major holidays.  Recommendation for improvement: Be competitive with in town stores, and improve service to the base populous as the ONLY grocery store within 15 miles by opening similar dates and hours to in town grocers.  Your initial response stated that they were comparable to other commissaries, but they should be comparable to the grocers in the area, not other air force bases. 


Per the Defense Commissary Agency (HQ DeCA), upon demonstrating a need, an installation commander would have to put in a request to HQ DeCA to be open on Mondays.  After submitting the request, HQ DeCA would check sales and staffing at Minot AFB to see if it would be possible and cost efficient.  Once data is available that supports the aforementioned sales and staffing criteria, a request to open on Mondays could be submitted.  At this time the data will not support the request.

The commissaries are not allowed to change prices to compete with any other stores. They sometimes order high-demand items in large quantities from a vendor, who in turn “may” mark it down to a lower price.  As a matter of DeCA policy, all commissary prices are set at 1% above the distributor cost except for meat and produce, as they are allowed to mark these items up a little higher to cover for spoilage.  Local operations and prices are not a factor for DecA policy.


I travel north and pass by the base every morning around 7:15 for work... as of late there has been an increased amount of vehicles traveling north and stopping abruptly and making u-turns by turning into 184th ave all the while many cars are turning onto the frontage road (which is also becoming an issue) to avoid the line in the north bound lane. Is there any way we can fix this? One of these days it will result in an accident. My family farms and ranches just east of the base and travels 184th ave turning onto 83 every morning/day. I cringe at the thought of my sister in law traveling with my nephews, my mom, my dad or brother getting into an accident because of these travelers making a hasty decision to make a turn to get through the gate faster than everyone else. I appreciate all you do and hope we can make some changes to create a safer travel environment for everyone. 

  The 5th Security Forces Squadron understands military and local concerns in regards to the traffic issues recently imposed on Hwy 83.  Currently the base has a large road construction project underway that has caused us to have most of our base traffic enter the Main Gate.  Our partners at the North Dakota Highway Patrol provide regular patrols on Hwy 83, specifically in that area that you highlighted in your concern, when they are available.   We have re-engaged with them on this issue.  Our relationship with our community partners is phenomenal and they continue to do an amazing job on assisting us when they are able.  The road construction on base that caused us to shift our main base entrance is estimated to end by the middle of August, which will allow us to re-open South Gate to alleviate Hwy 83 traffic.  


Can we get parking lines painted again before winter rolls in? Mainly at the places that they are non-existent right now      






-bfifty brew


Keeping parking lots and streets striped in northern tier climates is a challenge.  Snow and ice cover the striping in the winter months making it difficult to see.  And, our snow removal efforts tend to scrape it off.  Having said that, we do not stripe streets and parking lots every year and none is scheduled for this fiscal year.  We will take this requirement, identify additional areas for striping, and develop a work order to get it accomplished by contract in FY19.  

  Hello, I hope this message finds you well.  I'd like to send my friend a care package, but I want it to be a surprise.  Questions: Am I allowed to send a care package? If yes, can I simply address it to the base with his name or are there special directions?   Please help!  Thank you so much. I look forward to hearing from you! 

  All personal mail can be sent directly to our Airmen and the sender would need to have authorized information to do so.  If the address is unknown, due to privacy considerations, we are unable to provide those details.  There are a few options if there is certainty that the Airman is stationed at Minot AFB.  The package with the Airman’s name can be sent to our local Postal Service Center (PSC).  The address is 1000 PSC Box, Minot AFB, ND 58705-5361.  The package will be forwarded to the Airman IAW postal rules.  If the Airman is deployed, the package will remain at the PSC facility until their return.  For long-term deployments, and/or instructions left by the member, the PSC may contact the unit First Sergeant to have the package forwarded to the deployed location.   

  I was weedeating my backyard and noticed the lawn company had skipped the outside of my fence. I called the BBC Management office and was told that I was responsible for the outside of the fence. I told the rep that I’ve lived here for four years and have never cut anything outside the fenced area. I called Maintenance, verified that I am not responsible for outside the fence, and was told they would contact the lawn company. A representative for the lawn company came out and, while talking to him about the overgrown shrubs all over the area, (some cover the air conditioning units and others are as high as the roofs) he told me that per their contact they only have to trim shrubs once a year. He followed up with the comment “bad for them, but great for me”. My question is why are residents expected to keep the shrubs in their yards trimmed, yet BBC doesn’t hold their contractors to the same standard for the base? 

BBC Response:  Per our Resident Guide:

Yard Maintenance

The Community Management Office will provide complete yard service for all unfenced yard areas, including the unfenced front and sides of the Home, provided that Resident has removed any personal items that would prevent mowing. Residents are responsible for yard maintenance within the fenced area of their backyards. Shrubs in the fenced area must be trimmed to the proper height of 3 feet so as not to block windows for safety reasons and be neat in appearance. Residents are required to repair any damage to lawns caused by swings, pools, furniture, decorations, pets, etc. Should Residents fail to make repairs by the time indicated on a yard discrepancy notice or prior to final move-out inspection, the lawn will be repaired by the Community Management Office and the actual cost of repairs will be billed to the Resident.

Traditionally our Landscaping Vendor has trimmed trees and shrubs in the fall when the lawn mowing requirements slow down.  When the grass stops growing they transition to a bi-weekly mowing schedule.  The off week that they do not mow they transition to focus on trimming and pruning of trees and bushes.  We started the bi-weekly mowing schedule effective 23 July. 

  Are there any updates to the gate access for the base? The current wait times varies significantly from day to day, ranging from 20 mins to 35 mins; which has a major impact on planning appointments.
  Traffic patterns will return to normal after the construction project is completed on Bomber Blvd.  At which time, the south gate will be open to privately owned vehicles, which will alleviate current traffic challenges. 

  Do you guys participate in adopt a soldier for the holidays or anything like that? 


It's always been in our culture to extend invitations out to Airmen to give them a place to eat and feel like they are part of a family.  This has been effective as long as there are leaders willing to open up their homes and we rarely hear of an Airman spending the holidays alone (unless it's their choice).

There are some sanctioned Adopt-an-Airman programs.  There are also several informal programs in which our Squadrons support our airmen; i.e. host holiday feasts to ensure members receive a traditional holiday meal during certain holidays.  Some of our Honorary Commanders host airmen at their homes during the holidays and other special occasions.

The Minot First Sergeant Council does two targeted holiday events for Airmen.  They solicit our squadrons for members who may be in need during Thanksgiving.  The First Sergeant Council works through the commissary, Operation Warmheart, and other local agencies to solicit donations to create Thanksgiving “baskets”.  These often include meats of the Airman’s choosing and usually a $25-$50 commissary gift card to help create a nice meal for their family.  Additionally, in December the First sergeant Council runs a program called the “Angel Tree”.  They solicit the squadrons for any families in need, whether it be toys, clothes, etc.  The Council puts up a holiday tree in the Base Exchange foyer with angel ornaments which contain a description of what the family member needs.  People will pick these ornaments, purchase the items requested, and put them in a drop box located in various locations around the base.  The gifts are wrapped and delivered to the families.

We welcome opportunities to support our single airmen and/or families.  Any organization who wishes to support our airmen, on station or deployed, should contact our Public Affairs office. 

  If we live on base, the [Active Duty] Sponsor is deployed & [the civilian spouse] gets stuck in town because of weather (snow/ice/closed [Hwy] 83), what resources are available to help me with my child in school on base. 

At the beginning of each school year and when a child is enrolled in a school, the Minot Public School District requires the parent to complete contact information for themselves, as well as, emergency contact information in case the parent(s) cannot be contacted. This information is used for routine contacts and in the case of a child not being picked up from school.  The emergency contact should be a neighbor or friend that can pick up the child if the parent(s) are not available to do so.

In the case of a winter storm or other emergency the school will try to complete contact with the parent to determine the best course of action. If they make contact they will keep the parent informed of the situation and what is being done.  If the parent cannot be contacted then the school tries to contact the emergency person to make arrangements to pick up the child.  If the emergency contact cannot be reached usually the school will contact the School Liaison Officer to contact the member’s squadron leadership to see if there may be someone in the unit that could assist.

We all understand that time is critical in ensuring that the child is picked up and that school staff can be released in a timely manner to get safely home and take care of their own children. The school will maintain contact with the parent (if possible) and continue to monitor the situation with them.  If there has been no contact with the parent or emergency contact and/or the school has been unable to resolve the issue they will have no choice but to contact Ward County Sheriff’s office and child social services to pick up the child.

This final action will be placing several more people in harm’s way during a storm and emergency personnel could be needed for other emergencies.

According to school officials the bottom line is communication. Ensure that the information provided to the schools is current and up to date so they can contact you.  Don’t hesitate to contact them if the need arises. Have an emergency contact for situations that may come up to include weather emergencies. If you find that you are a temporary single parent due to a spouse deployed, talk to someone about what actions may be needed in your spouse’s absence. You can contact your unit’s key spouse or Airman and Family Readiness Center for more information.

The very best option would be to work with the First Sergeants to work on the Family Care Plan idea with all deployers who have families remaining in town.  We could only ask that spouses/families make a plan for this.

The only other contingency we could look into would be an emergency Family Child Care (FCC) arrangement, but that would be breaking a number of CYP rules and would 100% be contingent on our FCC provider’s availability/willingness.  Not all providers will just take someone in (not to mention they could lose their licenses, if something happens). 

To ensure we do not break any rules and ensure safety and security of our children, we ask everyone to strongly adhere to weather warnings.  Since the severity of snow storms vary, Minot AFB and the Minot community provide sufficient warnings and time for travel ahead of all snowstorms. With snow storms in our area being both severe and unpredictable, it is feasible that a parent could be delayed for a day or more; therefore planning is key.  Like the school district, all of the available youth programs are required to designate an emergency contact.  This emergency contact would be responsible for picking up the child and ensuring their safety when the parent(s) are delayed or unable to pick up their child(ren). Unfortunately there are no programs that would retrieve a child and care for them for an indefinite period of time. 

  An employee of the Youth Center has a public FB page and inappropriate content on it. I think parents would be upset, if they were to see this FB page, especially when trusting children with this individual.  Who monitors employees at the Youth Center to make sure quality individuals are watching our children?  I think the fact this employee doesn't care who sees what they post speaks volumes. A meme on this FB page that states "sometimes at work I'm afraid I'm going to yell shut the (****) out loud instead of in my head."  The Youth Center is the only place where this employee works... 

Thank you for the opportunity to share the process under which our Child & Youth care providers are screened before beginning employment with our children.  All Child & Youth providers including our Family Child Care providers undergo the following screenings in addition to a traditional interview process:

1) Current installation records check to include the following agencies:

     - Security Forces Management Information System, Family Advocacy, Mental Health, Alcohol 

       & Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment, and Government Family Housing

       NOTE: This check is completed every 5 years of employment in these positions

2) Installations records checks as above for any installations in the previous 2 years

3) Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender Registry National Conduct Search

4) Child National Agency Check with Inquiries

5) State Checks for current state and any states resided in for the previous 5 years

6) Fingerprint Screening through the Electronic Questionnaires for Investigations Processing

7) Proof of Immunization

8) Completed Physical Examination

9) (Youth Center only) Driving records check

While our screening process is very rigorous, we do not typically look at the social media pages of potential employee.  Many of our child & youth providers save been employed in our facilities since prior to the widespread use of social media. 

We have investigated the alleged inappropriate conduct found on this employee's social media account and have counselled them on their personal choices on social media given their public level of employment.  The Air Force has an annual training requirement for all employees on Information Assurance and Cyber Awareness training which includes the use of social media.  Further, FSS will provide remedial social media awareness training for all employees regarding responsible use of social media and appropriate posting.  Additionally, going forward during the squadron orientation, new employees will be trained on their roles as responsible representatives of the FSS, Team Minot and the United States Air Force. 

  Hello, I just had a concern about an individual driving towards base today. I did not get it on video (that would be dangerous to do so). I wasn’t sure how to go about reporting reckless driving. It was a white Kia, ND plates with the word *******. On 83 North coming towards base (in the 55 mph zone), they were weaving in and out of those of us that were going 55; they (I believe it was a lady when I saw her again on base) were going at least 70/75. Very unsafe obviously and not necessary. I’m tired of people thinking they’re above the law. Also another concern is we live on H Street where it’s 15 mph. People are still flying through here at H Street and Shawnee. Our corner is always yelling at folks to slow down. There is only one side posted with the speed limit. I think there needs to be more signage or potentially more SF presence if there is manning to do so. Only for the sake of my children. Thank you for taking time to read my message and hear my concerns.  

  Thanks for your inquiry.  Unfortunately we cannot address speeding off the installation.  Both the ND Highway Patrol and Ward County Sherriff's Office patrol HWY 83 as time permits, as it is their jurisdiction, and they are responsible for speed enforcement off the installation.  The 5th Security Forces Squadron does actively patrol base housing and conduct traffic enforcement.  We will make this area a focus area to deter speeding, and will have our Civil Engineers install more signage as required in order to assist with obeying speed limits.   

  There have been multiple inquiries regarding use of social media.  The following is provided for information purposes. 

Social Media is a tool that allows members, home station and down range, to maintain contact with friends and family.  The intent is not to abuse use while working nor as a tool to do harm, bully, or demean any person, coworker, or organization. The importance of upholding professionalism while using social media and maintaining interactions that treat others with dignity, fairness and respect.  The Air Force is built upon the core values of integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do. We expect our Airmen to adhere to these core values at all times, to include their behavior on social media.  All Airmen are expected to create and maintain an environment free of discriminatory and inappropriate practices, both on and off duty. This includes conduct on social media websites as well as all forms of electronic communication.

AFI 36-2909, Professional and Unprofessional Relationships, applies to electronic communication and social media interactions by military members, on and off duty. AFI 36-2706, Equal Opportunity Program, Military and Civilian, applies to electronic communication and social media interactions, on and off duty for military members.  Per AFI 35-107, Public Web and Social Communication, Airmen are allowed to use social media for self-expression and repost publicly released information; however, guidance states that Airmen must not post any defamatory, libelous, vulgar, obscene, abusive, profane, threatening, hateful, racially, ethnically, or otherwise offensive or illegal information or material.  Airmen (military and civilian) have limitations associated with freedom of speech; as such, DoD members are required to abide by certain restrictions associated with military/civil service and thereby maintain good order and discipline.  Failure to comply with these directives is punishable under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, Article 92, or civilian equivalent judicial processing.

Guidance memorandum AFGM2017-36-29-01 reemphasizes expectations of military standards as they pertain to social media and electronic communication, while providing additional guidance on non-consensual posting of sexual imagery.  We understand we must continue to reinforce our expectations for professional and appropriate behaviors both in and out of the workplace, on and off-line, as well as remain vigilant for behaviors and materials that hinder a professional working environment or harm fellow Airmen.

Failure to obey the prohibitions listed in the guidance memorandum is a violation of Article 92, UCMJ. While every case must be reviewed based on its specific facts, some applicable Uniform Code of Military Justice provisions regarding disrespectful behavior using social media and electronic communication include:

- Article 88, Contempt towards officials

- Article 89, Disrespect towards a superior commissioned officer

- Article 93, Cruelty and maltreatment of subordinates

- Article 117, Provoking speech or gestures

- Article 120c, Other sexual misconduct

- Article 133, Conduct unbecoming an officer

- Article 134, Behavior bringing discredit on the armed forces or prejudicial to good order and discipline (including communicating a threat and indecent language).

- Adding a disclaimer such as “opinions are my own and not shared by the