91st Operations Support Squadron

The “Pathfinders” of the 91st Operations Support Squadron are responsible for current operations, cryptographic operations, intelligence, and training for the 91st Operations Group.  Pathfinders serve as a link between United States Strategic Command and the in-field forces for ICBM targeting, the link between Air Education and Training Command and crew training, and the link between the National Security Agency and coding operations.  Their motto, “We Show the Way”, embodies the squadron’s commitment to leading from the front and ensuring that the 91st Missile Wing is always ready to put bombs on target.

The most functionally diverse squadron in the operations group, the “Pathfinders” are divided amongst four flights.  The Current Operations Flight is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of missile targeting as well as wing matters pertaining to contingency plans, alert forces, and classified materials management. The Intelligence Flight is a dedicated team of ISR and All-Source individuals who focus on various topics at all levels of warfare. Their mission is to excel at providing tailored, accurate, and timely intelligence in support of nuclear deterrence and global strike operations for combat-ready nuclear forces. The Weapons and Tactics Flight is responsible for creating standardized training for the three operational Missile Squadron while maintaining two multi-million dollar missile procedure trainers. The Codes Flight is responsible for preparing ICBM code components and providing missile combat crews and missile maintainer teams with training to ensure positive control and nuclear surety for the wing.

(Current as of Nov. 22, 2021)