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  • Geared towards success

    The 5th Logistics Readiness Squadron has various units around Minot Air Force Base. One of the units that may be less known, but is without a doubt one of the most important, is the Individual Protective Equipment shop. This unit is responsible for issuing all deployment gear and training gear to Airmen. Airmen in this unit not only test the gear to ensure its effectiveness, but they also keep accountability of all the gear that is issued.
  • Team Minot members showcase aircraft refueling process

    The 5th Logistics Readiness Squadron’s Petroleum, Oils and Lubricants shop is responsible for refueling aircrafts that come and go from Minot Air Force Base. The fuels Airmen not only manage the fuel for all aircrafts and ground operating vehicles, they also maintain the quality of fuel supplied to such resources. Along with help from Airmen assigned to other units, the POL department proficiently completes the refueling process from beginning to end.