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91st Operations Support Squadron

The “Pathfinders” of the 91st Operations Support Squadron provide training to 224 missile combat crew members, 56 facility managers, 60 missile field chefs and 75 maintainers, and prepares ICBM targeting material and code components. Their motto "We Show the Way," embodies the squadron’s commitment to lead from the front by ensuring the Wing’s ICBMs are ready to immediately put bombs on target.

The most functionally diverse squadron in the operations group, “Pathfinders” are divided among three flights. The Current Operations Flight leads wing training for operations crews, facility managers and chefs. It also conducts operations scheduling and operates two multi-million dollar missile procedure trainers. The Emergency War Orders Flight is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of missile targeting materials and providing emergency war order procedures training. The ICBM Codes Flight prepares ICBM code components, and provides missile combat crew and maintenance personnel training used to ensure positive control and nuclear surety for the wing.