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Community Relations
167 Summit Drive, Ste 201
Minot AFB, ND 58705

For email, follow this link to the Contact Us page.
Com: 701-723-6817
DSN: 312-453-6817
Fax: 701-723-3409

Community Relations

Minot Air Force Base's community relations programs are designed to enhance morale, public trust, and support and to demonstrate that the Air Force is a community partner and a responsible steward of National resources.

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Northern Neighbors Day
Northern Neighbors Day is coming back in August 13, 2016! Find more information on the Open Houses and Airshows tab located on the right side.

Non-DoD Civilians Approved to Utilize Base Golf Course
The Minot golf course will follow the waiver requirements as specified in AFI 34-262, para 3.1.3, Services Programs and Use Eligibility. Individual play is strictly non-interference on a space available basis.

Tournament play for non-DoD civilians is scheduled during non-peak days and time periods in order to minimize impact to authorized users. Approval to allow use of the course by non-DoD civilians is in the best interest of Minot AFB and fosters good community relations.