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Default Air Force Logo Why WIC: linking families to nutrition
She sat in the doctor’s office, 26 weeks pregnant with her second child. Time seemed to stand still as the doctor walked in and gave her a diagnosis she never expected: cancer.
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The Exceptional Family Member Program is a mandatory enrollment process that ensures the availability of educational and medical services required for your family members who have special needs. If you believe your child has special needs, it is important that you bring those concerns to your child’s pediatrician and to follow through with any and all recommendations that the doctor makes. (Courtesy photo) Exceptional Family Member Program
A child’s accomplishments are a result of education, whether from school, home or from interacting with others. However, not every child learns the same way. Sometimes, children need a little help to discover how they learn and focus on it. Those who have special needs need more help than others. The Air Force can provide assistance through the
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